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2019 ASA Turkey Reunion - Oct 13-16

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From Frank Pitzi:

I was lucky enough to be able to make the Kagnew Station 2019 reunion in the town of Devens, MA which is on the site of what was Fort Devens. 

I was on my annual fishing trip to Cape Cod but decided to drive the 130 miles to attend the reunion...

The only one there I remembered was Ed Wheeler and we had a great time getting reacquainted.  There were several names I remembered in the reunion group but I did not remember meeting them in Asmara.  Ed knew where the Quadrangle was located so we drove there and walked around and it was great to see the training buildings where we all went to school. From what I understand all the old barracks were torn down years ago.

The years represented were 1954 to 1974 which I believe was the entire era of Kagnew Station.....  

It was fun to hear all the stories and each person's perspective on their time there... seems to be a very strong bond with folks that served at Kagnew.

Ed had an extra day so he accompanied me to Chatham on Cape Cod to the house I was renting and I tried to give him a bit of a view of the Cape.  He even caught a Bluefish!  

The only disappointment for me was that the folks I knew best were not there... I would have loved to see you all.   

Can you pass this on to others of our group I may have missed like Steve 

Dinder etc...

My very best to all of you... I hope this note finds you all doing well

Be well


Frank Pitzi... old broken down 058

Attendees at the Las Vegas Reunion

Marshall Kornblatt, Ed Fickes, Ken Baldwin, Dennis Mitzner, Harry White (host), Jerry Sword, Ken Quimby, Steve Gerber, Tom Jameson, Tom Carroll and Terry Brown in Las Vegas on 3Oct18. Looking out from the back of Harry’s home.

To all:

Janelle and I want to thank those, that were able to attend, for making this one of the most fun and memorable reunions we’ve had in my fifty-one years of knowing you. Albeit, some of the early ones I don’t remember too much, but that loss was self-inflicted.

We are so fortunate to have friends like you, and I only ask that God keeps us healthy and safe for the future, until our next reunion.

I want to thank Terry for having the idea of getting together in Las Vegas and planting the seed.

And we can’t forget Harry and Jeanie White for their hospitality and help in putting this reunion together for us. Thanks, Harry.

I know it is only October, but Costco already has Christmas trees up for sale, so Janelle and I wish you a premature though heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

God Bless America,


Det K Kamaksan

In May of this year we had a reunion of several Det K Kamaksan vets who served together 1978-79. The Field Station Korea commander and staff came up to open the gates for us (Det is dormant but still in US inventory right now).  We may do another one next year and try to get in vets from the other Dets (J and L).

Robert Walsh

2019 ASA Turkey Reunion

The 2019 Army Security Agency Turkey Reunion will be held in Virginia Beach, VA on Oct 13-16.  This annual reunion for all ASA Veterans who served in Turkey has been held since 2001. We’ll be swapping stories, sharing memorabilia, enjoying the local cuisine, doing some sightseeing, and downright having fun with a great group of ASA Vets and spouses (we anticipate at least 50-75).  For further information (registration form, schedule, hotel, tours, etc.), please send an email to

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