MOS now

1976-Present Time

05C Radio TTY Operator
05F Radio Teletype Operator
15O Aviation Officer
25C Radio Operator Maintainer
25M Multimedia Illustrator
25S Signal Supply Repair
25U General Supply Clerk
26V Microwave Radio Repair
26Y Satellite Ground Station Repair
27D Helicopter Repair
29E Radio Repairman
29S Field Radio Repair
31J TTY Repair
31L Antenna installer
31R Multichannel Comm Operator
31W Station Chief
31Z Telecomm Operations Chief
32D Fixed Station Tech Control (Crypto)
32G Cryptanalyst Technician
32H Fixed Station Repair
33B Intercept Repair
33D Intercept Recording Maintenance
33F Multiplex Repair
33G ECM/DF Systems Repairman
33R EW/Intercept Aviation Systems Repair
34B Punch Card Repair
34D ADPS Repair
35B Intelligence Officer
35C Electronic Repair
35F Intelligence Analyst
35G SIGINT/EW Officer
35K UAV Operator
35N Signals Intelligence Analyst
35P Cryptologic Linguist
35Q Counterintelligence
35T M.I. Systems Maintainer
36C Wire Systems Installer
36G Office Machine Repair
37F Psychological Operations
39E ECM/DF Repair
41E Still Photography Specialist
51P40 Terrain Analyst
52B Power Generation Operator
52C Equipment Repair
63S Heavy Equipment Repair
64B Heavy Vehicle Driver
67G Utility Airplane Repair
71B Biochemical Analysis
71F Legal Specialist
71H Postal Clerk
71L General Clerk
71Q Army Journalist
71r Braidcast Journalist
72B Administrative Specialist
72E Telecom Operator
73D Data Comm Specialist
74A Accounting Specialist
74F Analytic Equipment Operator
74Z Computer programmer
75B Personnel Specialist
75C Information Systems
76D Word Frequency Analysis
76J Material Supply
81A SATCOM Transmitter
84B Illustrator
88M Motor Vehicle Operator
92G Photo Lab Specialist
92Y Medical Supply
93E Weather Equipment Technician
93H Air Traffic Control Tower Operator
93J20 Air Traffic ControlĀ  Radar Specialist
94B Line Operations Stock Clerk
94E Cryptographic Repair
94H Data Processing
94M Radar Repair
95B Food Service Specialist
96B Military Police
96D Intelligence Analyst
97G Counter Intelligence
97L Translator/Interpreter
98C Cryptoanalysis Technician
98D Traffic/SIGINT Intelligence Analysis
98G Linquist
98H Morse Intercept
98J Voice Intercept Operator
98K Non Morse/TTY Intercept
98Y Counter Measures/Signal Analyst
98Z Signals Collection Analyst
250A Comm Center Specialist
285A Electronics Engineer
352C Signal Intelligence Chief
352P Comm Security Analyst
9624 W.O. Traffic Analysis

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