Member Page Hardrick Crawford Jr

1969 to 1970 Fort Devens as PVT E-2

1970 to 1971 Torii Station as SP4 and SP5

1972 to 1975 Fort Bragg SGT E-5

PFC Sheehan and PFC Crawford, 1969-1970, Fitchburg apartment


Sergeant Brox, Co. A; Sergeant Crawford and SP4 Robert Mullen, Headquarters Co.


Torii Station Antenna field in the back round


Torii Station Main Gate


Upon arrival at the 313th Battalion CSM Ice and Battalion XO Parsons convinced me to go Airborne. Soldier of the Month, 313 ASA Battalion, May 1974





SGT Crawford, 504th ASA Brigade wearing the18th Airborne patch and ASA insignia, 1974


Dressed to compete for Solder of the Month



Parachutes Jumps

Walking off the Drop Zone after taking off from Pope AFB. ASA Airborne Troopers usually jumped with the 18th Airborne Corps MP's


ASA Jumpers

Major Parsons, the XO, standing on the left. Me kneeling next to Major Parsons. My CO, 313th ASA Battalion S-4, Captain Willard Steverson from Bonifay, Florida is standing next to Major Parsons, Captain Conrad, the Battalion S-1 on the right kneeling


A Chopper Blast

One of the bennies of being assigned to Battalion HQ was the opportunity to occasionally made our monthly jump from a Huey instead of being crowded onto a C-141 or even worse, the hot, close quarters, fuel smelling C-130 Hercules.


Colonel John J. McFadden aka Col J.J. McFadden, the 504th ASA Brigade Commander, Fort Bragg, NC

My son was born in Camp Kue Army Hospital on July 3, 1970 during  Typhoon Olga.  The 130 mph wins of Typhoon Olga had no effect on our low to the ground, shuttered houses at Kadena Circle where we lived on the economy.  My neighbors in our little section of three houses were both Air Force NCOs assigned to Kadena AFB

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