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Denny at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery

This morning, marched from Cicero Ave. to one block east of Pulaski on 147th St., a distance of ~1.3 miles. We moved out and only took 25 minutes. 

1st Lt. Owen W. Winters, Jr. whose jersey I’m wearing, was the first Oak Forest soldier to be killed in action during WWII. The number 44 signifies the year he died and the year I was born. 

The Oak Forest VFW is named in his honor.


Memorial Squad. I’m on the far right. Taken this past Tuesday when it was hot and muggy.

The gentleman second from the left is a retired Army Colonel. He is our armorer and is 87 years old. Korean vet.

Hard to believe I’ve been out there for nine years already.

I volunteer every Tuesday, plus I’m a Board Member and Chaplain of the 135 member squad. Average age is 72. I’ll be 74 in a couple of weeks. We have three men who are in their 90’s and come out every week.


Denny - Ceremonies at Abraham National Cemetery

Flag Repository


The uniform still fits!


Denny Mitzner:

 Chuck O’Herin and I roomed together in Sinop (1968-1969). He was the master of SHF on Trick 2, and if I may say so myself, I was the same on UHF. The UHF antenna can be seen in the second picture in the lower left corner. At the end of his tour, he became MAC (Master Antenna Controller).

I remember loaning him money to go home to the states in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to get married over Christmas of 1968. He was originally from the state of Washington. And he paid me back.

We did a lot of good things together including a three-day pass to Ankara with you, Tom. Chuck also had a small sailboat that we would make use of in the Black Sea, but I hated them damn jellyfish.

Memories of getting a loaf of freshly made bread from the local bakery, adding a bottle of red wine and taking a bus trip to Samsun and the Air Force mess hall; which was a lot better than the Army’s, unfortunately.

Chuck also got me interested enough in KBOK that I became one of the disc jockeys doing a jazz program on the days we weren’t working. The neat thing about that was before “we” played new albums ‘on-air,’ we took them to our rooms and recorded them on open-reel tape.

All in all he was a really good guy. He unfortunately passed away in 2012.

Chitose, Japan - 1970-71

Bravo Trainers JGSDF


Trainers and Trainees


Trick Christmas Party - 1970

Chuck O'Herin and Denny

Chitose Bankhead

Chitose River

Chitose Bar District

The Little Club


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