Fort Devens

Fort Devens


402nd ASA SOD

10th SFG

314th MI Bn


Photos - George F. Miller, Dave Balfour, Denny Mitzner, Bob Baldwin

Main Gate


Vicksburg Square






Denny Mintzer: "Remember the soot"?

Con 4

Chow Line

Marching to Ditty City


Mockup of VC Village with rice paddies and a hill ridge with tunnels

Used by the fort's Tactical Training Course. ASA Training Command made sure every ASA student spent time supporting TTC

Photo James Boyce



Col Lewis Melette (Medal of Honor)

ASA School Brigade Commander

Photo James Boyce


Col Melette with his trade mark handle bar mustache inspired many ASA students to excel as Signal Intel professionals.



PX and Snack Bar


Vicksburg Square, 1943


Security Guards - Courtesy of Richard Reynolds


Fort Devens Now

Photos - Robert Niquette

Dining Hall


Parade Ground

Orderly Room


Base Theater


Antenna Field



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