Find a Friend – W

Howard Q. Wade Jr

Location Henderson, NC

Years of Service 1969-1972

Duty Stations Kagnew, Station Asmara, Africa


Luther Wade - MOS 05G30

Location Mebane, NC

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Devens Vietnam Ft Hood


Anthony (Tony) Wadeck - MOS 98C

Duty Stations Ft Jackson, SC basic Sep - Dec 69, Ft Devens AIT Dec 69-Jun 70, 7th RRFS Jul 70-Jun 71, Ft Bliss, TX United States Army Aviation Electronic Warfare Company (USAA WCo) CEFIRM Leader Jul 71 - Feb 72, USASAFS Misawa, Japan Mar 72 -Jul 73, Ft Meade Md, Duty with NSA Aug 73 -Dec 76 with a long six month TDY to SUSLAK, Korea in 76, Jan 77 - Sep 78 3RD ACR Ft Bliss, TX non MI, Oct 78 -Dec 81 back to MI Bad Aibling Germany , Jan 82-Feb 84 Ft Huachuca INSBD, Mar 84 - Feb 85 #rd MI BN Camp Humphreys Korea, Mar 85 - Jul 89 501st MI GRP, Seoul, Korea, USASMA Ft Bliss, TX Aug 89 - Dec 89, Ft Huachuca, AZ Jan 1990 - Aug 1992 retirement,
Current Location Sierra Vista, AZ
Comments Loved my time in ASA it was the best of times it was the worst of times as the saying goes. Still miss all the great people I worked with and the great after duty times we always had no matter where we were stationed.


Dennis Wagaman - MOS 72B, 72E, 72G

Location Elk Grove, CA

Years of Service 1968-1980



Eugene (Gene) Wager - MOS 98J

Location Bellbrook, OH

Years of Service 1963-1965

Duty Stations Helemano military reservation Hawaii

Comments This was home for the 81st ASA SOU.. I believe it is now a housing development. When I was there it was surrounded by pineapple fields and sugar cane plantations. Not far away was beautiful beaches. Several guys in my class at Ft Monmouth went to Shemya Alaska(yech ) but I tore up my shoulder playing football and Drs. said I could not go to a cold climate(hence I went to Hawaii)


Dave Waghorn -  MOS 05C
Duty Stations Phu Bai - 1971 - 8th RRFS
Current Location Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Comments/Questions: Just learned about the Site - Good content


Larry Wagner - MOS 98B/98C

Location Fort Wayne, IN

Years of Service 1971-1972

Duty Stations Can  Tho 


Mark Wagner - MOS 71L

Location Richmond, IN

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations ASA Headquarters at Ft Devens, Ayer, MA 509th Radio Research Group Headquarters at Tan Son Nhat Airbase at Saigon, Vietnam


George Wagoner - MOS = 05H
Stationed = 7th RRFS from 1970-1975
Location = Colorado Springs , CO
Message = Would like to here from some of the people i worked with.


Terry Wahl - MOS = 31S30

Location Englewood, Colorado

Years of Service 1969-1971
Duty stations = Long Binh, plantation 303rd. RR HQ
Comments Salute to all the ASA personnel!


Bill Waid - MOS = 33C20
Stationed = 67-Devens 68-HHC 313th RR Bn
68-337 RRC 69-USASAMSC VHF Location = Angels Camp, CA Message = would like to hear from anyone that I served with.


William Waid - MOS 33C

Location Altaville, CA

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Ft. Devens HHC 313th RRC 337th RRC MSC Vint Hill Farms

Al Waite - MOS=98G.

Duty Stations Ft Devens (instructor), Vietnam (4th ID - 374th RRC), Ft Meade (NSA), Augsburg (2nd EW Co), Ansbach (1st AD - 371 ASA), Ft Hood (2nd AD - 522nd ASA) these stations do not include schools.
Current Location , Texas


Ron Waitman - MOS 059, 05K, 98G
Duty Stations 14th USASAFS Hakata 61-64 12th USASAFS Chitose 64-66 DLI 67 8th RRFS Phu Bai and 265th 68-69 1st RR Co,Cam Ranh 69 USASAFS Hakata 69-71 Phu Bai 71
Current Location Lacey, Washington


Ken Waldorf - MOS 05C

Location Egg Harbor Township.NJ

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations 144th Avn Co. RR Nha Trang RVN.........Headquarters Co. 301st ASA Bn. Ft. Bragg, N.C.


Tom Waldron - MOS 05K20

Location Mineral Wells, WV

Years of Service 5

Duty Stations Fort Devens, Mass - 1969
Sinop, Turkey Det 4 - 69
Karamursel, Turkey Det 4-4 - 70-71
Vint Hill Station, Va - 71-73


Tom Waldron - MOS = 05k20 - 05h20
Stationed = Sinop, Turkey, Karamursel, Turkey
Location = Vienna, WV


Charles Walker - MOS 05K/05H

​Duty Stations Det 27 (Site 23 Manzarali Station) Ankara, Turkey Det 4-4 Karamursel Air Station, Karamursel, Turkey
Current Location Pitman NJ

Dennis Walker - MOS = 98G2L22
Stationed = Herzo base, Germany Det J Det K
Location = Japan Message = I left the Army after four years. Later joined the Navy. Graduated DLIWC twice, Czech and Russian. Retired from Navy 1988 Settled in Japan.


Harold "Hal" Walker -  MOS 71H & 00E
Duty Stations Arlington Hall, HQ USASAPAC Camp Zama, HQ USASAPAC Helemano, USASA Field Rep Minneapolis, 7th RRU Udorn, went on to US Army Recruiting in Minneapolis


John Walker - MOS 98C20

Location Coventry, RI

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations 8th RRFS, Phu Bai, RVN, 1971 - 1972 373d ASA Co 303d ASA Bn Ft. Hood TX 1972 - 1974


Richard Wayne Walker -  MOS 05H20
Duty Stations 7th RRFS - Ramasun Det J - Ubon - 73-74
Current Location Jacksonville Florida
Comments/Questions: Wow, didn't know there was so much history out there, on the internet.


Rod Walker (USMC) - MOS 2571 special radio operator, and, 2576 special electronic operator/analyst (Marine Corps MOS's)

Location Minneapolis, MN

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations NCTC, Pensacola, Florida 1st Radio Battalion, Kaneohe, Hawaii USASA Ft. Devens, Massachusetts USASA Kanghwa-Do, Korea


Comments After I attended the ASA school at Ft. Devens, I was sent to a USASA base at Ganghwa-Do Korea. I was in a group of four Marines sent to that base. We were there from May thru September, 1969. This base was on the DMZ and we were exposed to Agent Orange. I have health problems from that exposure, but have been told that the VA cannot verify such a unit serving on the DMZ. The Army awarded me a Certificate of Achievement for my performance while I was there, which lists the ASA Group and base I was on....still, the VA is looking for proof of such a unit at that location. There is all kinds of information on line about the ASA at Kanghwa-Do, but for some reason, the VA is still trying to determine if this unit was on the DMZ. I don't know if this site is the correct one to seek the information I am looking for, but I need proof somehow to show the VA. Any help or direction would be appreciated. I offer thanks in advance for any help I may receive. PS: I have a son currently serving on active duty with the U.S. Army (about 22 years active duty), and the Army treated me very well every time I was on one of their bases. Semper Fi, Rod Walker, Sgt. USMC


Tom Walker -  MOS 716.10

What was your MOS 716.10
Duty Stations 6/62 Ft. Dix, NJ (Basic) 9/62 Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis, IN (Personnel School) 10/62 Camp Wolters / Ft. Wolters, Mineral Wells, TC (303rd ASA Bn) 10/63-3/6565 TUSLOG Det 4 Sinop, Turkey (2 back-to-back tours) Returning as SP 4 for Honorable Discharge at Ft. Hamilton, NY 3/31/65
Current Location Naples, Florida
Comments Currently a member of NASAA


William Walker - MOS 345.1

Location Portland, OR

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Arlington Hall 1960 (Three weeks!) Two Rock Ranch 1960 (Three months) TUSLOG Det 4 (Sinop) 1960 (One year) Vint Hill Farms 1961 (10 months)

Comments Wouldn't have missed it for the world. At Two Rock I was given the choice of Shemya or Det 4 - I didn't want to freeze all year so I picked Sinop. One month of getting accustomed to the place, eleven months of "git'n 'er done". Met and worked with a lot of great guys.


David K. Walkup - MOS = 059
Stationed = FT Leonard Wood, FT Devens,Vint Hill Farms, Chitose Japan.
Location = Okemah OK


Kelvin Wallace - MOS 98G3LKP

Location Wakulla Springs, FL

Years of Service 1975-1982

Duty Stations 146 ASA Company (AVN), USASAFS, Korea Company A, 519th MI Battalion, Fort Bragg, North Carolina 332nd ASA Company, Camp Humphreys, Korea 501st MI Group (XVIII Airborne Corps), Fort Bragg, North Carolina


Charles Waller - MOS 33C20

Duty Stations Ft. Devens Mass, Sinop Turkey, Ft. Huachuca Az.
Current Location Atlanta, Ga


Harvey Wallerstein - MOS 05H

Location Karmiel, Israel

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations USASAFS Hakata, Japan Fort Devens, MA

Comments Worked at MARS station AA1KBO at Devens and ham station KA7CW in Japan


Barry Wallihan -  MOS 982
Duty Stations Ord, Devens, Bad Aibling 64-68
Current Location Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
Comments/Questions: Anyone know what happened to John McDaniel? He went into Special Forces ASA at Lengries, W. Germany about 1965-66.


Tom Wallis - MOS = 05H20
Stationed = 1967-1971 Fort Devens
USAFS Chitose 68-70 7th RRFS Thailand 70-71
Location = Omaha Nebraska
Would like to hear from anyone I was stationed with.


David A. Walls - MOS 31J20OB3
Duty Stations Cu Chi Vietnam 25th IF Div. Nov. 67 to Oct 68 Chitose, Japan Nov. 68 to Oct. 70
Location Powell, Tenn.


Harvey Walls - MOS = 32D20T
Duty stations = Davis Station, Torii Station, Ramasun Station
Like to hear from anyone knowing me. served from 1971-1974


Edward Walsh - MOS 95B

Location Plains, PA

Years of Service 3.5

Duty Stations 1st RR Co RVN Arlington Hall Station


Gary Walsh - 05H  98Z5M

Location Colorado Springs, Colorado

Years of Service 1967-1988

Duty stations = Viet Nam Thailand Korea Hawaii Fort Devens Panama NSA

Comments Retired 1SGT


John Walsh - MOS 31J20

Location Sullivan, WI

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations Davis Station White Birch Nha Trang

Comments Viet Nam Sept. 1966-July 1969


John Walsh - MOS 41J20

Location Brookfield, Wisconsin

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations RRCUV

Comments Looking for John Bates from Florida, he went to Ethiopia in July 1966


Eugene Walter - MOS 36C40 / 36k40

Location Hackett Arkansas

Years of Service 1970-1977

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood Mo. 1970 Ft. Gordon Ga. 1970 Schofield Barracks 1970 - 1973 Ft. Benning Ga. 1973- 1977

Comments I would like to hear from Hank Morgan. We were both stationed at Ft. Benning. I would also like to hear from Jerry Desmaris and Brooks and Martha Meadows. We were stationed at Schofield Barracks Hi.


Ervinell Walters - MOS 98C20

Location San Antonio, TX

Years of Service 1973-1977

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, MA (AIT), Field Station San Antonio - Kelly AFB 1974-1975, Torii Station Okinawa 1975-1977.

Comments I hope to find people I with whom I served. They became my family!


Robert Walters - MOS 05H

Location Atlanta, GA

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Hakata Japan


MD David Walton - MOS 05G

Years of Service 1969-1972 Location Upper Marlboro, MD David Walton - MOS 05G

Duty Stations Phu Bai RVN Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX


Frederick Walvoord - MOS 058, 059

Location Williamson, NY

Years of Service 1963-1966

Duty Stations Vint Hill Farms Station 1964-1966

Comments Attended non-morse search and development course at Fort Devens from 1963-1964 . I have forgotten the MOS number for that course .


Gene Ward - MOS = 05h
Duty stations = Devens 8th 265th Vint Hill


Robert C. Ward - MOS = 059
Duty stations = Chitose, Japan


Steven (Mike) Ward - MOS 31J, 32D

Location Gulfport, MS

Years of Service 1970-1974

Duty Stations Stationed at 175th RRFS Bien Hoa 1971-1972, TDY to Cu Chi, Tay Ninh, Long Thanh North, An Loc Vint Hill Farms Station 1972-1974 TDY to Augsburg Germany, Sinop Turkey, and Asmara Ethiopia

Comments Did teletype and facs control along with sent out a bunch including getting stuck at An Loc during the siege in April 1972.


Yates Ward - MOS 05K

Location Marshall, NC

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations FS AUGSBURG ECKSTEIN Czech Border

Comments Loved the Work


Dennis Wardrop - MOS 72B40

Location Altoona, PA

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Kagnew Station, Ethiopia and Clark AFB


Joe Warkentine - MOS 98G4LRU

Location Saint Augustine, FL

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations  Det L Gartow position:  NCOIC Traffic Analyst Dept  rank Sp 6 -

Comments turned down Staff Sgt as my real MOS was 98G4LRU I was acting 98C.


Jim Warren - MOS 05K20H2

Location Hoschton, Ga

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Kagnew Station Sept 68 - March 70


Thomas Warren -  MOS 286.1
Duty Stations 9th USASA Clark Air Force Base
Location Orangeburg, New York


Ray Warriner - MOS 05K20

Location Chandler, AZ

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations Herzo-Base

Comments I would like to check-in with anyone who was at H-B from 1965-1968. I just wish I could remember the names; I only remember a very few. If anyone remembers me I would like to hear about it. I worked at the EM club on off hours, was a member of the Nuremberg German-American club, and had an apartment in Furth during the last part of my tour. I had a white V-W square back wagon, then a white (then repainted BMW silver) MGB. Not long before coming home I had a head-on wreck on the autobahn and totaled the MG. I ended with a '53 VW bug (split window with semaphores) for my last couple of months. But it was so unreliable I often borrowed other friends vehicles in those last months. I spent a lot of time off in the campground next to the Zoo in Munich and hanging out at the Hofbrauhaus. If memory serves, I made it to 3 Oktoberfests while I was at Herzo and got down to Spain twice (also Paris several times). In 1966 we went to the Nurburgring 500 KM race. Good times, and we learned why you don't brush your teeth with beer! We always had a hell of a good time wherever we went. Best regards......Ray

Rick Waters - MOS 05H20

Location Broken Arrow, OK


Charles Watson -  MOS 054

Duty Stations Korea Pyonteck  Oct'64 to Nov'64, Det "B" Nov'64 to Sept'65, 76th USASA SOU Taiwan Oct'65 Det "A" Kaohsiung to Aug'66, Shu Lin Ko Aug'66 to Jan'67, Homestead AFB Jan'67, To NSA Ft. Meade  to Nov'67,  to Homestead AFB Discharged 02 Dec'67 Sp5 E-5

Location Lancaster, KY

Dennis Watson - MOS = 31J20B3 Duty stations = USASAFS Augsburg, Germany Lived at Communications Company, B-124, Sheridan Kaserne, 1975-77. Worked at Gablingen Kaserne.


George Watson - MOS 72B, 32D

Location Temecula, CA

Years of Service 1969-1973

Duty Stations Ft. Dix Ft Gordon FS Rothwestern FS Augsburg


Michael WSatson - MOS 05K

Location royse City, TX

Years of Service 9

Duty Stations Pensacola, Augsburg, San Antonio, Ft. Devens

Comments I was in the ASA and INSCOM


Ronald Watson - MOS = 722.1
Duty stations = 318th ASA Bn Det K-1 Coburg  Like to get in contact with anyone at our detachment from Dec 1, 1956 to Feb 10, 1959.


William C. Watson - Years of Service 1972-75
MOS 98G Linguist Voice Intercept
Duty Stations Berlin
Current location History Professor, Colorado Christian University
I teach Cold War, and Global Studies


Buddy Watts - MOS = 059.1

Location Austin, TX
Duty stations = 13th USASA/FS Harrogate, England
Served from 1962-1965. Looking. For fellow Menwith Hill ASA'ers.


Freddie Watts - MOS 059

Location Leslie, AR

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, Ft. Devens, Vint Hill Farms, Ankara Turkey Det 27


Gary Watts - MOS 05G

Location Chino Valley, Arizona

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations ASA Headquarters Korea 1967-1969 Augsburg Germany 1969-1970 Field Station Worms Germany 1970-1971


Ronald Lee Weagley - MOS 058 and 982

City And State Sebastian, Florida
Years of Service 1956-1958
Duty Stations Asmara


​Donnie Weaver - MOS 98C

Years of Service 1973-1976
Duty Stations VHFS Manassas, VA 1974 156th Aviation Company Ft. Bliss, Texas 1974-76
Current Location Texas


John Weaver - MOS 05G

Location Dayton, NV

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Ft. Ord, Ft. Devens. Arlington Hall, 313th RR Bn Vietnam, Augsburg Germany


Karl Weber - MOS 98G

Location Princeton, IN

Years of Service 1974-1996

Duty Stations 337 ASA


Mike Webb - MOS 967

Location San Diego, CA

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Bad Aibling Germany


Milton Webb - MOS 05F

Location Springville, TN

Years of Service 1974-1977

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, MO Ft. Gordon, GA Ft. Hood, TX


James M. Webber - MOS 76P20

Location Woodland, CA

Comments worked in supply and motor pool. Drove 3.5 and 5 ton wreckers.
Milton Webber - MOS 05F40
Years of Service 1974-1977
Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, Ft. Gordon. Ft. Hood
Current Location Buchanan, Tennessee
Comments Hey


Jarry Weber - MOS 058

Location Knoxville, TN

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations Ft. Jackson, Ft. Devens, Torii Station, Homestead AFB

Louis Weber - MOS = 72B20
Stationed = ASA Europe Det. Meissner
Location = Satellite Beach, FL


Louis Weber - MOS 05H20

Location Edersburg, MD

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations F t. Leonard Wood Ft Devens 5th RRU Thailand 83rd RRU Thailand 10th Field Station Homestead AFB FL


Andrew Webster - MOS 05H

Location Franklin, TN

Years of Service 1973-1976

Duty Stations Vint Hill Farms Medina Base Kelly AFB


Mike Webster - MOS 

Location Woodland, WA

Years of Service 3.3

Duty Stations Fort Ord Nov 69 - Feb 70 Fort Devens Feb 70 - Aug 70 Bad Aibling Aug 70 - Jul 71 Nha Trang 330th RRFS Aug 71 - Mar 72 Phu Bai 8th RRFS Mar 72 - Nov 72 Da Nang 8th RRFS Nov 72 - Feb 73

Comments Would like to see more pics posted. All mine came up missing during the move from Phu Bai to Da Nang.


Leland Weeks - MOS 058

Location Quartzsite, AZ

Years of Service 5

Duty Stations 14th field station. 9th is. 12th is


James "Jim" Weeg - MOS = Army Aviator
Duty stations = Vietnam with 509th/FS Augsburg
10 years active, 2 tours w/the RR 509/224th/146th RR Avn in Saigon.  Was one of the 1st branch (MI) Aviators.
Commanded E co of FS Augsburg and was the pilot for Gen Williams plus Avn Officer for ASA Europe.


Leland Weeks - MOS 058

Location Quartzsite, AZ

Years of Service 5

Duty Stations 14th 9th 12th


David I. Wegener - MOS 34D20

Duty Stations Frankfurt 1967-69
Current Location Largo Florida


Clarke Wegner -  MOS 059

Duty Stations Hokkaido - Chitose
Current Location Atlanta, Georgia


Larry Weiny - MOS 991/93G 84G

Location Brooklyn, NY

Years of Service 4



Donald Weise - MOS = 059
Stationed = Ft. Devens Kenya, Alaska
Shemya, Alaska Vint Hill Farms, Va.
Location = St. Marys, Georgia
Message = Trying to locate Donald Cox last known home Indiana


Richard Weiss

Location Phoenix, AZ


William Weiss - MOS 05H20

Location Youngtown, AZ

Years of Service 1970-1973

Duty Stations Ft. Leonardwood Mo. Ft. Devens Mass. 8th rrfs Phi Bai Vietnam 7th rrfs Udorn Thailand Vint Hill. Farms Va.


Albert Weisser - MOS 239

Location Wrightsville, PA.

Years of Service 1947 - 1950 1951 - 1954

Duty Stations Vint Hill Farms
Arlington Hall

Comments Worked in The Barn at VHFS. Also slept in the old barracks in the pine trees.
As a teletype mechanic at that time we repaired the typewriters, teletypes and also learned to maintain the crypto equipment. Never did get Crypt Maintenance MOS but we had to do the work.
Helped to Shut Down the station at Fairbanks. We literally turned out the lights. 


Rockne Welborn - MOS 05H

Location Wichita , KS

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Phu Bai

Mark Welker - MOS = 98C20
Duty stations = Fort Devens, MA


David Wells -


Fred Wells - Years of Service 1964-1968

Years of Service 1964-1968
MOS 93G30, 991 Duty Stations Vint Hills
SOU 23 Pakistan, SOL23A Thule, Greenland
Current Location Dallas Texas


Guy Wells - MOS 95B

Location Denton. Maryland

Years of Service 1967-1970

Duty Stations PAC Hq Hawaii then Davis Station Vietnam


Nicholas Wells - MOS = 04B2LLC Duty stations = Ft. Meade, MD


Randy Wells - MOS 98C20
Duty Stations Ft. Jackson S.C. Ft. Devens Ma. USASAFS SOBE TORII STATION
Current Location XENIA, OHIO


Timothy Wells - MOS 31J20

Location Easley, SC

Years of Service


Duty Stations Basic:Ft.Jackson 6/6/66-9/66 Teletype Equipment Repair school Specialized Teletype Repair school Ft.Gordon Ga- Sept.66-Feb.67 Vint Hill Farm Station Feb 67-Apr. 370th ASA US Army Missile Range Facility Eleuthera Island, Bahamas May 68-May 70

Comments Awesome time in Army. Basic was like all basic 9 weeks Honor graduate School Ft. Gordon interesting. Honor Graduate Vint Hill Farm Sta. OJT team in comm center. Then detailed to new company 370th ASA mobile Det A Homestead Fla with duty Station at US Army Missile Range Fac Eleuthera island, Bahamas Civilian status All of Army time was interesting and fun.


John Welsh - MOS =
Stationed = Ft Devens
Location = utah
Message = looking for a buddy: Thomas C Cunningham Origin: Philadelphia


Joseph Welsh - Joined the army in AUG '66. Ft. Devens for AIT, 98C. Was in the ASA band, played drums for the march to school each day. Assignments: 8th RRFS, Phu Bai
Det. A, VHFS Devens - Retrained as 33B. 14th ASAFS Hakata Devens - Trained as 33C. VHFS FS Berlin
ETS'd in JAN '78 (European Out) Worked for various
units of Berlin Cmd.


Robert Welsh - MOS 283/33B

Location Holland, PA

Years of Service Feb 1962 to Feb 1965

Duty Stations 1. TUSLOG Det 4, Sinop Turkey.
2. 2nd USASA Field Station, Two Rock Ranch, CA.
3. 157th Infantry Brigade US Army Reserves, Willow Grove PA as Aviation Electronics tech (MOS 15N).

Comments After time in the ops building, rooms 1,3, etc spent most of Sinop tour in P-Van.
At Two Rock, spent almost entire tour outside ops building in 2 different NSA missions in a tracking van and a communications van.
Loved what I did but chose not to reup. Worked in communications research at U of PA. Left electronics industry to teach physics & astronomy at college level.
Active ham radio operator both before and after active duty; callsign N3RW


John Wenrich -  MOS Crypto ​
Years of Service 4
Duty Stations NSA - Fort Meade MD
Comments 1963 -1967


Steven Wentling - MOS = 98c
Duty stations = Bliss, Carson, Vint Hill Farms, DLI, Medina base
ASA was great. 1969-1976.
Then flight school at Ft Rucker, retired 1988


Richard Wentworth -Years of Service 1975-77 MOS 36C20 Duty Stations Arlington Hall Station Current location Clearlake Calif. wasn't the best soldier and that always haunt me.


Chester Wentz - 

Location Naperville, IL

Years of Service 1956-1958

Duty Stations Korea

Comments I am actually registering for my father, Chester L. Wentz, Jr. who passed away on August 9, 2015. He was born January 22, 1963 and served in the 502nd ASA Battalion of the U.S. Army from 1956 or 1957-1958


 Gordon Wesenfeld - MOS 05K20

Location Sacramento, CA

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations Asmara, Eritrea - Kagnew Station Ft George G. Meade - NSA


Jerry West - MOS 05H20

Location Burlington, NC

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Ft Devens
Vietnam 9th Division 335 RRC
Rothwesten Germany 69-71


Jim Wester - MOS = 058
Stationed = 177th USASA, K-6 Korea
May '62 to June '63 Ft. Carson, Colorado
June '63 to Aug. '64
Location = Remer, Minnesota
Message = 177th USASA Korean reunion
years 61 to 64 will take place in Gettysburg,Pa. Oct 21,22,and 23 of this year.  Contact me for details.


Earl Westerling -  MOS 98G
Duty Stations 371 RRC (67) NSA (68-71) TORII STATION, OKINAWA (71-73) NSA (73-75) DLIWC (75-76) FIELD STATION BERLIN (77-80) FT. LEWIS (81-82) FT HOOD (82-84) FULDA (84-87) FT LEWIS (87-90), RETIRED APRIL\'90
Current Location LACEY, WA

Robert Westhaver - O5H/O5D 2nd plt 265th RR Co.101st Abn Aug 68-Aug 69 RVN 146th Avn Co RR Aug 69-May 71 RVN


Dave Weygandt - MOS = 72B40
Stationed = 7th RRFS Thailand 68-69 318th RRFS Herzo 69-70
8th RRFS Vietnam 70-72  Location = Kernersville, North Carolina
Comment looking for mates from July 70 to Sept 71


Patrick Wheatley - MOS 73D

Duty Stations ARLINGTON Hall
Current Location St.Louis mo


Herman E. Wheeler -  MOS 058
Years of Service 1961-1963

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, Ft. Devens, Kagnew Station
Current Location Rockwall, Texas
Comments I am pleased to find this site and hope to post a notice of a Kagnew Station Reunion in September this year.


Herman (Ed) Wheeler - MOS 058 Morse Intercept
Years of Service 1/1961 to 10/1963
Duty Stations Leonard Wood, Devens, Kagnew Station (Asmara)
Current Location Rockwall, Texas
Comments Enjoying annual Kagnew Reunions (San Antonio - 2016) and seventeen grandkids and five great grandkids.


John Wheeler - MOS 33G, 33S, 33T

Location Tacoma, WA

Years of Service 1973-1993



Thomas Wheeler -  MOS 058, 056

City And State Anacortes Wa
Years of Service 1959/1962
Duty Stations Ft Ord, Fort Devens, Shemya, Two Rock


James Wheelock -  MOS 98C
Duty Stations Rothwesten Augsburg
Current Location Tucson, AZ


Mick Whelpley - MOS = 05H4H
Stationed = RVN,Asmara X2 Shemya,Augsburg,Devensx3 Location = Florida Message = Retired in 1977


Richard Whipple - MOS 05H, 98C

Location Sierra Vista, AZ

Years of Service 20

Duty Stations 6TH ASA fld sta Homestead FL, 1st RR Avn Cham Ranh Bay RVN, 175th RR Co Bien Hoa, 156th Avn Co (RR) Can Tho, Vint Hill Farms VA, Unit 10 Rangoon Burma and Bangkok Thailand, USASA FLD STA Camp Humphreys Korea, Fort Devens MA, 409th ASA Augsburg, and finally Fort Huachuca, AZ


Harvey Whisnant -  MOS 05H20
Duty Stations Fort Devens, Two Rock Ranch, Camp McDermott, Na Trang '70-71. Chu Lai '71..Augsburg
Current Location Shelby nc
Comments/Questions: Wonder what happened to EVA..hello to Sturg,Calvin,Kotch,Moen, rIp Robert Dew Donald Hamrick


Peter G. Whitchurch - MOS 98C
Location North Bridgton, Maine
Years of Service 70-73
Duty Stations USASA Detachment, Misawa Japan
Comments I was the first replacement following the move from Chitose


Andrew (Andy) White - MOS 05H20

Location Alpine, TX

Years of Service 1969-1972

Duty Stations Ft Devens, MA . Two Rock Ranch California, 409rd, 303rd Bien Hoa RVN , 7th RRFS Udorn, Thailand, Det. J, Ubon Thailand


Bill White - MOS 058

Location Springfield, VA

Years of Service With ASA. 1961-1965

Duty Stations Ft Devens, Linkou Air Station Taiwan


Comments Shift Chief trick 4, assistant shift chief Trick 3 and trick 2 operator...trick 1.. Lived on 76th street...well known beer drinker...promotions from E4 to E6 ...and contributing most Of my pay to the Linkou Club and 63 Club as well as the Four Roses and Black Cat bar. Well known Petty cab racer ....however found a lady who could keep me happy...and we have lived happily ever After...and I still love Taiwan and its people. Best military post I ever was assigned to. 0


Charles White - MOS = 98J SPACOL
Stationed = Basic - Fort Leonard Wood 98J training - Ft. Devens SPACOL training - NSA duty stations:
Shemya Chitose NSA
Location = Boquete, Panama
Message = I'm a Texas vet. I served from 1968 through 1971. I've connected with many of my friends from Chitose, but not with those stationed  when I was in Shemya or NSA. Drop a line if so inclined.


Gary White - MOS = 95B20
Duty stations = Kagnew station E. African-American
I was stationed at Kagnew station Asmara
Ethiopia from 3/69_4/70 As an MP in Guard Co.


Jack White - MOS 72B20

Location Missouri Valley, IA

Location Missouri Valley Iowa

Years of Service 1968-1970

Duty Stations Frankfurt - Comm Unit Europe (Dachsbach?)


Phil White - MOS 74E

Years of Service 1969-1972
Duty Stations Arlington Hall
Current Location Brady, TX


Ralph S. White - MOS 059.10

Location Rockport, ME

Years of Service 1964-1970

Duty Stations 99th ASA Army Reserve Unit, Arlington Hall Ft. Dix for Basic Ft. Devens for MOS training Reserve units in Fitchburg, MA, Charlotte, NC, Northampton, MA


Robert White - MOS 05H

Location Granville, OH

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Ft. Devens 69-70 Tori Station 70-71 Vint Hill Station 71-72


​Steve White - MOS 98C2LGM
Duty Stations 856 RRD FS Homestead

Location Las Vegas, NV


Walt White - 05H20F3
8th RRFS - 6/70 - 1/71 330th RRC - 1/71- 6/71 265th RRC - 6/71 - 1/72
VHFS - 2/72 - 7/72


Charles (Ed) Whit) Whiteacre - MOS 05H20

Location Parrish, Florida

Years of Service 1969-1972

Duty Stations 8th RRFS: April-December 1969 (Night trick - 8 pm-8 am)
175th RRC: December-April 1970
Two Rock Ranch: May-October 1970
Shu Lin Kou, Taiwan: October 1970-December 1971 

Comments It would be great to hear from anyone with shared experiences, especially in Vietnam.
For many years, I have been trying to locate two brothers who were my friends at Devens and also at the 175th RRC. They are Ronald S. Smith and Richard L. Smith from Utah. They were both 05H20's. I can't seem to find either of them. Thanks in advance for any help.


Eugene Whitley - MOS = SIT(Special ID Techniques) technician
Duty stations = Turkey (Jan 1965-July 1966); and, Ton Son Nhut (Sep-Dec 1966); Nha Trang (Dec 1966-Aug 1967)
Would like to hear from fellow vets who were in Turkey, TUSLOG Det 27 (Jan 1965-July 1966); Viet Nam, 509th Radio Research Group, 224th Aviation Bn (RR), 146th Avn Co (RR), Ton Son Nhut (Sep-Dec 1966); 144th Avn Co(RR), Nha Trang (Dec 1966-Aug 1967).  ETS'd out of Viet Nam, discharged 10 August 1967.


Melvin Whitmire - MOS = 41J20
Duty stations = Kagnew Station & 8th RRFS in Phu Bai
Kagnew Station 68-70 8th RRFS Phu Bai 70-71


Paul Whitney - MOS 286.1

Location Raytown, Missouri

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, MO Ft. Devens, MA Ft. Meade, MD TUSLOG DET-4 Vint Hill Farms, VA


John Whitsitt - MOS 33D20

Location Charleston, SC

Years of Service 1969-1972

Duty Stations Fort Devens, Mass. Herzo Base


Keith Wicks - MOS = 341
Duty stations = Tokyo (OJI & Drake)

Location Missouri


James Fred Widener - MOS 51P40
Duty Stations Augsburg, Germany. (Gablingen)
Current Location Hickory, NC
Comments/Questions: My last assignment before retiring from the US Army in 1975.


Ronald Wieder - 1808
332 Com Recon in Coburg/Bamberg Germany, 1952,\'53


Michael Wieser - MOS 058

Location Middletown, OH

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Kagnew Station


William Wigent - MOS 058

Location Mason, Michigan

Years of Service 1964-1969

Duty Stations 4th Div, 1st Cav in Vietnam, Camp Humphreys Korea, VHFS, Two Rock Ranch ( TDY )

Comments We're all getting older, Soon ASA will be forgotten and that may not be a bad thing. I miss the job and the work but not
the Army life. Would like to hear from any ASA amateur radio ops.
My call sign is W8MH . Last name has changed to Violin-Wigent.


Loren Wilber - MOS = 98G2LVN
Stationed = 335th RR Co, Can Tho and Bien Hoa Location = Buda, Tx.
Message = Just checking in.


James Wilburn - MOS 981/982/98Z

Location Scott AFB, IL

Years of Service 1957-1s984

Duty Stations C Bty, 2nd Bn, 1st Tng Regt, Ft Chaffee, AR/Ft Devens, MA/HQ ASA Eur, Frankfurt, FRG/507th ASA Gp, Heilbronn, FRG/319th ASA Bn, Rothwesten, FRG/3rd ASAFS, 51st SOC, JSPC, Sobe, Okinawa/318th USASA Bn, CONUS MI Gp, Ft Meade, MD/SUSLAK, Seoul, Korea; Field Station Rothwesten, FRG/ Field Station Augsburg, FRG/ USASATC&S Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo, TX/Sgt Majs Academy, El Paso, TX/ Field Station Berlin/Meade/Retirement. FORSCOM TCAE, Atlanta, G/CSG FORSCOM, Atlanta, GA. More Retirement.


Larry Wilbyrn - Years of Service 27 MOS 98B, 98C, 98Z Duty Stations Devens, 507th ASA Gp, 319th ASA BN, 51st SOC, JSPC, 318th ASA Bn, Ft Meade, SUSLAK Korea, FS Rothwesten, FS Augsburg, GAFB, FS Berlin, 704th MI Bde Current location Belleville, IL Twenty years with ASA and 7 with INSCOM. Enjoyed it all.


Kenneth Wilde - MOS 982.1

Duty Stations Hqs. Co., Frankfurt, Germany (1957 to 1959)
Current Location Pasadena, MD
Comments Need to know current membership dues and to whom are they sent. Thank you.


Richard Wilde - MOS 98J

Location Yuma, AZ

Years of Service 1970-1973

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, MA West Point, NY Ft Belvoir, VA


Michael Wildman - MOS 76G20, 41J20

Location Show Low, AZ

Years of Service 1966-1969

Duty Stations Ft. Ord basic training, general supply; Ft. Lee , Va. signal supply; 8th RRFS Phu Bai, Rvn ( Oct 1966 to Oct 1967), OJT office machine repair; Ft. Wolters, Texas 311th ASA Bn. Nov. 1967 to April 1969.

Comments I would like to connect with 8th rrfs vets from my time period in RVN.


Thomas Wilkie - MOS 933.133

Location Pittsboro, NC

Years of Service 1959-1962

Duty Stations US Language School Monterrey CA. Heidwinkel/Bahrdorf Germany

Comments Worked as Russian operator/transcriber at Bahrdorf for two years.


Ken Wilks - 984/98D/05G
Fort Devens - 63-64 Fort Wolters Mar 64 Jun 64 USASA SOUTHCOM Ft Clayton CZ 64-66 7th U/101st RRC 66-67 Co B 508th USASA GPK Ft Casey Korea 68-69
Williamsburg VA
Loved it but left it for MI in 69.


Don Williams - MOS 72B

Location Stanley, VA

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Basic - Ft. Jackson AIT - Ft. Gordon USASACUJ - 3/68-8/71

Comments Worked on "B" Trick Relay floor, and Terminal Section, later became NCOIC of the Terminal Section


Ernie Williams - MOS 05k

Location Mesquite, TX

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations 17th ASAFS Rothwesten Germany


Harry Williams - Years of Service 3

MOS 98C/G Duty Stations ALS, Ft. Meade
Current location Reno, NV and East Sussex, England
Stationed = ALS (class V12-11), Ft. Meade and served at 9th FS, 8th FS, 7th FS as special analyst and reporting specialist. Also DODSPECREP MACV and with USMC deployed units.30 years fed service.
Location = Reno, NV and East Sussex UK
Message = Looking for Patrick J Carlin, ditty bopper who served at 9th FS. Any info most helpful. Also Eddie Maimburg and a guy named Prather.


Jack Williams - MOS 758.10

Location McMinnville, OR

Years of Service 1954-1957

Duty Stations Bamburg,& Bad Aibling, Germany


James E. Williams - MOS = 988
Stationed = A Com. 321 from 8/62-5-64.
B Con 321 10-66 til 7-67. A Com 7-67 till
12-67. Discharged 12/67 Location = mobile, Al
Would like to hear from anyone that i may have served with in the 508 asa korea
My phone # is 251-304 1164.
E-mail me is ok.


James (Jim) Williams - MOS 32G

Location Coralville, IA

Years of Service 1969-1972

Duty Stations Bad Aibling Germany


Jim Williams - MOS 32G20 Fixed Crypto Repair

Current location Coralville, Iowa

Years of Service 1969-1972

Duty Stations Bad Aibling Germany


Jim Williams - MOS 72B

Location Germantown, Tennessee

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Nha Trang RVN
Ft Bragg NC


Jimmy Ray (Curly) Williams - MOS 72B20
Duty Stations Torii Station Okinawa 1964-65 5th RRU & 83rd RRSOU Thailand

Years of Service 1963-1967
Current Location Gardena CA


John Williams - MOS 32F

Location Location, Midland, MI

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations ASACUJ , RRCUV


John Williams - MOS 993.1, 98J20

Location Ilwaco, WA

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations Chitose Fort Huachuca

Comments Crazy times at the Bar Cabin.


Joseph Williams -  33D20
Years of Service 3
Fort Devens Tuslog Det 4 Vint Hill Farms
Borger, Texas


Joseph Williams - MOS 05K20

Location Topton, NC

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Fort Devens Shemya Two Rock Ranch Station

Comments would like to know of asa vets in WNC and east Tenn.


Larry Williams - MOS 

Location Springdale, AR

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations NHA TRANG 1970-1971 (144TH AVIATION) LONG THANH NORTH 1971 (144TH AVIATION)


Louie Williams - MOS 05H20

Location Anna, Texas

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Vietnam 1969-1970

Comments Was enlisted for 4 years but got a 1 year off for going to college


Michael L. Williams -  MOS 98G
Years of Service 75-79
Duty Stations Fort Ord, CA, DLI Monterey,CA, Goodfellow AFB San Angelo, TX, Fort Devens Mass., Fort Hood, TX.(522 CEWI BN)
Current Location Dayton, TX
Comments hope to hear from friends in the 522. Looking for Glenn O'Hare and John Norman


Robert Vandy Williams - MOS 81A carto draftsman DF

Location Berlin, MA

Years of Service 1955-1958

Duty Stations 334 CRC, 339 ASA. Herzo Base 339 ASA, 182 ASA Rothwesten

Comments Schooled as a carto draftsman fo DF. No DF mission,so I was the the Training NCO and Company Errand man.

Robert Williams - MOS 33C20

Duty Stations FT. Devens, Massachusetts ; Shemya, Alaska; Helemano, Hawaii; Vintage Hill Farms, Virginia.
Location Saint James City, FL
Ronald L. Williams - 965.1629 German
Army Language School, Berlin (78th USASA SOU)
Kingsville, TX, USA

Comments Seeking to find ASA veterans


Robert Williams - MOS 71B & 23T

Location Lebanon, TN

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Ft. Campbell, Kt, Redstone: Huntsville, Al, Hq Company, 59th Ordnance Group (AWSCOM), Pirmasens, Germany


Ronald H. Williams - MOS 059

Location Weatherford, TX

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Ft Devens Ma, Ft Bragg N.C. 326 ASA Company, Ft Meade Md 90 days TDY , Homestead AFB 326 turned into the 6th USASA Field Station.


Ronald L. Williams - MOS 965.1629

Location Kingsville, TX

Years of Service

Duty Stations Berlin (78th USASASOU)


Tom Williams -  MOS 31K20

Location South Rockwood, Michigan
Years of Service 3-65 till 6-69
Duty Stations 508th ASA HQ. + 2 RRG groups in Vietnam
MOS Fixed & Field Crypto repair, TTY Repair, Armorer


Wayne Williams - MOS 98C

Location Westminster, CO

Years of Service 1973-1976

Duty Stations 06-73 Basic at Ft Ord, Ca 08-73 98C Ft Devens, Mass 11-73 303rd ASA Bn, Ft Hood, Texas 08-74 7th Radio Research Aviation Detachment, Udorn and Utapao Thailand 10-75 5th Division ATSE, Ft Polk, La ets 06-76

Comments Long Ago


Doug Wilson - Years of Service 3
MOS 058 Duty Stations E5 058 1961-64,
Ft Bragg 1962, Ft Clayton CZ 1962-64
Current Location Dallas, TX


James (Jim) Wilson - MOS 33C

Location Albany, Oregon

Years of Service 1973-1977

Duty Stations Fort Ord, Ca. Fort Devens, Ma. Augsburg, Germany, and the last 2yrs at Field Station Schleswig, Germany

Comments I really enjoyed my time in Germany. Especially at Field Station Schleswig. I took a European discharge and traveled throughout western Europe for 2 1/2 months. Then flew back to Oregon. When I was transferred to Schleswig, I could work on ASA receivers, however it took almost a month before they upgraded my clearance to maintain or repair the NSA radios in the back room. A big laugh many years later was the big fuss about NSA listening to everybody like it was something new.


Jodie Wilson (Wheeler) - MOS = 72B20

Duty stations = Ft. Gordon, GA.; Ft. Lewis WA.
Would like to reconnect with those I served with.


Kris Wilson - MOS 059

Location Falls, PA

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Fort Dix, New Jersey, Fort Devens, Massachusetts and the 7th Radio Research Field Station in Udorn, Thailand

Comments I lived in the Thai jungle. Great life experience during the Vietnam War. Pathet Lao were our problem sending incursions into Thailand. Thai means the Free people. I Still speak French and Thai today


Thomas Wilson - MOS 98G

Location Merritt ISland, FL
Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations 18th USASA Field Station Bad Aibling, Germany 9/1966-6/1969


Victor Wilson - MOS 05K

Location University Place, WA

Years of Service 1964-1984

Duty Stations Ft Devens MA (4 Tours) Asmara, 65-67, Vint Hill Farms,67-68 Udorn, 68-69 Two Rock Ranch,69-70 GCHQ England, 70-72 Homestead AFB, 72-73, Ft Meade 74, Berlin 74-77, Lackland AFB Medina 77-79 Augsburg 79-82. Ft Devens to Ft Lewis 83-84

Comments Twenty years of fruitful service.


Homer Wiltshire - MOS 058, 98Z

Location Camden, TN

Years of Service 1953-1974

Duty Stations ASA duty Stations; Fort Devens 5 times once TDY when the reserves were activated in '61 or 62. . School as Morse OP in 1957 mos was 058 and later it was changed to 05H, additional mos was 98Z upon being promoted to E-9. Stationed at Rothwesten, Germany '57-60; Vint Hill Farms 60-62; Menwith Hill England 63-66' Devens for a year; 330th RRC, RVN 6 Months 67-68-Saigon 509th RR Group 68; back to Devens for a year; USASA Field Station Sobe, Okinawa 69-73; Direct to Shemya, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, Jan 73 to July 73, back to Devens for retirement. My first enlistment was spent in the Ordinance Corp, and that included a tour in England working on Anti'Aircraft guns for the 32nd AAA Brigade.(1955-56, also spent a year at Fort Knox working on Tank Turrets before that.)

Comments I have been active in the Reunion Group, or the 13th US ASA Filed Station Association, since its beginning. Bill Garner and I actually Started it, in 1991) I keep the Roster, the Deceased List, and publish a unofficial newsletter on a monthly basis , and have for 10 years now, October, 2019. (Not the official Newsletter) O have also been a major finder of people for the Association.. It is becoming hard to keep track of our guys as they move, and or pass away and we have no way of knowing of the event. I suspect that other ASA associations tend to have the same problems. We have had reunions each 2 years since 1991 and hopefully that will continue for the foreseeable future.


John Winfield - MOS 286.1

Duty Stations 12th USASA FS, 1960-1961 3rd RRU, 1962
Current Location Pinehurst, NC


Daryl Wing - MOS 33Z40

Duty Stations  Fort Devens 64 to 65 Chitose, (Kuma station 65 to 67 Vint Hill Farms, 67 to 70
Current Location Clyde, Ohio


Gary Winlund - MOS 33C20

Location Coupeville, WA

Years of Service 1965-1993

Duty Stations Fort Ord Ca., Ft Devens Mass., Ft Lewis Wa. 14th RRSOU Pleiku Viet Nam, 83rd RRSOU in Bangkok Thailand Camp Rilea Warrenton Or.

Comments I joined the USAR in 1975 as 11B30, went to the drill sgts academy in 1976 and served as a DI at Ft Ord, Ft Leonard Wood Mo.[2] Ft Dix NJ. Ft Jackson SC. and at Ft Benning Ga. until 1984. I finished out my service as a Battalion OPNS SGT in 1993


Joe Lewis Winston - MOS 31J2PB3

Current Location  LEEDS, ALABAMA


Howard Wisdom - MOS 33C2H

Location Grandview, MO

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, MA

Comments Instructor 102F10 & Self Pace learning


Bob Wise - MOS 059

Location Marion, IL

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations 78th ASA SOU Berlin


Ronald Wise - MOS 98G/96B

Duty Stations 76th ASA SOU 7th RRFS
Location  Prescott, AZ


James Wistehuff - MOS 059

Location Manito, IL

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Herzogenaurach/Hohenbogen/Schneeberg


Dennis Withner - MOS 058

Location Blaine, WA

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood MO Ft. Devens MA 8th RRU Phu Bai 65-66 Chitose, Trick 2 66' - 68'

Comments Curious to find out about: Phu Bai - Vince Lombardi - Tom Waugh - Bruner - Jewel Chitose - Daniel Snoke - Cheesman And, map coordinates for both bases, I have been unable to dig the exact locations out on Google Earth. May the Code be with you! .- .-.


Ralph Withers - MOS 05D30

Location Gastonia, NC

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations Fort Jackson, Fort Devens, Germany, Viet Nam (144th Aviation Company (RR) (July 1966- November 1967)


Vince Witkowski - MOS 72B40

Location Woodstown, NJ

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations Fort Jackson Fort Gordao Kagnew Station, Asmara, Ethiopia 7th RRFS, Udorn, Thailand Vint Hill Farms Station, Warrenton, VA

Comments Retired Corporate Lawyer

Ed Witte - MOS 98C20

Location Lawrenceburg, IN

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations Fort Jackson South Carolina ( basic training ), Fort Devens Massachusetts ( AIT ) Two Rock Ranch, Petaluma California ( more AIT ), Fire Support Base" BUTTONS " First Air Cavalry Division Vietnam ( too damn close to Song Be ), Vint Hill Farms, Warrenton Virginia. ( last stop )

Comments Volunteered for 4 years in the ASA because they said that there was no ASA in Vietnam. ( Whoops ... No ASA assignments available after AIT so the next in line was the First Air Cavalry Division, 371st RRC out of Phuoc Vinh. ( So, maybe they weren't lying but not quite accurate )


Richard J. Wojnar - MOS 058

Duty Stations 1964 Basic Fort Dix, 058 Training Fort Devens, 1965 thru 1967 Kagnew Station, 1967 thru 1968 Vint Hill Farms.
Current Location Jefferson Hills, Pennsylvania


Ernie Wolfchief -  MOS 631.10
Duty Stations 177th K 6 Camp Humohreys 508th ASA Co A Ft Carson


David C. Wolfe -  MOS 05K20
Duty Stations Fort Meade, MD, Berlin Germany, 8th RRFS Vietnam, 7th RRFS Thailand
Current Location North Wilkesboro, NC


Ronald Wolfe - MOS = 32Z20
Duty stations = Germany, Vietnam, Korea
Was in ASA for over eighteen Retired after twenty five years.


Ronald Wolfe - MOS = 296
Stationed = 326 USASA Co. 179 USASA Co.
12th USASA Field Station
Location = Kalamazoo, Michigan


Steve Wollett - MOS 72e and 35s

Location Baltimore, MD

Years of Service 1986-1992

Duty Stations Ft Gordon, Ft Meade

Comments I was the last person ever assigned to an ASA unit (99th ASA) and the youngest member of the ASA at the time that the unit officially disbanded. Though my time with the ASA was short, I am proud to have had the opportunity to serve with them.


Jerry Wolsky - MOS 982.2

Location Las Vegas, NV

Years of Service 1958-1962

Duty Stations 9TH USASAFS AND FT Huachuca

Comments Looking for anyone from the 9th USASAFS 1959-1961


Robert Wolstenholme - Duty stations = Japan


Olin Womble - MOS 711

Location Knoxville, Tn

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations NSA


Alex Wood - MOS = 71L40
Duty stations = 509th/146th Avn/8th RRFS


Doug Wood - MOS 95B

Location Chesnee, SC

Years of Service 1974-1977

Duty Stations Army Security Agency Headquarters, Arlington Hall Station, Arlington, Virginia USASADSC, Fort Clayton, Panama Canal Zone INSCOM, 470th MI Group, Fort Amador, Panama Canal Zone


Shawn Wood - MOS 72B40

Location Peoria, AZ

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations Lia Khe South Vietnam, 409Th RRD Long Binh South Vietnam, NSA Ft. George G. Meade

Comments Basic 1/69-3/69. AIT Ft. Gordon 3/69-7/69. Vietnam: 337th 7/69-1/70. 409th 2/70-7/70. Ft. Meade 8/70-3/72.


​Julie Woodbury -  Location Eden Prairie, MN
Years of Service 1977-1984
Duty Stations Fort Devens, Field Station Augsburg
Comments You would have known me as either Julie Brown or Julie Strength
MOS 05D30


Dave Woodling - 782B40 138th Avn Co Da Nang 311th ASA Ft Hood Arlington Hall Station


Terry Woodruff - MOS 72B

Location Dallas, TX


Craig Woods - MOS = 98C
Duty stations = NSA, 8RRU/RRFS, VHFS


Joe Woods -  MOS 72B40

Duty Stations 1966-1969 USASACU-J (Camp Drake Japan on Trick C) and 1969-1970 144th Aviation Company, Nha Trang Vietnam
Current Location Atlanta, GA
Comments Would like to hear from any vets that served at the same time and locations.


Ken Woods -  MOS Personnel Management Specialist
Duty Stations AHS, Pentagon, Davison AAF
Current Location Florida
Comments/Questions: Starting my time in ASA, was at AHS for the switch to INSCOM


Kenneth Woods - MOS 75C

Location Tallahassee FL

Years of Service 1976-1980

Duty Stations Arlington Hall Station

Comments Only had a few months as ASA before the change


Marvin "WOODY" Woodworth - MOS = 987
Duty stations = Brady AFB, Japan (or Hakata Annex)
Where are all the guys from the Fighting 14th?


Jack Wooldridge - I’m from 1948 going to 126th Sig Svc Co. at Kyoto. I spent 12 years in the ASA but I get my check from the Navy, because I switched over. I would be surprised to find anybody from my era but ASA was quite an experience.


Terry Woodruff - MOS 72B

Location Dallas, Texas

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations Basic-Ft.Leonard Wood Advanced-Ft.Gordon ASA Comm Unit Eur, Frankfurt, Germany


David Wooten - MOS 31S3H

Location Yorkville, IL

Years of Service 1967-1970

Duty Stations Ft Monmouth Arlington Heights Army Air Defense Site (NIKE) Clark Air Base 9th ASA Field Station

Comments Recently visited the Cryptologic museum at Ft Meade and am interested in finding out more about my time in the ASA.


Ben Wopat - MOS = 982
Duty stations = 251st Frankfurt & 7th Army Combined Intelligence Center Heidelberg
In Frankfurt 11/62-3/65.


Edward L. Word - MOS = 05H20
Duty stations = Asmara
I was stationed in Asmara in 1965 and 1966.


Jerry Worley - Years of Service Feb 1959-May 1962 MOS 058-056 Duty Stations Ft. Chaffee Ark. Ft Devens Sinop Turkey Ft Bragg Current location
Haughton, Louisiana. Looking back, the army was not that bad-- I enjoyed most of it..I have forgotten how to copy the CW. Age could be the reason... I did get into HF (ham radio)


John Worrel - MOS 98B20

Location Dublin, OH

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations 14th ASAFS Hakata, 8th RRFS Phu Bai


Michael Worrell - MOS 63C20

Location Nashville, TN

Years of Service 1968-1971

Duty Stations Arlington Hall Station. 1/70-5/70 372nd RR Co 6-70 to 11-70 175th RR Co 11/70 to 06/71


Richard Wortman - MOS 993.1

Location Shelbyville, IL

Years of Service 1962-1964

Duty Stations Co B North 508th USASA Gp. Camp Alamo


Richard Wosylus - MOS 05H20

Location Smithton, IL

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations 8th rrfs Phu Bai Vietnam Rothwesten West Germany Vint Hill Farms

Comments Enjoyed my service saw many places while in the ASA. Was sorry to read about the dismantling of the ASA. Talked to several people from duty stations I was at. Found them on an ASA web page. Still e-mail a couple of them.


Terry Wright - MOS 05H20

Location Polk City, FL

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations Pleiku Dakar Nah Trang Bad Aibling


George Writesel -  MOS 35B20/33B20
Duty Stations 7th RRFS 68-69 ASA Southcom Panama 69-71 non ASA MI battalion Ft Hood 71-ETS
Current Location Galloway,OH


Charlie Wulzer - MOS = 05K20H2
Duty stations = Udorn, Thailand 7th RRFS
Searching for Jerry Chambers.. Was in Asmara before coming to Udorn..In Udorn Sep 70-71


Hugh Wyatt - MOS 988.1663

Location Danville, VA

Years of Service 1960-1963

Duty Stations Ft. Jackson, SC, Presidio of Monterey, CA (ALS), 79th USASASOU, Shemya, AK, 12th USASA Field Station, Chitose, Japan and then back home.

Comments If anyone knows, would like to hear from Bob Lovinger, from the Bronx, NY who served with me in Alaska.


Douglas Wyman - MOS 967 previously 768

Location Lynnwood, WA

Years of Service 1961-1964

Duty Stations 51st USASASOC Torii station, 5th RRU Bangkok, Ft. Meade


Edward D. Wynes -  MOS 05K20
Duty Stations 1. Fort Devens Mass, 64-65 2. Sinop Turkey, 65-66 3. VHFS, 66-67 4. 175 RR 67-68
Current Location Elko, NV


Richard Wynings - MOS 711.20
Duty Stations AHS
Current Location Winfield, PA
Comments/Questions: At AHS 1962-1965 in G-3 Admin




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