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Dick Taafe - MOS 058.2

Years of Service 3 (1957-1960)
Duty Stations 12th ASA Chitose Hokkaido Japan
Location Youngstown, Ohio


John Taggart - MOS Prim: O5H Sec: 98C Also worked as a O5K and trained as an O5D at Two Rock Ranch

Location Sheffield, MA

Years of Service 3 plus

Duty Stations Ft Devens 1969-70 Torii Station (Camp Sobe) 1970 Two Rock Ranch 1970 8th RRFS 1970-71 Torii Station 1971-72


Robert Talbot - MOS = 059
Duty stations = Hawaii; Okinawa
Interested in locating any former members of ASAPAC.


Mikry Tamte - MOS 71L20

Location Glenwood, MN

Years of Service 1969-1973

Duty Stations Fort Devens -1969 Vietnam - 144th Aviation Company (RR) - 1969-1970 Fort Devens 1970-1972 Arlington Hall Station - 1972


Charles Tannehill - MOS 286

Location Moody, OK

Years of Service

Duty Stations 


Douglas Targett -  MOS 95B20H3
Duty Stations 508RR GP, 177ASA, 224BN146 AVA CO., Vint Hill Farm
Current Location Xenia,Ohio
Comments/Questions: Retired from the Railroad and then start a llama farm


Clemens John Tarter - MOS 988

Location Birmingham, AL

Years of Service 1963-1966

Duty Stations 12th ASA, Chitose Kong-wha Do, ROK


Wilfred "Mike" Tarver - MOS 05H20

City And State Mobile, Alabama
Years of Service '69-'72
Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Torii Station, Okinawa
Comments Great time in Okinawa. Would love to hear from Gary Wheeler and Carl Singley.


Michael Tascarini - MOS 98J

Location Seneca Falls, NY

Years of Service 1977 1980

Duty Stations Berlin, Germany


Joe Tasky - MOS 33C

Location Saginaw, MN

Years of Service 1969-1972

Duty Stations

Comments What a great group of people. Respect was earned here!


James  A. Tastor - MOS 05H20

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Mass. 333rd Comm Recon Ft. Richardson, Alaska

Current Location Hornell, NY


Michael Taster - MOS 98J

Location Seneca Falls, NY


William Tate - MOS 05G3P

Location Rockledge, FL

Years of Service 1969-1978

Duty Stations Nov '69 - Jan '70 Ft. Jackson (Basic); Jan - Oct '70 Ft. Devens (AIT - 05G); Nov '70 - Nov '71 1st Platoon, 101st RR Co. (Phu Bai & Danang); Dec '71 - Jul '75 313th ASA Bn - SIGSEC Det., Ft. Bragg; Sep - Oct '73 Ft. Benning (Jump School); Aug '75 - Jun '78 Det. M, 201st ASA Co (Worms, FRG); Oct - Dec '77 Ft. Devens (Advanced EW NCOES Course)

Comments Honored to have been a member of the ASA. No Regrets. My time with ASA/INSCOM served as the launch pad for a successful 38 year Industrial Security career in the defense/aerospace industry with Northrop Grumman. Recently stopped by Army Recruiting Office to ask what they could tell me about INSCOM jobs these days as I have grandchildren who may serve. Answer: "Nothing"...….at least they didn't tell me my Grandkids couldn't go to Afghanistan!


Ashley L Taylor - MOS 67B2H Util Acft Mech

Location Social Circle, GA

Years of Service 1966-1967

Duty Stations Can Tho Vietnam

Comments Looking for anyone from 156th Avn Co.RR APO SF Can Tho Viet Nam 1966-1967


Avery Taylor - MOS 72B

Location Lyman, SC

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Clark AFB, Philippines (77th SOU and ASACUP) 1966-1968 Ft. Bragg, 301st ASA BN 1968/69 Saigon, Vietnam, 509th RRCUV 1969/70 Drafted/enlisted for ASA, Jan 1966. ETS Feb 1970, SSG


Bob Taylor - MOS 72B20

Location Eldred PA

Duty Stations 177th in Korea and 320th  in Bad Aibling Germany

Comments I was in Korea Jan 1965 to Jan 66 and Germany March 66 to June 68. Would like to hear from anyone who was there at that time.


David Taylor - MOS 059/05K20

Location Palmyra, New york

Years of Service 1964-1968




Doug Taylor -  MOS 054D

Location Plymouth, Michigan

Comments Herzo reunion Sep 9 in Savannah. GA


Elmer Taylor - MOS 05K20

Location Etowah, TN

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Ft Devens, Mass. Torii Station, Vint Hill Farms


Lonnie Taylor - MOS = 72B20
Duty stations = 17th USASA FLD STATION Rothwesten Germany/301st USASA ABN BATTALION FT BRAGG NORTH CAROLINA I enjoyed my stay in Germany I am home in Halls Cross Road Knoxville Tennessee


Robert Taylor - MOS 711

Location Brewton Alabama

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations Ft Jackson S.C. Tuslog Det 27 Ft Devens Mass


William Taylor - MOS 05K20

Location Union City, OK

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Asmara, Chitose, Camp Hardy - POR, Phu Bai

Comments Would enjoy visiting with old friends from above duty stations.


Louis Tayon - MOS 72B40

Location Chesapeake, Va 

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations Ft Jackson, E-1-1 Basic Fr Gordon Signal School 9th USASA Field Station/77th ASA SOU Very short TDY to 3rd RRU.

Comments Did my entire overseas tour in the PI, loved it. Toured on vacations several Islands including Mindanao and Jolo plus went to others with the Honor Guard.


Troy Teague - Brady Air Base, 14th USA Field Station Served in Japan 1955-1958


Kenneth Teclaw - MOS 72B20D1

Location Tomah, WI

Years of Service 1970-1973

Duty Stations School - Devens & Gordon Viet Nam - 175th RRFS (Bien Hoa) (71-72) Fort Bragg - 313th ASA BN (72 - 73) Augsburg FS (TDY 8-12 '72)

Comments Started as 05H at Devens - Hit the wall at 20 WPM - Then reassessed and sent to Gordon for 72B20D1. TDY to Augsburg after 40 were busted by local Polizei shortly after they had opened and operational. They sent 21 of us TDY to replace the 40. (18 of us were from Nam or Thailand)


Michael Teece - MOS 05H

Location Joseph, OR


Dennis Terrill - MOS 36D20

Location Los Molinos, CA

Years of Service 1964-1967

Duty Stations Vint hill farms. MSC. Strat com command suitland MD. Ft Gordon GA. Ft Polk LA

Comments TDY. Ft Devens, MA. 8th RRU. Phu Bai. Asmara,Ethiopia, Herzogenaurach. DE. Shemya, Alaska. Homestead Air Force Base,FL


Carl Terry - MOS 05K20

Location Freeport, Florida

Years of Service 1969-1972

Duty Stations Fort Devens Sinop, Turkey Vintage Hill Farms Station


Lewis Terry -  MOS 1868


Wayne Terry - 
Years of Service 1966-1970 MOS 04B, 98C
Duty Stations Ft. Jackson, DLIWC, NSA
Current location Rock Hill, SC
Retired CPA...well "sorta retired CPA"...


Angelo Teti - MOS 98J

Location McKeesport, PA

Years of Service 4 Military 9 Civilian

Duty Stations 1964 Company O, 3rd Battalion Fort DIx, NJ Basic Training 1964 USASATC&S MOS Training 1964 NSA Advanced Training Nov 30, 1964 to Nov 10, 1965 Det 4, Sinop, Turkey Dec 1965 to Jan 31 1968 USASATC&S Instructor MOS 98J April 1968 to Nov 1979 USASATC&S, F Division, Civilian Instructor


Stephen Thomas Terwilliger - MOS 31S20

City And State Binghamton, NY
Years of Service 1974 to 1977
Duty Stations Ft. Jackson SC, Ft. Gordon GA, Augsburg Germany, Ft. Campbell KY


Ralph Thadeus - MOS 1799 - 052 - 058 - 059

Location North Ridgeville, Ohio

Years of Service 1947-1956

Duty Stations Fort Monmouth, NJ - Vint Hills Farm Station, VA -Helemano, Hawaii - Camp Pickett, VA - Fort Devens, MA - Nome, Alaska - Fort Devens, MA - Two Rock Ranch Station, CA - Scheyern, Germany.

Comments ASA Alpiners Reunion Group, Sec/Treas/Editor


Gregory Thames - MOS 52B30/63B20

Years of Service 1967-1971
Duty Stations Kangwa do 68-69ft. Hood 69-70/ Germany Augsburg 70-71
Current Location Huntington, Tx
Comments Hunter nemesis


Paul Thiegs - MOS 98GBU

Location White Bear Lake, MN

Years of Service 1972-1978

Duty Stations Fort Leonard Wood Basic Training B-4-3 1973 DLI, Monterey, CA 1973-74 326th ASA Co. 502nd Group, Augsburg, West Germany 1974-1976 532rd ASA Co USAR, Fort Snelling, MN 1976-78


​Charles S. "Chuck" Thomas -


Ed Thomas - MOS = 058.3
Stationed = 281st USASA, Shemya, AK 1959-1960 Vint Hills Farm Station, VA
Location = Appleton, WI / BEnson, AZ
Message = Interested in speaking to anyone on Shemya 1959-1960 or anybody at Vinto Hill 1960-1962.  Especially those those who new 1st Sgt Chuck Shafer.


Gary Thomas - MOS = 04B/98GLVN, 98GLRU
Stationed = 8TH RRFS RVN - Attached to 407th RRD and 265th RRC (2/71 - 2/72) 326th ASA Co Augsburg attached to 1st Ops Bn FSA. (7/76 - 7/79) Other tours at DLISC, DLIWC, Goodfellow AFB, Ft. Devens, and Ft. Meade.
Location = Retired to Florida
Message = Converted to civilian status after 10 years. Total 30 years service. Great career.


John (Jackie) G. Thomas - MOS = 058
Stationed = Herzo Base. Location = Baltimore. Please put me on the list. Great Site!


Paul Thomas - MOS = 72B
Duty stations= 8th RRFS (3/68 - 10/69) Helemano, Hi (11/66 - 2/68)
Phu Bai was such a long time ago.


Robert Thomas - MOS 95B

Location Conway, SC

Years of Service 1948-1952

Duty Stations Vint Hills Farm Va., Carlisle Barracks PA & Ft Devens Mass


Windell Thomas - MOS 05D

Location Spring, TExas

Years of Service 1967-1970

Duty Stations Fort Lenard Wood MO, Fort Devens, MA., 337th RRU 1967-1968., 144th RRU 1969-1970., Homestead AFB FL., 1970

Comments - Check out Old Spooks and We have a 337th RRU Pictorial History Album.


George Thompson - MOS 32D20

Location Hampstead, Maryland

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations AIT at Ft Monmouth, NJ
Torii Station, Sobe, Okinawa

Comments Loved my work and my stations


James Thompson - MOS 988.1663

Location Portland, Oregon

Years of Service 1958-1961

Duty Stations Ft. Jackson, S.C., Ft. Devens, Army Language School, Co. A 319th USASA Bn (Bahrdorf, Germany)

Comments Should membership be coordinated with other ASA websites?


Ken Thompson - MOS 72B40D1
City And State Davidsonville, MD
Years of Service Jan 69-Ap r72
Duty Stations 313th RR Bn Nha Trang - Aug 69-Aug 70, Vint Hill Farms Station Aug 70-Apr 72
Comments Good to see a few of us are still around. God Bless you Guys !!


Mark Thompson - MOS 98C20

Location Rogers City, Michigan

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations Devens - 6-1964 to 12-1964
Rothwesten, Germany; 184th USASA Co. (A) - 12-1964 to 1 - 1967
Hq. & Hq. Co, 303rd RR Bn, Long Binh, RVN - 2-1967 to 1-1968


Mike Thompson - MOS 05G30

Duty Stations HHC 313th RRU Nha Trang, Vietnam USASA Southern Command, Panama, CZ
Current Location Bella Vista, Arkansas
Comments Request membership in Old Spooks & Spies.


Robert Thompson - Ft. Bragg, NC


Ronnie Thompson -  MOS 95B

​Duty Stations Kang Wha Do, Korea Feb.68 to Mar.69 (226th ASA Opns co) Arlington Hall Station Mar.69 to Feb.71
Current Location  Zephyrhills, Florida


Steven Thompson - MOS = 05D
Duty stations = Taiwan Phu Bai Eleuthera


William L. Thompson - MOS 37 Cryptologic Officer

Duty Stations Ft. Geo.G Meade, Panama, FRG
Current Location Stockbridge, Georgia
Ft Devens to FGGM 71-72. MI Avn 72-88. Retired in 88. Prior Svc 11C 68-71.


Michael Thorne - MOS 059.14

Location West Branch, MI

Years of Service 1961-1972

Comments Very interesting site. My brother was with 313th ASA (330th RRC) Pleiku in 68 and my friend was with 3rd RRU in 1961 in Vietnam. Memories abound.


David Thornton - MOS
Duty Stations Herzo Augsburg
Location Germany


Paul Thorpe - MOS = 31Z and 98C40 Years of Service 1972-1992
MOS 31ZB3 98C40
Duty Stations Augsburg, ASA LO Heidelberg, Ft Riley, NSA, 307th MI Bn
Current location Paint Rock TX
Please enter your comments? Stationed at Augsburg from 1973 to 1975 then Heidelberg to 1977. Then came INSCOM


Lee "Swede" Thorsell -  Basic at Ft. Ord  8/67 to 10/67.      Ft. Devens O5H20 school 10/67 to 6/68.      8th RRFS 7/68 to 7/69.      Okinawa, Torii Station 7/69 to 7/70.      Back to RVN with the 265th RRC 7/70 to 7/71.  Then HOME!

Married in 1971 two daughters, and I'm still married to the same woman. Schooling at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska as an X-Ray Technologist, taught X-Ray at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona for 7 years finished my Masters Degree and taught at Pueblo Community College, Pueblo Colorado for another 20+ years.  Retired now, built a log home in Bend, Oregon on 10 acres and work on my three Model A Fords and fish and hunt.


Gene Thrasher -  MOS 98C2LHU
Duty Stations DLIWC Monterey CA Ft Devens  Bien Hua  175th  RR Ft Hood TX
Current Location Aledo Texas

Comments that was a long time ago. much is forgotten!


Larry Thrasher - MOS 72B40
Duty Stations Army base in Asmara, Ethiopia and Army base in Udorn, Thailand (Ramasun Station)
Current Location Lascassas, TN


Roger Thurman - MOS 04B2L80

Location Kent, Ohio

Years of Service 1966-1969

Duty Stations DLIEC Wash, DC Goodfellow AFB 408thl RR Det. Chu Lai 328th RR Co. Chu lai Tarex Saigon

Comments So long ago but the memories are vivid


John Tidball - MOS = 05D

Location Anniston, Alabama

Years of Service 1963-1967
Duty stations = Hakata (Kyushu) Japan
Comments Hey hey. Anyone from the 14th USASA ?


Steven Tielking - MOS 33G20

Location Greenwood, IN

Years of Service 1971-1979

Duty Stations Ft Devens 2/72-7/73, 7th RRFS 8/73-7/74, 372nd ASA Hawaii, Vint Hill Farms VA


Dean Tiernan - Years of Service 3 yrs active psy ops reservist
MOS 71R20
Duty Stations Arlington Hall Station, Kagnew Station
Current location Lodi, CA
Please enter your comments? is not mine. It is maintained by Rick Fortney, it is an excellent record of your Africa-stationed colleagues.


Todd Tifft - MOS = 33C20
Stationed = Fort Devens, Fort Hood, Sinop Location = Carpentersville, IL 60110 Message = I am looking for a LFCF badge. I march in my hometown Memorial Day parade and I would like to wear my ASA badge on Memorial day.


Thomas Tillinghast - MOS 98J

Location Grand Terrace, CA

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations Fort Ord, Fort Devens, 319th Rothwesten Germany, Camp Humphreys Korea, TDY all over Korea.

Comments 149 day drop upon return from Korea.


Ralph Tilney - MOS 08C

Location Navarre, FL

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Det 27, Manzerilli, Turkey Det 4-4, Yalova, Turkey Ft Riley, Kansas 371 RRC, Phouc Vinh, South Viet Nam


Al Timm - MOS = O5H40
Stationed = Viet Nam, Thailand,homestead,okinawa,korea, a few other smaller places Location = Massachusetts looking for a Donald k Johnson from Korea


Michael Timpe - MOS

Location Bluffton, SC

Years of Service 2

Duty Stations Asmara, Masawa


Tom Tingle - MOS 98C
Duty Stations Ft Devens, Ma, school, Nha Trang & Phu Bai, VietNam and finally Ft Riley Kansas
Current Location Superior, Co
Comments Spent 5-'71 to 12-71 in Nha Trang and 12-71 to 4-72 in Phu Bai. Looking for anyone from 330th and 337th RR groups.


Gary Tinker - MOS 31J2B3

Location Bowling Green, KY

Years of Service 1968-1971

Duty Stations ASA Liaison Detachment, Fort Gordon, GA ~ USASA Comm Unit-Japan (North Camp Drake, Tokyo, Japan

Cecil F. Tipton - Years of Service 1957-1960
MOS 058 Duty Stations 9th Inf. Div., Ft. Carson, Co. Basic Ft. Devens, Ma, 058 School, April, 1957-Sept. 1957. 9th USASAFS, Clark AFB, Philippines, Oct. 1957-Oct. 1959. Returned to US with less than 90 days left and got an early out in Nov. 1959.
Current Location I am from Houston, Tx. but am now retired and live in Lone Grove, Ok., population about 5500.
Great duty on Clark AFB. Small company of about 200 men at any given time. Relaxed duty.


Curtis Tipton - MOS = 98G, 98Z, 00Z
Duty stations = Presidio of Monterey, Goodfellow AFB, Fort Devens, 856th ASA Co, Field Station Augsburg, 105th MI Bn, DIA, 124th MI Bn, 306th MI Bn, 305th MI Bn


Alan R. Tobish - MOS = o5h2hf3s3
Stationed = 330th rrc engineer hill pleiku 1968-1969 8 rrfs phu bai 1970-1971. nha trang,dalat qui nhon, nha trang, danang. advisor to the 1st arv division 1970-1971 Location = cottonwood,az


Alan R. Todaro -  MOS 34B20

Richmond, VA


John Tofanelli - MOS 05G

Location Bloomington, IL

Years of Service 1968-1971

Duty Stations Fort Devens 4th Platoon, 101st RR Co. Can Tho VN Fort Riley, Kansas 3rd Platoon, 101st RR Co. Bien Hoa VN


Harrison (Buzz) Toland -  MOS 05H20
Duty Stations 9th and 175
Current Location Harrison Arkansas
Comments/Questions: Checking to see if any ASA live in Arkansas


Joseph L. Tomlin III -  MOS 95B40

Location Benicia, CA

Years of Service I Mar 67 - 2 Feb 71 ASA Enlisted,; 10 Jul 75 - 1 Nov 2000 as Officer.

Duty Stations Mazzarelli Station, Det 27, Turkey. 16th USASAFS Herzogenaurach ,Germany. Det J, Mt. Schneeberg, Germany. 8th RRFS, Phu Bai, Viet Nam. Two Rock Ranch Station, Petaluma, CA.

Comments Even though I worked outside, I made some friends, but I didn't stay in touch, sure wish I had. ASA was a real experience. What lifestyle we took for granted, others would have killed for, especially at the 8th with a pool, we had to post extra security, as infantry troops, primarily Marines going by on Hwy 1, would jump off the trucks and try to run through the main gate.


James Tomlinson - MOS 058

Location North Richland Hills, TX

Years of Service 2

Duty Stations Shemya Alaska


Wayne Toms - MOS = 98C30
Stationed = USASATC&S (98C school) Ft.Devens 71
509th RR, 175th RRFS Bien Hoa & FS moved to JGS compound Saigon 1971-72
Vint Hill Farms 1973 -74 & FS moved to USASAFS San Antonio 74-75 Location = Euless TX Message = I joined the Army in Nov 66 and completed a tour in VN with 2/27 Inf (Wolfhounds) 25th Div in 67-68. Got out after enlistment an rejoined in 1970 with the ASA. Went to Ft Devens for 98C MOS, then volunteered to go to VN and assigned to the 175th RRFS.  I retired with 24 years service.  Looking for Glen Dearth who was in 8th RRFS in 72.


Glenn Toothman - MOS
Location Fulshear, TX


Joseph Torres - 76U20

Location Morristown, NJ

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Chitose, Hokkaido Kuma station, 7th RRFS Ramasun,Thailand


Kenneth Toth - MOS = 95B
Dutystations = 7th RRFS Udorn
Anyone know the whereabouts of Mike Brock. He was from Anaheim, California.


David Towle - MOS 721

Location Blaine, WA

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Ft. Jackson, Ft. Gordon, Torii Station, Kadena AFB (TDY) , Arlington Hall, Frankfurt, Arlington Hall and out


John Tracy - MOS 33B20

Location Bloomington, IN


Ed Travis - MOS 05H

Duty Stations Ft Devens..Nha Trang Viet Nam
Current Location Shenandoah Iowa
Comments served ASA 1972 1975


Tim Traxler - MOS 723

Location Millfield, OH

Years of Service 1961-1964

Duty Stations Korea and Japan (31 months)

Comments I still say in touch with several of my army friends.


Paul Tremblay - MOS 98C20

Location Punta Gordy, FL

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Fort Dix, Fort Devens, Tuslog Det 4 Sinop, Turkey, 371st RRC An khe Vietnam (1st Cav), Fort Devens, 352nd ASA C0 Fort Carson Colorado (5th Mech Div)

Comments Served from May 28,1965 to Mar 1,1969 Sinop 1966 to 1967 Vietnam 1967-1968


Tom Tremellen - MOS

Location Fort Lauderdale, FL

Years of Service

Duty Stations us, korea, okinawa

Comments its been more than 50 years since I thought about the ASAa, and it will probably be another 50 years till I think about it again.


Belpin Trevino - MOS 72B20

Location Pharr, TExas

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Phu Loi vietnam Bangkok Japan


Jim Trevino -  MOS 05H20

Duty Stations Ft. Clayton, Panama; Bien Hoa, Vietnam
Current Location Canyon Lake, Texas


Julius Tricano - MOS 058

Location Melbourne, FL

Years of Service 27 months

Duty Stations Ft Devens, MA and Asmara Ethiopia 1960-1962


Joe Tripodi - MOS 723.6

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood Jan 63 to March 63 - Basic Ft. Devens March 63 to May 63 - Morse Ft. Gordon May 63 to Sept 63 - TTY and Crypto 13th USASA FLD STA, Menwith Hill, Harrogate, England Sept 63 - Dec 65
Current Location St. Louis, MO
Comments The Army sent me to Devens to learn Morse Code. Seems I am slightly dyslexic, wasn't a match made in heaven. Menwith Hill was one of the best things to ever happened to me. Loved the work, made friends for life and fell in love with England. I was a very small part of something that I feel helped change history. There were some aspects of spy vs Spy to it, but we really did help to take the Bear down.

Pat Trombley - MOS = 05g30
Stationed = Vietnam korea 65 - 69
Location = Brattleboro, Vermont


Alan Trott - MOS 058

Location Hudson, OH

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations Tuslog Det. 4, Sinop, Turkey June 1963 - November 1964 Vint Hill Farms Station, Warrenton, Virginia January 1965 - September 1965


Marlene (Martin) Trotta - MOS = Clerk Typist/Linguist Stationed = Camp Zama, Japan
Location = Huntsville,  AL
I'm from California, but have been living in Alabama for the past ten years.


Walter Trotter - MOS 059

Location Mableton, GA

Years of Service 1963-1966

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, 78th USASA SOU Berlin

Comments Cummins,Dunlap, Ritchey, Dubay. Where are you?


Mike Trout - MOS 05H, 98J, 98Z

Duty Stations Devens 69, Panama 70-73, Homestead 73-74 , NSA 74, Devens 74-75, 7th RRFS 75-76, NSA 76-77, Devens 77, 337th ASA Co 77-78, FS AUGSBURG 78-85, Ft Lewis (109th, 14th MI CSM, I Corps G2 SGM).
Current Location Lakewood, WA

Retired a second time. Looking to connect with old friends and those who shared assignment experiences.


Joseph Truhon - MOS = 05D30
Duty stations = Torii station, Okinawa


Gabriel Trujillo - MOS 98B/C 98G/EW

Years of Service 6 1/2

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. A 4 3. Ft. Devens, MA Co. C USASATC&S. Davis Station- Tan Son Nhut AB MAC V Vietnam 509th RR GP. Augsburg Germany Flak Kaserne- HHC 502nd ASA GP. Frankfurt/Hoechst Germany Michaels Barracks 856th ASA Co TDY Mt. Meissner & Wobeck Above in order fr. OCT 1969 to NOV 1977

Comments With few exceptions, I thoroughly enjoyed my military adventures in this segment of my life.Unfortunately, it had to come to an end when ASA frowned on my involvement with a young german fraulein in 1977.We were married in 1978 when she came to Denver. Shortly, it will have been for 42 years. After discharge, I was a civil servant with the Gov't Printing Office, FAA, VA, and USPS and then I retired. And so to you all: VIGILANT ALWAYS


Gilbert Trujillo - MOS = 31J20B3
Duty stations = Germany


Jim (AKA Mother Tucker) Tucker -   MOS 05D20
Duty Stations Ft. Devens, 4 Inf. Div. Pleiku, RVN, Hakata Station, Japan, Ft. Huachuca, AZ. Ft. Benning, Ga.
Current Location Douglasville, Ga.
Comments I flew as a crew member with Left Bank doing ARDF in I & II Corps in RVN 1969-70


John Tucker - MOS 059

Location Somerville, AL

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Harrogate UK


​Robert Tucker - MOS = 76Z4lf9
Stationed = Arlington Hall Va  Vint Hill Farm Station Va
Ft Devens Ma Ft Richie Md 7 RRFS Thailand Field Station Berlin Germany
Location = Roanoke Virginia
Message = After retiring from the Army I went to work at the U.S. Department of State in Washington DC. Am Now Retired from DOS.


Tom Tuggle - Mos 05K

Location Louisville, KY

Years of Service 1974-1977

Ft Jackson(boot camp). Ft Devens (AIT) Augsburg 75-77


Edward D. Tune - 05D2O RVN (330th/372nd) 66/67
Germany (18th) 67/69 RVN (330th) 70/71 Thailand (7th) 71-72 (switched to 33S) school & Ft Hood TX until 77 and out


Charles Turi - 

Location Flushing, NY

Duty Stations Scheyern - 1951

Comments (From Richard, son) Dad served with the ASA in Scheyern, Germany in 1951 for 13 months. He has written some and we have some photographs of his time there. If anyone is still alive from that unit, we would love to share stories and photographs.


Arley Turner -  MOS Poperman-E5
Duty Stations ASA Hokkaido , Japan, 1952 ASA Korea, 501st. 1952-1953 Two Rock Ranch, 1953, Vent Hill Farms, 1953 Fort Devens, 1953
Current Location Patterson, CA
Comments/Questions: Letourneau Technical Institute of Texas graduated me with a BS degree in Industrial Science in 1960. Retired from Sandia National Laboratory in 1985.


Bill Turner - MOS 


Michael Turner - MOS 05C40

Location Longview, WA

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Ft.Ord, Ft.Gordon,Ft.Bragg, 82nd ABN, CBR School, 7th SF Group, Ft.Benning, Ft.McClellan, Vietnam 68-69 101st ABN Div, 265th RR Co., Camp Eagle, Camp Evans, many many Firebases/LZ's in I Corp area.

Comments Have meet several other mates that served with ASA but the numbers are dwindling. It was a pleasure to serve with all you mates both at home and in-country.


Robert Turner - MOS 98B2HLLA

Location Brooklyn, NY

Years of Service 1971-1974

Duty Stations DLI-Monterey, Ca '71-'72
Ft. Devens, Ma '72
Ft. Clayton, CZ '72-'73
Ft. Devens, Ma '74

Comments Looking for any guys that served in Panama '72-'73.


James (Jim) Tuten - MOS = 05K30
Stationed = Shemya Alaska as an 05K20 (68-69) and Torii Station Okinawa as an 05K30 Location = Bonneau, SC Message = It is neat to see there are a bunch of us still around. I recognized at least one person, John Shugart. God bless you all.


Bill Tuttle -  MOS All ASA MOS
Duty Stations Korea, Japan and Islands
Current Location Canon City Colorado
Comments/Questions: Lets hear from somebody out there.


Lee Twaits - MOS 342

Location Crystal Beach, FL

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations Ft Dix Ft Monmouth Berlin


Gary Tyner -  MOS 05K20
Location Herrin, Illinois


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