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Don Rabon -  MOS 05C40
Duty Stations Herzo Base Feb 1965 - July 1966 Dong Tam Feb 1967 - July 31 1967 Cu Chi Aug 1 1967 - July 23 1968
Current Location Lineville, Alabama
Comments/Questions: I would like to send pictures and names of Veterans to be included in your records.


Donald Raggs - MOS =
Stationed =
Location = San Diego
Message = Hi Webmaster,


Jeff Raleigh - MOS 98B

Location Moraga, CA

Years of Service 1967-1970

Duty Stations Ft Devens Asmera, Ethiopia Ft Devens


Jonathan Ralph - 05G40
Duty stations = 201st ASA Det Q - Grafenwoehr Germany


Henry Ramirez - MOS 33C

Location Bloomington, TX

Years of Service 1970-1973



Carlo Ramsey - MOS = 722
Duty stations = Mt Meissner Germany
would like to hear from anyone who was stationed on MT Meissner from 1958 thru 1959


Robert Ramsey - MOS 05K

Location Christmas, FL

Years of Service 1972-1975

Duty Stations Field Station Augsburg Germany


Ken Randall - MOS 94-d10
Duty Stations Di-an
Current Location Arlington Texas
Comments/Questions: 337 rr co Jan 1968 to Jan 1969


Ralph Randolph - MOS 71B

Location Yakima, WA

Years of Service 29 Aug 69 - 28 Aug 72

Duty Stations TUSLOG Det 4-4 , Karamursel, Turkey

Comments I was the company clerk. what a time it was. I saw the unit go from a max of 600 to down to just a hundred or so just in the two years I served there. sgt Disney was the first sergeant. id never met so many interesting people in my life in one place. I remember two of the 98Bs, both of them beat me at chess every time I played them. I considered myself a chess genius at the time, god was I humbled. id really like a re- match if I could ever remember their names. I think most of us are still very much alive, but who looks back so long ago, I don't even know what made me come here and do this


Kim Raseman - MOS 05H
Location New Haven, Connecticut


Bruce Mark Rathbun - MOS 05K/98Z

Location Pensacola, FL

Years of Service 1972-1992

Duty Stations Fort Devens 72-73; Field Station Augsburg 73-75; Field Station San Antonio 75-78; Field Station Augsburg 78-80; NTTC Pensacola 81-84; Field Station Berlin 84-87; 312 MI Fort Hood 87-89; MI (LI) BN Honduras 89-90; 504 MI Bde Fort Hood 90-92.


John Ratliffe - MOS = 058
Duty stations = Lenggries
Hello, I enjoyed coming across this website. I have seen several of the 402nd guys in the last few years. I would be happy to help add some names to the list if you like. And my last name is properly spelled "Ratliffe" instead of Radcliffe.
I also would like to know if Dickie Parker is still alive. He and I were in jump school together. Best wishes.


Leamon Ratterree - MOS 05H, 98Z

Location Tallahassee, FL

Years of Service 25

Duty Stations 7th RRFS & MI Det, 7th SFG(A) Fort Bragg, NC

Comments Great site. Keep up the good work.


Edward Rauk -  MOS 059, 05K20

Duty Stations Ft Leonard Wood, Ft Devens, TUSLOG Det 4, Vint Hill Farms, TUSLOG Det 4
Current Location Spicer, MN


Kurt Raup - MOS 05H20

Location Palmyra, NJ

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Karamursel, Turkey Can Tho, Vietnam Vint Hill Farms Station, VA

Comments Still don't miss Vint Hill!


James Ravert -  MOS 05D
Duty Stations Fort Devon's Massachusetts Okinawa Torii Station Camp Butler Okinawa Vint Hill Farms
Current Location Perkasie, Pennsylvania
Comments/Questions: Love the news and web site


Howard Ray - MOS 98Z50

Location San Antonio, TX

Years of Service 30

Duty Stations Ft.Devens, MA KOREA, 59-60 Germany 63-66 Vietnam 67-68 Ethiopia 71-72 Fort Sam Houston, TX 76-7976-79

Comments 76-79, none ASA, retired 30 Nov 79


Brad Read - MOS 98J20

Location Lehi, Utah

Years of Service 1974-1978

Duty Stations Ord, Devens 75, Hood 76-78 371ST, Huachuca.


John Read - MOS 33C

Location Manchester, WA

Years of Service 1970-1976

Duty Stations Devens Phu Bai Devens Augsburg

Comments Looking for Lynn White


Vance Ready - MOS 68J

Location Houston, TX

Years of Service 7

Duty Stations Schofield Barracks, Norton AFB, Hunter AFB, Ellsworth AFB

Comments I have an original anecdotal booklet regarding the transfer of Gross Gusborn to the English. I'll mail it free to anyone that wants it.


Michael Rebeta - MOS 04B2L80, 98G3LVN

Location Cleveland, OH

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations DLIWC, Goodfellow AFB, 8th RRFS, Hakata, Torii Station-Okinawa


Gary E. Rector - MOS 33S50

Locations Barstow, CA

Years of Service 22




Jim Redd - MOS 05H20

Location Johnson City, TN

Years of Service 1972-1975

Duty Stations Field Station Augsburg 73-75


David Redding - MOS 92G

Location North Attleboro, MA

Years of Service 1958-1961

Duty Stations Fort Dix, NJ (8/58 – 10/58?) Fort Devens, MA (10/58 – 2/59?) Fort Dix, NJ, (2/59 – 4/59?) Fort Huachuca, Arizona; Army Security Agency Association (Approx. 4/59 – 12/59) 507th hq. and Hq. co USASA Group Badenerhof Kaserne, Heilbronn (closed in 1991) Smith Barracks, Baumholder, Germany (1/60 – 8/61)


Jim Redick - MOS = O5H

Duty stations = Ft Devens, Vietnam, Okinawa


Bill Reed - MOS 989

Location Knoxville, TN

Years of Service 1963-1967

Duty Stations Ft Leonard Wood, Ft Devens, Herzo Base

Comments I also worked in German Section at Herzo


Raymond E. Reed - Years of Service 1969 - 1974 MOS 98J20
Duty Stations USASA TC&S, Ft Devens; 507th USASA GP (SPD), Rhine-Main AFB, FRG; 17th USASA FS, Rothwesten, FRG; 326th USASA CO (Opns FWD), Augsburg, FRG.
Current location Parker, CO
Please enter your comments? Love to interact with all veterans.


Jim Reeder -  MOS

​Duty Stations Ft. Devens (63-64), Det. 27 Ankara Turkey (64-64), Hakata Japan (65-67)

Location Greenville, SC


David Reese - MOS 053.47

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, Basic, Fort Gordon, training, Ft. Bragg, VH Farms, one day,USNS Lt. James Robinson, back to Ft. Bragg
Current Location River Falls, Wi


Wayne B. Reeves - MOS 722

Location Marietta, GA

Years of Service 1955-1957

Duty Stations Wildwood Station, Alaska


Joe Regula - MOS 05C

Location Severna Park, MD

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Basic Training Fort Dix, NJ. Feb. 1967 Radio School - Ft. Gordon, Ga. May, 1967 - Aug. 1967 Cu Chi 372 RR Co. - Sept. 67 -  1970 - 1971 Sept. 68 Ft. Meade, Md. - 1968 - 1970 Augsburg, Germany Flak Kaserne January 1970 - 1971


Louis Rehwinkel - MOS = 055
Stationed = Fort Devens,CO B 508 Camp Casey,Korea Location = Green Bay, Wisconsin
Message = NCOIC,Operations 1964-1965


Ronald R. Rehrer - MOS 9799

Location Pine Grove, PA

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Vintage Hill Farms,Va Herzo Base , Germany


Fred W. Reiber - MOS 056
Duty Stations Ft. Devens 1961-62 177th Det. B 1962-1963 6th Field Sta. Homestead AFB 1963-1964
Location Burlington, NC
Comments Really Enjoyed Det. B - have tried to contact several who served there - not much luck


Kevin Reichley - MOS 33D

Location Delaware, OH

Years of Service 1971-1973

Duty Stations Ft. Dix: 1971 Ft. Devens: 1971-72 TUSLOG Det 4 (Sinop, Turkey): 1972-73


Tim Reichwein - Years of Service 67-71
MOS 98C20 - 98C40 Duty Stations Devens, Meade, 330 RRC, 358 ASA Co.
Current Location Richmond, TX


Bryan Reid - MOS 05H30Y4N5

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, instructor, platoon Sgt, New Systems Tng & Dev, USAFS Korea, San Antonio, Okinawa
Current Location Jefferson City, Missouri
Comments Retired Law Enforcement. Miss the old days sometimes, lot of good times with my ASA Buds !!


Donald Reid - MOS 76Z

Location Belton, MO

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations Kagnew Station, Ethiopia Jan 69 - Jul 70 Ramasun Station, Ban Nong Soong 7rh RRFS Thailand Jul 70 - Jul 71 Fort Devens, Massachusetts Top Secret, Secret Control Office (TSSCO) Jul 71 - Feb 72


Hal Reid - MOS 058.3

Location Milledgeville, GA

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Baumholder Rothwestin Helmstead Lubeck


John Reid -  MOS 05H20, 05D20

City And State SARASOTA
Years of Service 1965 - 1969
Duty Stations Ft Leonard Wood, Ft Devens, Rothwestin and Mt Meissner Germany, 330th Pleiku, Vietnam, 156th Aviation Co RR Can Tho Vietnam
Comments Best duty was 156th ARDF. Loved finding em and passing it along to MACV for action.


Donald Reiher - MOS 05

Location Bonita Springs, FL

Years of Service 1957-1959

Duty Stations Ft.Devens, Ma.

Comments Instructor in Communication Security Department


Richard Reikowsky -  MOS 05k20

Location Dellroy, Ohio
Duty Stations Menwith Hill, England USASAFS Berlin, Germany
Comments Been retired for quite some time, after a 35 year stint in an auto parts factory Then also as cabbie, security officer, hotel clerk and toll road toll collector I'm husband to a wonderful lady and father to the world's 5 greatest kids.


Webb Reines - MOS 05H

Location Boise , Idaho

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Hakata, Japan Udorn, Thailand Ubon, Thailand


Alexander J. Reis -  MOS 9600
Duty Stations ASAPAC
Current Location Kennewick, WA


Dennis Coco Reiss - MOS = 72B20
Stationed = Bangkok, Udorn Thailand
Location = Rural Attica Indiana
Message = Like to hear from you. Hope things are going well Sure pal.


Bernard Reiter - MOS 05K20K3

Location Baltimore, MD

Years of Service 12


Comments Enlisted 10/10/1974 to 1986


Jon Resneder - MOS 36K40

Location Frederick, OK

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Devens , Helemano, Davis Station RVN Long Thanh North


James Reynolds - MOS 31E20 33G20

Location Winchester, TN

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations 330th RRC Pleiku VN , Det 2  330th RRC Dong Ba Thin VN , Ft Bragg Nc. Det A USASAFS Schleswig Germany


Roy Reynolds - MOS 05h/98C/98Z

Location Gatesville, Texas

Years of Service 22

Duty Stations 1966-1967 Ft Devens Mass 1967-1968 8RRFS RVN 1968-1969 83rd RRSOU Bangkok Thailand 1969-1971 358 ASA Co Ft Bragg NC 1971-1972 FS Asmara Ethiopia 1972-1974 FS Homestead Fla 1974-1977 Torii Station Okinawa Japan 1977-1979 Ft Huachuca AZ 1979-1982 FS Berlin Germany 1982-1985 San Angelo TX 1895-1988 328ASA Co. Augsburg Germany


Billy Rhodes - MOS 95b/951

Location  Martin, GA

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Arlington Hall Station, Virginia Sinop, Turkey Pentagon


John Rhyner - MOS 72B20D1
Duty Stations 374th RRC, AnKhe, RVN Aug70-Dec70 330th RRC Nha Trang Dec 70 Aug 71 FS Rothwesten, Kassel Germany 71-72 Det K, Wobeck, BSC FS Augsburg 72 1-632 Armor, 32 Sep Inf Bde Mech 75-2001 2-128th Inf, 32d BDE Combat Team 2001-2003 Det 1, 57FA Bde 2003-2005
Current Location WI
Comments Currently an Area Chair for WI Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) 2008 to Present

Comments 3 years active duty 72B20D1, Nearly 30 years in commo, retiring in 2005 as the 57th FA BDE COMM CHIEF MSG


Daniel Rice - MOS 98C40

Location Raleigh, NC

Years of Service 8

Duty Stations Ft Devens, Ft Raleigh, Bear Cat, Dong Tam, Ft Bragg


William "Bill" Rich - MOS 98J3H/983A

Location Hasty, Colorado

Years of Service 20

Duty Stations Devens, Shemya, Asmara, Berlin, VHFS, 329th Korea, 522d MI Hood, EUDAC/Stuttgart, NSA

Comments Fantastic memories, great people, interesting challenges. Wish I had done it better.


Art Richards - MOS 72B40

Location Forest, VA

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Camp Humphreys 1969 - 1970 Camp Drake 1970 -1972

Comments Just connecting to say hello to anyone that served at both duty stations


Edward W. Richardson - MOS = 95B
Stationed = Tuslog Det 4, Sinop, Turkey 01/67-12/67
Ft. Devens, MA 01/68-08/69 Chelsea Naval Hospital, Boston, MA 08/69-03/70 Walson Army Hospital, Ft Dix, NJ 04/70-09/70 Medical Retirement 12/70
Location = Fuquay Varina, NC
I don't remember but I few people I was stationed with on the hill Wayne Eppler, killed in Thailand in 69, accident of some kind. Col. Samuel Bistany, CO of Tuslog Det 4 68. He was also CO of the training center ASA, Ft. Devens Ma . I was in a motorcycle accident Aug. 69 and it got a lot of my memory. Col. Sam took good care of me while at Devens and Chelsea Naval Hospital. Spent 30 yrs in the telephone business with different companies as a instructor for most of my carrier. Retired 2006


Gary "Rich" Richardson - MOS = 05H20F3
Duty stations = 265th RRC 101st Airborne
Anyone else from the 3rd platoon 265th '70-'72


James Richardson - MOS 05H

Location Burnside, KY

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Shemya, Alaska Two Rock Ranch, California Hakata, Japan

Comments I'm surprised that their aren't more people in the guest book.


John Richardson - MOS 72B

Location Bila Tserkva, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine

Years of Service 1970-1976

Duty Stations Sinop, Berlin, San Francisco


Mike Richardson - Years of Service 1973-1976
Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Torii Station, Ft. Carson
Current location Lexington, KY
Enjoyed my time in the ASA; meet many great people, and had many fun experiences.


Spike Richardson - MOS 05D

Location Bacova, VA

Years of Service 1975-1978

Duty Stations Fort Devens for AIT/training Torii Station (Okinawa) from 8/1976 thru 8/197

Comments My 'real' name was/is "Tom", but I grew up with a nickname "Spike" that followed me thru my single-hitch Army days. The 05Ds ("Duffys") have a reunion about every 18 months, and the next one will be near MY neck of the woods in Warm Springs, Va, in Bath County near the famous Homestead Resort and not too far from the WV state line. This next reunion will be the weekend of May 2nd-5th, 2019, so contact me for accommodation information if you want to attend OR if you want to see the list of attendees that we have thus far.


William (Bill) Richardson -  058 High Speed Manual Mose Intercept
1968-69 Udorn, Thailand 1969-1970 Homestead AFB, Homestead Fla. 1970 -1971 Karamursel Turkey
Concord town ship Painesville, Ohio
It was one hell of an experience !!!


Shawn Richeson -  MOS 33S

City And State Killeen Texas
Years of Service 8
Duty Stations Wiesbaden Germany Fort Devens MA


Gary Richmond - MOS 05H, 98Z

Location Herndon, VA

Years of Service 1970-1992

Duty Stations Ft Devens, 8th RRFS RVN, Vint Hill, Field Station Korea, 370th ASA Vint Hill, Field Station Misawa, Ft Devens, Defense Intelligence College, Arlington Hall, 66th MI Gp, HQ INSCOM Ft Belvoir


Roger Ricketts - MOS 05H20 and 11B

Location Canton, MO

Years of Service 1970-1973 active and 1974-76 reserve

Duty Stations Fort Devens, Mass Vietnam, 175th RRC Vint Hill Farms, VA Augsburg, Germany


Larry Ridgway - MOS 76U20, 76Y40, 76Z

Location Stockdale, PA

Years of Service 1966-1989

Duty Stations 226 USASA Co c, Korea, 8th RRFS< Phu Bai, USASAFS MISAWA< Japan, TUSLOG DET 4 Sinop, Turkey (2), Ft Devens (4), 311 MI BN< Fort Campbell, KY,


Olen Ridling - MOS 33G30; 33S30 An/FlR9; 71L20; 64C20
Duty Stations ASA CUP; RVN: 328th RRCo, 328thRR Det, 8th RRFS, FRG: Det K Wobeck, USASAFS Augsburg. & that other Army.
Current Location Gouverneur, The Great North Woods of the Adirondacks, Lewis County N.Y.

The Great North Woods of the Adirondacks, Lewis County N.Y.


Donald Riedy - MOS 94B40

Location Cleveland, TX

Years of Service 1968-1987

Duty Stations 8th RRFS, Devens, 8th, 502nd ASA Gp.,AHS,Okinawa,Ft. Hood, Wurzburg (non ASA/inscom) Ft. Campbell


Randolph Riesterer - MOS 05H20

Location State College, PA

Years of Service 1970-74 --1972-73 in Thailand

Comments I just discovered your website while researching on the Internet regarding the 7th RRFS at Thailand during the Vietnam War. I am also building a website that contains info about the 7th RRFS at Ubon (Det J) during the war. Please visit: We would definitely love to hear if you have any additional stories or photos that pertain to our Det during the war years. Randy "Lefty" Riesterer


William Rile - MOS = 98C20, radio traffic analyst Stationed = 30th RRFS Nha Trang 71. 8th RRFS Phu Bai 72 Location = San Tan Valley, Arizona

Looking for Don Dale and Thomas Tingle or any stationed with me and hopefully I will remember you. Memory not so good as of late. Look forward to hearing from someone. Welcome home brothers.


H. Terry Brown - MOS 058.2

Location Medford, NJ

Years of Service 2.9

Duty Stations Wildwood Station, Kenai, Alaska, Field Station 8607 DU


William Riley - MOS O5H-98Z5M

Location Orange City, FL

Years of Service 1957-2008

Duty Stations Devans---Korea--FT Bragg--FL for Cuban crisis--Viet Nam 61-62--Ft Bragg--Asmara--Devans --Viet Nam 69-70--Vint Hill--Iran-- San Antonio--Sinop--San Antonio --retired


Lawrence Rinaldo - MOS 31J2B3

Location Greenville, SC

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations TTY Repair School at Fort Gordon, GA 335th Radio Research Company (Dong Tam, Di An, Can Tho) USASA South Comm (Fort Clayton, Panama Canal Zone) 7th RRFS Udorn Thani, Thailand

Comments Also with me in the comm center was Fred Bishop, when we then both went to Thailand after the SouthComm was shut down.


Thomas Rinehart - MOS 726

Location Victoria, VA

Years of Service 1960-1963

Duty Stations Arlington Hall Station, Vint Hill Farms Station, Okinawa


Edward Rinkle - MOS 16S20

Location Tehachapi, CA

Years of Service 1993-1994

Duty Stations Ankara, Turkey

Comments This is just a heads up that my dad Edward J Rinkle Jr just passed (02 Feb 19) he served in the ASA over in Ankara Turkey till Jan of 1968. He is laid to rest at Jacksonville National Cemetery. Myself and my sister just wanted to post this to those who may have known him. Thank you.


Richard Rios - MOS 72F40

Location LaVernia, TX

Years of Service 1970-1973

Duty Stations Herzo Base Augsburg Ft. Hood


Joseph Ripp - MOS 98C

Location Woodland Wa

Years of Service 1973-1975

Duty Stations 7th RRFS/USASA FSK.Camp Humphrey


John Rison - MOS = 9612

Duty Stations = Arlington Hall/Vint Hill Farms
I reported to the Hall, but was attached to the ASA Depot at Vint Hill.


Michael Ritter - MOS 056

Location Deer Lodge, Tennessee

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations Ft. Jackson, South Carolina, Ft. Gordon, Ga., 319th Rothwesten, West Germany, Lubeck West Germany, Gartow, West Germany, Frankfurt, West Germany, Ft. Hood, Texas.

Comments Should have stayed in ASA, Army for career.


Morris L. Ritter -  MOS SIT Officer (CWO)
Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Mass 1954-5, 1959-60, 65-67 Herzo Base, 1955-59 Bangkok 1968-70 Udorn 1972-73 FT Meade 1972-73 Bad Aibling, 1960-64 Hakata, Japan, 1964-65 509th RRG RVN 1967-68
Current Location Ocala, Fl
Comments/Questions: I retired @ Ft Meade 1Jun 1973 and began a 2nd career in the ins/fin field as a Financial Planner for 24yrs. I became involved in disaster recovery from 1985-2015. I graduated from Southwestern Baptist Seminary in FtWorth, TX in 2007 with a Masters in Christian Education and have been a Chaplain at Munroe Memorial Hospital in Ocala, FL since. My wife, Chris, and I have been married now for 61 years and have 2 children, five grand kids and 5 great grand kids. I truly miss the ASA and the Army and would go back today if they would take me but 82 years has begun to catch up with me. God Bless one and all.


Harold Rivers - MOS = 1717df (058.20)
Stationed = 332nd CRC 302nd Bn Germany Coburg Bamberg Schweinfurt

Years of Service 1952-55
Location = Lakeland, Florida
Message = Ditty Dah Ditty-Long Live the ASA


Micky Roach MOS 98J

Location Owensboro, Kentucky

Years of Service 1976-1979

Duty Stations Ft. Devens
Katterbach Germany

Comments Army Strong!Current Location Houston, Texas Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., Ft. Gordon, GA., Ft. Bliss, TX. & Ft. Hood, TX. Visited Ft. Sheridan, IL., Ft. Polk, La., Robbins AFB & Camp Pendleton, CA.


Francis R. Robb - MOS 

Location Tulare, CA


George Robbins - MOS 98C3H

Location Gastonia, NC


Lyla Robbins - MOS 05H

Location Fulton, MO

Years of Service 1974-1980

Duty Stations Ft. Devens USASATC&S 370th ASA Vint Hill Farms, Virginia 3rd Ops Bn, Augsburg Germany


Harold Roberts - MOS 33S40

Location Cedar Park, Texas

Years of Service 1967-1970

Duty Stations Augsburg and Rimbach


James Roberts - MOS 72B

Location Roswell, GA

Years of Service 3 years 5 months 15 days

Duty Stations 330th Radio Research Company Pleiku, Vietnam (April 1969 - April 1970) 301st Army Security Agency Battalion (Corps) Fort Bragg, NC (May 1970 - December 1970) HQ USASA Europe Frankfurt, Germany (January 1971 - March 1972

Comments Went by middle name "Ed". Served from 30 September 1968 through March 14 1972


John Roberts - MOS 85F40

Location Oklahoma City, OK

Years of Service 20

Duty Stations HQ USASA Europe, APO 09757 HQ USASA 403 Field Station , Asmara, Eritrea Later Regular Army 65-78

Comments Later if contacted//JR


Kent Roberts - MOS 33F20W4

Location Atwater, CA

Years of Service 1972-1976

Duty Stations Ft. Ord Basic Trng Ft. Devens, AIT Oct. 1972 to Dec. 1973 USASAFS Augsburg Jan. 1973 to June 1976

Comments I was a FLR-9 Mech working trick 2. Originally Bravo Co. then S&M Co.


Marc Roberts - MOS 33D, 33S

Location St. Louis, Missouri

Years of Service 1972-1980

Duty Stations Ft. Ord, Ft. Devens, Vint Hill Farms, Torii Station (Okinawa), Ft. Huachuca, & numerous TDY locations in Europe & Asia.


Ronald Roberts -  MOS 05F20


George Robbins - MOS 98B2H, 98C3H

Location Gastonia, North Carolina

Years of Service 1972-1978

Duty Stations 337th ASA Co., Ft Riley, KS 1973-1974 Ft Devens, MA 1974 98B School 1974 376th ASA CO C&P Ft Meade, MD 1974-1975 OCS Ft Benning GA 1975 Ft Devens, MA 98C Instructor 1975-1976 NSA, Ft Meade, MD BROF 1976-1978


Clifford Wayne Robertson -  MOS 058
Duty Stations Basic Ft Leonard Wood Ft Devens Ft Carson Phu BAi South Vietnam Saigon South Vietnam
Current Location Lake Jackson, Texas
Comments/Questions: I would be happy to hear from any of the ASA guys.


Thomas A. Robertson -  MOS 055.10
Duty Stations 1961 and 1962 5lst USASASOC 104th Security Det
Current Location Adams, Wis
Comments/Questions: WE were 1st Located on BOLO Point later moved to Torii Station


Brett Robinson - MOS = 98G Voice Intercept

Duty stations = Ft Bragg, Berlin FS

Hello to all Berlin FS vets circa 1970-72


David Robinson - MOS 9630

Location Boulder, CO

Years of Service 1959-1961

Duty Stations Ft. Devins 14 July 1959-? Dec 1959 Ft Bragg ? Jan- 14 July 1869

Comments As years go by, ASA service means more and more. Ages 21-23 were years making rookie errors and gradually growing up. After 2 years in ASA, I went to graduate school leading to a Ph.D. in psychology. Had I gone directly into this field right after graduating from college, I probably wouldn’t have made it.


Delon Robinson - MOS 72B0

Duty Stations 51st SOC Torii Station Okinawa
Current Location Greencastle Pa
Comments Total Military time Aug 1961 AMEDS re-enlisted ASA May 1965 discharged May 1968


Donald Drew Robinson -  MOS 910 MEDIC
Duty Stations DET 27 MANZARALI STATION 64-65
Current Location GRAND RAPIDS MI


Edwin Robinson - MOS 32D10

Location Marlton, NJ

Years of Service 1978-1982

Duty Stations 32nd Signal Battalion, Frankfurt Hoechst W. Germany Pentagon Army Technical Control, Room 5A910 The Pentagon

Comments Found this by accident while searching online for old jobs. 🙂


Russel Robinson - MOS 98G

Location Amarillo, Texas

Years of Service 1972-1978

Duty Stations DLIEC; Field Station Augsburg (LSB); 522 CEWI Bn Fort Hood, Texas; Torii Station


Tony Robinson - Years of Service 1965-1974 MOS 05C; 05G
Duty Stations 10th RRU (371st RRC); Ft. Devens; Germany; Ft. Bragg, NC
Current location Anderson, SC
Worked with a lot of great people


Harold Rock - MOS = 71L40

Location Charleston, WV

Years of Service 1965-1986

Duty stations = 51st USASASOC, (Okinawa) Apr 66 to Sep 67 Ft Devens, MA, Sep 67 to Jul 68 HQ, USASAE (Frankfurt, Germany) Jan 69 to Jun 71 Ft Devens, MA (Jun 71 to Sep 64 7th RRFS (Udorn) Sep 74 to Oct 75 Ft Devens, MA, Oct 75 to Mar 78 ASA Field Rep, Beckley, WV, Mar 78 to Feb 82

Comments Would love to contact old friends and acquaintances


William J. (Bill) Rocker - MOS 1267

Location Alpharetta, GA

Years of Service 6

Duty Stations Army Language School (05/56 - 05/57) Class H-12-24 312 USASA, Bad Aibling, Germany (06/57 -05/60) NSA HQ, Ft.George Meade, Maryland (05/60 - 05/61)

Comments I would welcome contact from anyone who recognizes my info or just would like to chat about it. (Especially Bad Aibling alumni)


Tony Rockhold - MOS 71H20

Location Huntsville, OH

Years of Service 1966-1970



Fred Rodekamp -  MOS 05H

Duty Stations 405th RRDT, 175 RRFS, Viet Nam 71-72 Ft Bragg, 72-73, Misawa Field STation, 73-76, Ft Devens 76-78. Active duty IL ARNG 83-96. Retired
Current Location Sterling, IL
Comments Retired SFC ILARNG AGR


Rod Rodriquez - MOS = 204
Duty stations = Turkey and Germany Would like to join.


Bill Rogers - MOS = 33S2B
Duty stations = Ft Devens, VHFS, 370th ASA, FSK, 329th ASA


Bob Rogers - MOS = 95B
Duty stations = Ft Clayton Panama


Daniel Rogers -  MOS 72E as an Enlisted and a Civil Affairs DPRE Officer Reserves
Duty Stations
335th ASA Ft Lewis Washington 851st ASA Kitzingen Germany 478th Civil Affairs Battalion, Miami Fl
Current Location West Chester PA


Mike Rogers - MOS 98JK3

Location Las Vegas, NV

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Helemano


James Rogerson - MOS = 05h
Stationed = 175th RRFS Vint Hill Farms, Augsburg
Location = El Paso, TX
Message = looking for Thomas Young


Randall Rollins - Was at 7th from 72 -73


Raymond Rollins - MOS 05K
Location Buffalo, Missouri

Duty Stations Bad Aibling, Fort Hood 68-74

Comments Just found your site


Ernest (Ernie) Romero - MOS 72F

Location Aurora., CO

Years of Service 1971-1976

Duty Stations 7th RRFS Field Station Korea. Torii Station Okinawa. Vint Hill farms Virginia

Comments Best time of my life


Rick Ronish - MOS 102F10

Location San Ysidro, CA

Years of Service 1970-1973

Duty Stations Fort Devens, MA Fort Meade, MD

Comments Entered Army with a BSEE degree, began "teaching" electronics and learned more with "teaching" than I did with "learning". With teaching higher grade students, the Army gave me raises. Together with changes in my grade, it seemed that from month to month, there was frequently an increase in pay. I ETSed, doubled my income, and was more poor than when I was with the Army. Resided in each of the four (4) continental Time Zones.


Robert Root - ASA training @ Ft Devens 1968-69/Viet Nam 69-70/ETS Jan 1972 @Vint Hill Farms
Looking for members of the 05H20 class @ ft. Devens 1969-70. And...buddies from Tan An 1970-71.


Michael Roper - MOS = 71H20 Duty stations = HHD, 224th Avn Bn--Homestead AFB


Terry S. Rosa - MOS 63B20


William Roscher - MOS Various

Location Phoenix, AZ

Years of Service 1949-1974

Duty Stations I first served with ASA on Okinawa 1949-1952. Went to Signal OCS in 1952. Served in Rothwesten twice, Served in ASA Europe in Frankfurt, Germany. Was assigned to NSA for three years starting at Arlington Hall Station.


Bill Rose - MOS 

Location Bryan, TX


David Rose -  MOS 31S30
Duty Stations Camp Beaumont Rimbach Germany Nha Trang RVN
Current Location Geismar, Louisiana


Greg Rose - MOS 05K
Duty Stations Ft. Devens Shemya AK Homestead AFB FL
Current Location Vandalia OH


Joseph Rose - MOS 31E20

Location Sturgis, MI

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Ft. Gordon, GA-AIT, 156th Can Tho, 224th Saigon and 146th Long Than North. Discharged


Robert Rose - MOS 05H

​Location Annapolis, MD


Gil Roser - MOS 05C

Location Live Oak, FL

Years of Service 1972-1975



Terry Rosga - MOS = 058, 055, 05G, 05H

Years 1963-1967

Korea 303rd RRU, Viet Nam
Location = Carrollton, TX 75006

Comments Looking forward to hearing form anyone in my area.​ Have been in Texas since 1967​


Arthur Rossa - MOS 05D, to 98Z50

Location Monroe, VA

Years of Service 26

Duty Stations Ft Devens, 1964; 8th RRU 1965-66, USASAFS Hakata Japan 1966-1968, USASAFS Korea, Camp Humphreys, 1968-1969, USASAFS Bad Aibling 1969-1972, USASAFS Taiwan 52 days, closed, USASFS Okinawa 1972-1975, DRRI Florida 16 weeks, Vint Hill Farms Station, 1975-1981; Fort Ord Ca. 16 weeks Organizational Effectiveness school, 66th MI Group, Munich Germany 1981-1984, 312th MI BN, Fort Hood Texas 1984-1987, USASAFS Sinop Turkey 1987-1988, and finish at Fort Meade Maryland in the NSA building 1988-1990 and retired.

Comments Retired, built a home, back to work to pay it off, took ten years, built bikes for Walmart and Toys R Us, worked as a job trainer for local company until grant ran out, then as a social work aide for local department of Social-services 12 years, promoted to Social worker and finally retired after 16 years. While in Military eared a BS degree UV MD in technology and management, and a Masters in Education and Human Resources thanks to the Army education system from Boston UV. Great support over seas. Married now in 2018 53 years, three daughters and 8 grand children three now in college rest waiting their turn. Also started our own craft business Dome Creations Crafts and did local craft shows in central Va.


Robert Rossow - MOS = 058   05H
Dutystations = Sinop Turkey-Chitose Japan-Hakata Station Japan <a  I was in Army ASA form 1964 to 1968. After Fort Leonard Wood to Fort Devens then Turkey and then to Japan. Played football at Hakata Station for the Rams. Got home July 4 1968.


Robert Roth -  MOS 98C

Duty Stations 332 ASA Korea
Current Location Minneapolis, MN


Steven Roth -  MOS

1965-70.  8th RRFS and 409th RRD 1966-67, VHFS 1967-1970


​Steve Rothert -  MOS 98B20

Duty Stations Torii Station Okinawa (1/68 thru 7/69) Camp Humphreys Korea (7/69 thru 10/70)
Current Location Canton, IL
Comments great duty stations, great friends, no Viet Nam.


Robert Rottman - Duty stations = Alaska
I am trying to find records of my father in law  Robert Rottman. He was stationed in Alaska, Years of service 1951 to 1954. Rank of Staff Sergeant.


Henry Rotzal - MOS 059, 05K

Location Oxford, Connecticut

Years of Service 1963-1966

Duty Stations Ft. Devens 1964-1964, Det 27 Site 23 Turkey 1964 - 1965, Vint Hill Farm Station 1966


Robert (Bob) Rounds - MOS 

Location Severn, MD


Jan Rovner - MOS 31M20,31L20,33G20,24P20

Location Oregon

Years of Service 1967-1970

Duty Stations Ft Leonard Wood BCT Ft Gordon 31M20 and 31L20 USASESS Ft Devens Perm Party and 33G school RVN 138th Avn DaNang and Phu Bai Ft Snelling MN Nike Hercules

Comments Transferred to Air Defense Artillery after RVN on comp. reassignment


Douglas Rowe - MOS 05H

Location Benkelman, NE

Years of Service 1973-1975

Duty Stations Ramasun Station, Thailand


Jim Rowe -  MOS 31K20
Duty Stations 508 ASA Korea 177 ASA Field station Korea Det D 5th RRU Thailand 8th RRU Viet Nam 509th ASA Viet Nam
Current Location Riverton, Wyoming


Leon Rowe - MOS 76P20/52B30

Location Gardiner, ME

Years of Service 1969-1972 / 1976-1984

Duty Stations Vet Nam ( 330 RRC ) Germany Korea


Albert Rowsey -  MOS
Duty Stations Shemya Alaska
Current Location:


Bob Rowsey - MOS 05K20, 05H20

Location Ortonville, MI

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations 335 RRCo. Can Tho Sept. '71 - Nov. '71 8th RRFS, Phu Bai Nov. '71 - Sept. '72

Comments Would love to find Bill Peace, Dave Oakes, "Jeb" Stuart, Wilbur, Bob Peak, Paul Butler, anyone else whose name I can't remember, LOL.


Hilario "Larry" Rubalcaba -  MOS 33C20
Years of Service 6
Duty Stations Ft. Devens and USASAFSB
Current Location El Paso, TX
Comments Great times, made a lot of friends...would like to re-connect with them


Steve Rubenstein -  MOS MOS 058
Duty Stations Helemano Hawaii 1959 -177th ASA CO Pyeongtaek,Korea 1960- Vint Hill Farms 1961
Current Location Chiang Mai ,Thailand
Comments/Questions: Looking for buddies who served with me at above locations


Ned Earle Rubin - MOS 711
Duty Stations FT KNOX for Basic / Advanced Tng
Current Location Jacksonville, FL
Comments Joined 323rd ASA Bn, Located at American Totalisator Company, Baltimore, MD November 1959


Mike Rubner - mos 05h

Location Dallas, Texas

Years of Service 1973-1976

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood Ft. Devens Sobi Okinawa Medina Air Force Base San Antonio


Richard Rubright - MOS 05H20

Location Reading, PA

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations 18th USASAFS Bad Aibling 7th RRFS Udorn Thailand


Lawrence Rudat - MOS 05K

Location Germantown, WI

Years of Service 1969-1977

Duty Stations Ft Leonard Wood - Mo 1969 Ft Devens - Mass 1970 Torii Station - Okinawa 1970-1977


John Rufo - MOS 98B30

Location Spencer, MA

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations Fort Devens Fort Meade 8th RRFS Phu Bai Vietnam Fort Devens

Ron Ruiz - I was at Gartow for a couple of years (off and on) and Helmstedt once on TDY.


Russell Ruhl -  MOS Radio TT Op
Duty Stations Ft. Carson, Colorado
Current Location area Rochester, NY


Tim Ruland - MOS = 98CLVN, KP, RU
Duty stations = 7th RRFS, Thailand, 307th ASA Bn, Germany, Ft. Meade, Md
Great page, loved the photos.


Michael Runyan - MOS = 05H20
Stationed = Panama, Canal Zone, 8th RRFS, Phu Bai, Viet Nam
Location = Scottsdale, Arizona


Howard Rupert - MOS = 05G30
Duty stations = Viet Nam    Korea


Duane Ruppert - MOS = 05H20K3 Stationed = Ft Bliss,Tx...CEFIRM Leader Korea 74-76 Location = Ogallala,NE 69153


Dennis Rush - ASA veteran from 1962 to 1965  -  Served on Shemya Island from April 1963 to March 1964


Ben Rushing - MOS 722

Location Fayette, AL

Years of Service 1954-1957

Duty Stations Fort Devens Mass Heilbronn Germany 502nd Com/Recon Group


William Russ - MOS 988.3663

Location Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations ALS Monterey (prior to DLI-WC) Graduated Class R-12-100 Sept. 63 Two Rock Ranch Station, Petaluma CA Shemya Island (79th USASA SOU) 12/63 to 12/64 Co B, ASA Spt Grp, FGGM (1/1964 to 6/1965)

Comments Glad to see this site. Hope to find people I served with.


William Russek - MOS 951.1

Location Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Harrogate England


Mark Russell - MOS 71B, 11F, 51P, 67N, 97B

Location Falcon, CO

Years of Service Active 68 to 71 Reserves 73 -2009

Duty Stations Active 12th USASAFS - Kuma Station Chitose Japan (1968-1971) HHC 1st Bde, 2d Infantry Division - TokoRi and Camp Casey Korea (71) Reserves 522 ASA Co, Aviation Section, Chicago, IL (73-80) 349th MI Det (CI) Dallas, TX (80-83) 417 MI Det (STRAT) Dallas, TX (83-86) US Army Field Support Center MI Det (IMA), USAINSCOM, Fort Meade, Md (86-09) Duty at: Fort Meade, MD Nuremberg and Munich, GE Dallas, TX Colorado Springs, CO

Comments Great memories from Chitose HHC Personnel S3, Plans and Training Fire Station


Richard A. Russell -  MOS 059/982
Duty Stations Baumholder 59-60 Rothwesten 60-62
Current Location Naples, FL
Comments Still in contact with many ASA guys.


John Russo - MOS 33D20

Location New York, NY

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations 1. Field Station Shemya 2. Rothwesten, W. Germany > Det K, Wobeck, & Gross Gusborn


Dwight Rutherford - MOS 059

Location Roseville, CA

Years of Service 1959-1963

Duty Stations Bad Aibling, Germany


Jack Rutherford - MOS 286.20

Location Southbury, CT

YEars of Service 1960-1963

Duty Stations Ft. Dix, Ft. Devens, Chitose, Japan 12th USASAFS

Comments Nice Site!


Phil Rutherford - MOS 05H

Location Canberra Australia

Duty Stations Vietnam


I served with the Australian forces in Vietnam, under operational control of 509th RR Group, assigned to 303rd RR Bn and attached to 175th RR Coy. We were DSU to the Aussies - and anybody else who happened to be passing through - Phuoc Tuy. and Long Khanh.

We are trying to sort out some details concerning our deployment to Vietnam and need to speak with anyone who may have held command positions in 509th RR Gp or 303rd RR Bn. Do you have anybody in your membership who can help with this information? I tried registering earlier today but for some reason the web site wouldn't let me.


Phil Rutherford
Vietnam 69/70


John Rutledge - MOS 720B

Location Gilmer, Texas

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations 54th ASA SOU 78th ASA SOC

Comments Interesting site and brings back some memories.


Samuel Ryder - MOS 72B20

Duty Stations Wobeck Detachment, Germany
Current Location Longview, Tx
Comments Would love to contact some of the old friends I served with. I was in Wobeck 72 thru 74


Richard E. Rye - MOS 95B40

Location Banks, OR

Years of Service 1967-1970

Duty Stations Served in Korea January 1968 through January 1970. Assigned to 142 MP Co. in Teagu. Traveled to other locations in Korea, mostly around 177th. and the Seoul area. Last 7 or 8 months was assigned to Vice Detail. Left Korea and PCS to Ft. Carson Colo. Great time in the Army and would do it all over again.

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