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Thomas Quass - MOS = 76Y

Duty stations = FS Berlin, Fort Hood, 303rd BN 1974 Co. A, FS Berlin 1974 - 1976


Rich Queen - MOS 72B20D1

Location Columbus, OH

Years of Service 1968-1971

Duty Stations Basic Training, Ft. Dix NJ AIT, Ft. Gordon GA, 1/68-3/68 Radio Research Communications Unit Vietnam, 8/68-10/70 U.S. Army Security Agency Communications Unit Philippines, 10/70-8/71

Comments Found he site while searching for ASA Philippines units. Since 2004, I have been able to share time with guys from the Old Spooks and Spies (Southeast Asia ASA Veterans Association), my 509th RRGP/RRCUV unit and my ASA Philippines comrades. Many good reunions and renewed acquaintances.


Dale Quick - MOS 32G20

Location Denmark, WI


William Quick - MOS 98J20

Location Grand Rapids, MI

Years of Service 1972-1975

Duty Stations Camp Humphreys, ROK

Comments Lost clearance in 1974.


Eugene Quidas - MOS = 1805
Stationed = ASA HQ USAEUR, 8620 ASAE Frankfurt, Germany, 1953-1956
Location = Preston MD
Message = No insignia,only the flaming sword. Worked out of the I.G. Farben Building, At Gutleut Kaserne


Robert Quinn - MOS 058

Location Chicago, IL

Years of Service 6

Duty Stations 324th ASA Bn Headquarters Co Chicago

Comments We became the 314th ASA Bn and then the 522nd ASA Bn


John Quinney - MOS 05B/05C

Duty Stations 315th, 509th, 330th RRC Vietnam 67-69
Current Location Hampton, NH


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