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William (Bill) Oakes - MOS 98G

Location Elizabeth, CO

Years of Service 1971-1974

Duty Stations 7th RRFS Ramasun


Dennis Oberer - MOS 058.2

Location Green Bay, WI

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations Ft Devens Torii Station Okinawa Trick 2

Comments I was privileged to serve on the famous Trick 2 that fired EXPERT on the M14 because Major Rigo thought we were real soldiers. So we kept our own scores. Everybody on trick 2 fired expert and it went onto our DD214 file. We were also the gold standard as far as intercept quality.


Dennis O'Brien - MOS = 32f20
Duty stations = USASAFS, Augsburg, Germany
Where have all the years gone?


Joseph Ochmann - MOS = 059.6
Duty stations = Kassel, Germany, Sinop Turkey and Vint hill farms add me to mailing list


Jerry Odash -  MOS Mech
Duty Stations 226th USASA Opn's Company (C) November 1965- February 1967
Current Location Ramsey, Minnesota
Comments/Questions: Putting together a memoir of my time on the island. Just doing some research for it. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. Spent 15 mos on the island. Sorry to see it all gone. Lots of good memories coming back in my ageing years. Thanks.... SP/5 Odash


Norman Odell -  MOS 76Y40
Location Holly Lake Ranch, TX


Dennis O'Donnell - MOS 95B40

Location Loveland, CO

Years of Service 1966-1969

Duty Station Inchon, Korea 503 MP Detachment Fort Bragg, NC, Provost Marshal Investigation Unit

Comments Trying to write an obit for a member of our NCO Veterans Web Group we has past away


Lee Offord - MOS = 72B and 05K
Stationed = Ft. Gordon, GA., Ft. Wolters, TX., Phu Bai, South Vietnam, Two Rock Ranch Station, Petaluma, CA Location Ruskin, FL

Message = Phu Bai, 8th RRFS


Timothy Offord - MOS 72B20

Location Ruskin, FL

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Ft.Gordon, Ga. Ft.Wolters, Texas 8th RRFS, Phi Nai, SVN TRRS, Petaluma, CA


Christopher Ogden - MOS 04B2L (Laotian) and 6420 (Comm Intel Officer)

Location Kalaheo, HI

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations 83rd RRSOU (Bangkok, Thailand) 1967-68 (enlisted) HQ USASAPAC (Helemano, HI) 1968-70 (officer)

Comments Received direct commission in Mar 68 while serving in Bangkok at 83rd. Many TDYs back to theater - Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Okinawa - from HQ USASAPAC


Arthur Ogle - MOS = 98C60
Stationed = 61-62:  321st ASA BN, Co B FWD
62-63:  AHS HQ CO P&C
63-64:  Fort Devens, Radio traffic analyst school
64-65:  VHFS, Wide Band Cyrus
65-68:   318th ASA Bn, C-section
68-69:   AHS, G-1, Command CRT
Location = Grand Ledge, Michigan
Message = I really liked the work, not so much the Army.  Hoped to go to NSA, applied, but my interview as cancelled in June 70 due to Nixion freeze on hiring by the Government.
Now I would like to connect with ole spooks. Things that took place will stationed at these locations. Korean Military Coup' 1st ASA volunteers TDY to Viet Nam The Cuba Missile Crisis, JFK assassination Russia invasion of Czech Republic. Demonstrations in DC


Malcolm Oglesby - MOS 05H20, 05K20

Location Jacksonville, FL

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations Ft. jackson, SC Basic Ft. Devens, MA USASTR/USASATC&S 12th USASA Field Station (Kuma Station) near Chitose, Hokkaido Prefecture, japan Tuslog Det 4, Sinop, Turkey (diogenes Station)

Comments After service worked as a communications officer (Army MOS 72D) at Goddard Space Flight Center on the Apollo VII through Apollo XII missions. Then went to work for NSA, going to RAF Menwith Hill for 4+ years. Then to DOD Stonehouse, Asmara. Served in various locations in Iran (hostage in 1979 for 4 days), Lisbon, Helsinki, and Moscow, USSR. Covered all ASA monitored MOS's during this time.


Dennis O'Leary - MOS 05H

Duty Stations 330th RRC, Hakata, Japan

Location El Paso, TX

Comments Proud Ditty Bopper. Would like to re-connect with some fellow ASA folks


Pat O'Leary - Just checking into your FB page.  I was ASA from 69  to 89 as an 05K4HK2.  I did most of my time in Germany with tours at Rothwesten, Border Sites, Berlin, and Bad Aibling.  I also did a couple tours stateside in various training commands: Devens and Pensacola.
After retiring from the Army, I moved back to California.  After a couple jobs, I got hired by SonicWALL (Later Dell SonicWALL) and they moved me to Phoenix AZ where I live now.
I am also very active volunteering with the Coast Guard Auxiliary.
I look forward to hearing from you.


William Olevich - MOS 33C20

Duty Stations 175th Radio Research Company, Bien Hoa, RVN May 1970 to June 1971 Headquarters Company, Ft. Devens, Mass June 1971 to March 1972
Current Location Florence, New Jersey
Comments Enlisted Dec 68, basic at Ft. Dix, 14 months of school at Ft. Devens then off to Vietnam. Went through instructor training after returning from Nam but never given H designation. Taught troubleshooting of intercept systems Aug 1971 to March 1972. Worked for DON for 36 years as Senior Electronic Technician and as a Metrologist in Navy calibration lab.


John F. Oliveira - MOS 05C

Duty Stations Cam Ranh Bay 1st RR Long Thanh North Can Tho

Location Fresno CA

Comments so many years ago - an experience to remember for sure


​Doug Oliver - MOS 72B20
Duty Stations 330th RR Co Pleiku 67-68 Ft. Hood, Tx 68 Camp Drake 68-70
Current Location Overland Park, Kansas
Comments/Questions: Looking for ASA'er who were at Pleiku, went to the 1968 Democratic Convention for riot duty in 68 or were at ASACUJ at Camp Drake.


Gary Oliver - MOS 286.2

Location Aztec, NM

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations Ft. Devon’s 14th ASA Field Sta.


Roger Olmanson - MOS = 05G
Duty stations = Dong Tam VN ,Ft Hood, 6th Army HQ, San Francisco.
Any 05G's from 1967 to 1971 out there.


Grady Olmstead - MOS 72B (CommCenter)

Location Cane Ridge, Tennessee

Years of Service 1968-1971

Duty Stations With my twin brother: Basic Training - Fort Jackson South Carolina AIT - Fort Gordon Georgia First Oversea duty Station (with my twin brother) - 4th USASAFS Kagnew Station Asmara Ethiopia (then) Eritrea (now) Second Oversea duty Station - 7th RRFS (Radio Research Field Station) Udorn, Thailand

Comments When my twin and I graduated from high school (1968) Vietnam was going pretty strong so it was either wait for the draft or join and have a little bit of choice of what we did for our time with Uncle Sam so we joined. Got talked into signing up for the Army Security Agency which sounded a lot better than being a grunt. We went through basic training (Fort Jackson), Advanced Individual Training (Fort Gordon) Signal School (72B) and our first overseas tour (4th USASAFS Asmara) AFRICA together. After working and partying for 18 months over there Uncle Sam decided to separate us. He sent me to the 7th RRFS and my twin (Brady) to Fort Devens where he stayed about 4 months and where it also snowed several times while he was there. So he put in a 1049 for Vietnam which they ready processed. He arrived there in December of '70 and was stationed at the 224th Aviation (BearCat) just outside of Saigon. In working in the CommCenter at Operations I had access to the "Class A" phones there. So when "at work" I would call him to see what he was up to. The hardest part was getting pass the Vietnamese phone operators in Saigon. The first time I called I asked the operator for the 224th and she says "you mean BearCat"? Not knowing they used cover names I said "no I want the 224th" whereas she said again "you mean BearCat"? That time I said "yes" and was connected to the CommCenter at the 224th. After calling him "a few times" all I had to do was ask for Brady and (if he wasn't working) they would go get him so we could talk for awhile at Uncle Sams expense (of course)


Robert Olmstead - MOS 05H20; 05D20

Location Genoa, NV

Years of Service 1970-1972

Duty Stations 7th RRFS Udorn Feb '71 Det B Chiang Mai July 71 - June '72 7th RRFS Udorn June '72 - Sept '72 ETS

Comments Love the Kon Tiki Bar - Udorn.

Arthur Olson - 98G

Vietnamese (Hanoi) Class - 2N4771, Biggs Field Fort Bliss, Texas 1970-1971, Goodfellow AFB 1972, Phu Bai, RVN 1972, NSA 1973
Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062
US Army Sergeant Major, Retired , 10 year sin Utah National Guard, 27 years 11 months 17 days Active Duty, 25 years in ASA/Military Intelligence


Tim Olson - MOS 05D
City And State Deary Idaho
Years of Service 1964-68
Duty Stations Rothwesten, Germany-Handorff, Germany
Comment:  was in Rothwesten Oct 65to Aug 66,Handorff till Dec 66 then back to Rothwesten till Oct 68.Lived off post with a gal in Kassel so wasn't in the barracks much.


Juan A. Olvera - Years of Service 1965-1969
MOS 72B20 Duty Stations Torri Station Okinawa
Arlington Hall Station Current Location Houston, Tx

Richard O'Nan -  MOS 94b20

Duty Stations Davis Station Saigon
Current Location Paducah Ky


Linney O'Malley - MOS 98C/982/96B/96Z/301/132

Location Lorton, VA

Years of Service 1959-2014

Duty Stations 

Ft Dix NJ Basic Apr-Jul 1959 Ft Devens ASA982 Course Jul -dec 1959 3rd USASA Fld Sta Sobe Camp 982 Jan-60-Jun 61 76th USASA SOU 982 TA/CM and reports Jun 61-May 67 USAINTS 96B Instructor analyst course 1967-1969 CICV Vietnam Saigon Document Data Base Manager 1969-1970 7th PSYOPS Okinawa China Desk 1970-1972 USAINTS 96B Senior Instr and POI Manager Dev Country Hours /Templates 1972-1974 UNC/USFK/EA J2 SCIF/INDIC CTR OPS NCO 1974-1976 FSTC Charlottesville VA Plans and OPS Senior NCO 1976 -1979 SGM ACADEMY Ft Bliss TX 1979 24th ID G2 SGM Ft Stewart Ga 1979-1982 500th MI Group Camp Zama Japan 1982 -1986 OPS SGM USARJ/IX Corps G2 SGM Camp Zama 1986-1989 Exercises and Radical Threats USARJ Yama Sakura and Keen Edge 1989-2002 Chief Controller and Scenario Development Civ 301 500th MI Group Camp Zama Japan Data Base Management Civ 132 INSCOM STDA Telephony Analyst Ft Belvoir Civ 132 (old 982 Skills) 1st IO Command STO 2006-2014 STO Chief and Cyber/Terrorist Analyst Civ 301/132 Retired Its been a 

Comments Its been a fantastic journey


Vivian Ortiz - MOS 05H20

Location Tucson, AZ

Years of Service 1974-1977

Duty Stations Basic, Ft. McClellan, AL., Ft. Devens, Ma., FS Torii, Okinawa, Kelly AFB, TX.

Comments One experience that I will never forget, grew up fast in basic training, and meet a wide range of people that enriched my life.


Jerry Orton - 058.1 ditty bopper training after basic at USASATC&S til Oct 60
Torii Station Oct 60-Oct 62
Ft Hood Oct 62
Homestead AFB (TDY) Oct 60-Oct 62
NSA Ft Meade 63
TUSLOG DET 4, Sinop Nov 63-Nov 64
Rothwesten, Germany Nov 64 - Jan 66


Chuck Osborn - MOS 05K20

Location Jackson, Michigan

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Devens, Two Rock, Kuma Station, Bragg

Comments Did not realize there were so many ASA MOS's. Be very interesting to know what you all did. Scanned all the names I could find with 05K20 MOS's and came up empty. Too bad, a great group of guys at Kuma, big fun. Like me, they are all half dead by now, but what a ride! At the time, I could not wait for it to be over, but now I think back on what I did and who did it with me and it was a hallmark time of my life. Hope you all had a great life and more to come. Wish I could shake all of your hands.


John E. Osborne - MOS = 058
Stationed = Asmara, Eritrea, Ethiopia; Vint Hill Farms Station; Phu Bai, South Vietnam; Rothwesten, Germany; Frankfurt, Germany; Fort Devens Location = Retired (30 years military and 20 years DAC)


Brent (Ozzy) Ostwald -  MOS
Years of Service 66-70
Duty Stations 508th ASA Korea, 144th Avn Co Nha Trang & Det A An Khe
Comments Thanks to Will Rogers...." I never met an ASA guy I didn't like" I now wear my Army Security Agency, Vietnam Veteran hat that catches the attention of former ASA guys and a few Army guys.
MOS 67B20, 67N20 Fixed & Rotary Wing wrench & crew chief with standard TS/C

Just ran across this link to Korean ASA Vets. I was stationed at 508th HQ Yong Dong Po from June '67 to 'June '68. 12 months only as a screw up in orders sent me to Davis Station Saigon first. The 30 days there building a giant bunker helped to save the lives of many ASA guys during the Tet offensive Jan 68 I glad to say. At the 508th, I was a newly enlisted 67N20  fixed wing mechanic/crew chief servicing U-6 Beavers and H-23G helicopters. Our pilots were CWO (4?) Howard Wells, Major Jim Beattie from Minneapolis, MN, Cpt (forgot first name) Taylor, and Lt Tom Ryland. I flew with Cpt Taylor to Camp Humphreys & Soc Cho Ri on different occasions, picking up data material from those stations. My favorite was Soc Cho Ri because we could pick up buckets of shrimp to bring back to my guys at Yoido Island which was our base of ops in the middle of the Han River, not far from HQs. I also remember having a small collection of green glass bulbs that the fisherman used as floats on their nets. Looking for Dan Hysell and Al Hite that were part of our crew at the Teeny Weenie Airlines.  Brent Ostwald  (Ozzie)​. Would like to locate Joe Walker who was a friend in Korea and later met at Ft Bragg. Was invited to Thanksgiving weekend in Pittsburgh with his welcoming family '68. Thanks Joe.


Erik Overmyer - MOS 33C20

Location Ashley, IN

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations USASATC&S. Ft. Devens, MA Nov. 1968-Dec 1969 Kuma Station, Chitose, Japan. Jan 1970-June 1971 USASAFS Korea, Co B (Forward) Aug 1971- Mar 1972


James Owen - MOS 05K

Location Escondido, CA

Years of Service 1972-1982

Duty Stations Shemya AFB, AK - 1973-1974 FS Berlin - 1976-1980 FS Alamo (Medina AFB or Lackland Annex) - 1974-1975 and 1980-1982 Ft. Devens, MA - 1972-1973 and 1975


Don Owens - MOS 05H20

Location Temple, Texas

Years of Service 1971-1978

Duty Stations Ft Devens. Vint Hill Farms. 7th RRFS Udorn. Kelly AFB


H.O. Owens - MOS 63B20

Location Olive Branch, MS

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, MA; Ft. Riley, KA; Long Bien Viet Nam (335th RRC, 9th Infantry Division); Ft. Devens, MA


Dave Owens - MOS 98C
Duty Stations DLI(Ft Myer,VA) Burmese language,Ft. Devens(98C school),330th RRC(Pleiku and Nha Trang Vietnam),NSA(Ft Meade,MD).
Current Location Retired from the U.S. Postal Service and Army Reserve. Living in Harvey,La.
Comments Remember those days as if they happened yesterday. Will never forget the guys I worked with.


Ronald Owens - MOS 98C20

Location Corydon, IN

Years of Service 1965-1969, 1971-1974

Duty Stations 330th , 301st ASA Bn, Shemya, Fort Hood, Tx

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