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Michael Jacobi - MOS 283.1

Location Rockford, Illinois

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations Ft. Campbell, KY, 5/63 to 6/65. Co. B, 313th ASA Bn.

Comments Would like to find others that were there during that time.


Joseph Jackovich - MOS = 321 - 324

Duty stations = Vint Hill Farm Station
Stationed at Vint Hill Farms Station from s December 60 to July 63.  First assigned to supply and maintenance. Transferred to operations a few months later.  Was on Operations line crew.  Looking for Lloyd Williams, Ken Casey, John Chier, Ed Sommers, Robert Hulsey.  and  any others that are still alive that remember me.


Charles Jackson - MOS 058

Location Syracuse, NY

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Bad Aibling, Germany


James Jackson - MOS 05F, 92A

Location Columbia, SC

Years of Service 1974-1977, 1979-2002

Duty Stations Ft Hood, TX, Ft Lee, VA, Ft Stewart, GA, Stuttgart, GE, Nuremberg, GE, Baton Rouge, LA, Schofield Barracks, HI, Hunter AAF, GA

Comments I served in the ASA from 1974-1977 at Fort Hood, TX. I was in the 303rd ASA BN, 371 ASA Company. I was a Radio Teletype Operator, non-morse.


Jeffrey Jackson - MOS 071

Location Starke, FL

Years of Service ?

Duty Stations Fort Bragg NC, Arlington Hal, VA, Vietnam


John Jackson - MOS 98G3I63

Location Levittown, PA

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Station 78th USASA SOC FSB Berlin


John Jackson - MOS 05H8

Location Clifton Forge, VA

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Bad Aibling, Germany


Michael W. Jacobs -  MOS 05G30H

​Duty Stations Ft. Defense 4th core 101st rrc Vietnam 602 Asa det
Current Location Bucyrus OH
Comments I was happy to find this site.i was proud to be part of ASA


Steven Jacobs - MOS 05K/05F

Duty Stations USASAFS Berlin Co. A (71-75) 371 ASA Co. Ft. Hood, TX (75-77) 328 ASA Co. Augsburg Germany (77-78)
Current Location Orlando, FL

Comments Enjoyed what I did!


Dan Jacobson - MOS 05G

Location Viroqua, Wisconsin

Years of Service 1974-1978

Duty Stations Ft.Devens, Mass. and Hawaii

William Jacques - MOS = 723
Duty stations = Davis Station, 3 RRU
Also stationed at USASA Comm Unit Japan, also Det 27 Ankara Turkey,also the 375 EW Company Killeen Texas. 1964 Till 1968..


Keith Jahnke - MOS = 05H / 98B
Stationed = Hakata Japan Ft Hood, TX
7th RRFS Thailand Ft. Meade, MD
Location = Salem, VA


Bruce James - MOS 983.10

Location Chambersburg, PA

Years of Service 1960-1963



Robert James - MOS = 98C20
Stationed = Ft. Devens 508th ASA, Korea 509th Radio Research Group, Vietnam Two Rock Ranch, Petaluma, CA Vint Hill Farms Station, Warrenton, VA
Location = Knoxville, TN They're sending V's.


Winthrop James Jr - MOS 286

Duty Stations Bremerhaven, Germany from Sept 1958 to Mar 1960
Current Location Retired and living in Athens, Texas
Comments I would like to locate other buddies who were stationed in Bremerhaven when I was there.


Billy Jameson - MOS = 05K/052AO
Stationed = Ft. Devens; Harrogate, England; TRRS Petaluma, CA; Sinop, Turkey; Hakata, Japan; Herzogenaurach and Augsburg, Germany; NSA

Location = Calhoun, LA

Message = Enlisted USASA in 1961, rose up thru enlisted ranks to SSG, the made WO1 and CW2, then medically retired in 1976.


Thomas Jameson - MOS 98J20

Location Severance, CO


William "Bill" Jamieson - MOS 05H
City And State Weaverville, NC
Years of Service 1966-1970
Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood (Basic), Ft. Knox (AIT-Armor), Ft. Devons (AIT), 7th RRFS, Thailand


John Janca - MOS = 34D20 ADPE Repair
Stationed = Ft. Leonard Wood Ft. Monmouth
Vint Hill Farms Ft. Meade Vint Hill Farms
Shemya Vint Hill Farms
Location = Richmond, VA
Message = My year on Shemya (1968-69)was an experience that I will remember all my life.


Charles Jarboe - MOS 05D30

Current Location Lincoln RI

Years of Service 6
Duty Stations Fort Devens 1968 69-70 -7th radio field station at Ubon and Udorn Thailand. 1970 -74 Berlin Germany

Gerry Jarvis - MOS
Location Temecula, CA


Rich Jaslovsky - (Primary)058 - (Secondary)054
5th RRU Bangkok 06/02/1966-09/01/1966 -- 83rd RRSOU Bangkok 09/02/1966-09/26/1968 -- 83rd RRSOU Detachment B/J 09/27/1968-07/31/1970 -- 7th RRFS Detachment C/J 08/01/1970-07/07/1971
Kearny, New Jersey
In September 1968 I along with 3 other 058\'s went to Ubon Detachment B to do intercept feasibility and started what officially became Detachment J in July/August 1969. The new Det. J was now at the Ubon Royal Thai Air force Base, home of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing.


Clarence (Sonny( Jeffreys - MOS 723.1

Location Noble, Oklahoma

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations FT Leonard Wood, Ft Devens, Ft Benning, Ft Gordon, Det 27 Turkey, Two Rock Ranch

Comments Would like to hear from someone around the Okla city area. At Det 27 1963-1964 Comm Center Trick #4


Steve Jellison - MOS 058

Location Charlotte, NC

Years of Service 7

Duty Stations Sinop Vint Hill Farms USNS Robinson Devens Fr. Leonard Woods

Jim Jenkins - MOS = 05K20

Duty stations = Fort Devens, Ayre MA, Kagnew Station, Asmara, and Two Rock Ranch Station, Petaluma CA
Message = Going to the ASA Reunion on September 18-21, 2014 in Alexandria VA.


Robert (Bob) Jenkins - MOS 058
Duty Stations Ft Devens '64, Chitose, Japan '64-67, Homestead AFB, FL '67-Dec '68
Location Orlando, FL
Comments wow, took me 46 years to find this site. I can't remember too many names, but I remember the guys. Snowballs in Northern Japan and black out drunks in south Florida.


Roy Jenkins -  MOS 05K H3
Duty Stations Torii Station
Current Location Elyria, Ohio


Frank Jennings -  MOS 05H20, 33S20

Duty Stations Ft Devens 73,, 74-75, Vint Hill Farms 73, Kelly AFB 75, Ft. Bliss 76-77, Augsburg Germany 77-78
Current Location Chesapeake Va


George Jennings - MOS 345

Location Marionville, MO

Years of Service 1963-1966

Duty Stations US ARMY FORT LEONARD WOOD, MISSOURI, JAN 1963 TO MARCH 1963 FT MONMOUTH, NJ MARCH 1963 TO NOV 1963 Tan Son Nhat Saigon, 3RD RRU, Davis station, NOV, 1963 TO NOV, 1964 HOMESTEAD AFB, HOMESTEAD, FLORIDA NOV 1964 TO JAN 1966

Comments I won a coin toss serve at Davis Station, 3rd RRU in Saigon, Vietnam. The other choice was Phubai.

Glenn Jennings - MOS = 52B20 powerman
Stationed = basic Ft Jackson/AIT Ft Belvoir VA/Ft Carson CO/Ft Riley KA/bear cat Viet Nam/and other bases/Ft Hood TX/Berlin Germany/home Location = Pensacola FL Message = I realy loved my entire tour


Richard Jennings - MOS = 05K
Duty stations = Augsburg Germany AIT Pensacola FL Field Station Augsburg 76-78


Jim Jensen = MOS 055

Location Lake Orion, Michigan

Years of Service 1959-1962

Duty Stations 319th USASA BN.Hq.Co. Rothwesten Germany - Det. 1 Darmstadt, Germany


James M Jewell - MOS = 059
Duty stations = Baumholder Germany 1957-59
Looking for Ken Kaufman, Rod Clark, Jerry Ackerman,Dick Brunelli, Don Skaff


Edwin Jimenez - MOS 68B, 67T, 97E, 97L

Location Salt Lake City, Utah

Years of Service 20

Duty Stations Hawaii

Comments Hi


Steve Joanni - MOS 989

Location Warminster, PA

Years of Service 1962-1962

Duty Stations Germany


Allan Johnson - MOS 991

Duty Stations SOU 23-1 Lahore Pakistan Vint Hill Farms Station

Location Port Orange, FL


Daniel Johnson -  MOS 287
Duty Stations Herzo Germany
Current Location Hillsborough NJ
Comments/Questions: anyone out there from years 1960 to 1963


Dean Johnson - MOS 05H

Location Glenwood, WA

Years of Service 1971-1974

Duty Stations Phu Bai, Da Nang RVN Field station Augsburg, Augsburg Germany


Dennis Johnson - MOS = 98J20
Stationed = Fort Monmouth, Fort Huachuca, Fort Hood Location = Pender NE


Dennis Johnson -  MOS 98C40
Duty Stations Ft. Devens  Vint Hill  Sinop Turkey Phu Bai Shemya
Current Location Arcadia FL


​Don L. Johnson - MOS 26K
Duty Stations 1st tour was Shemya for 18 months
2nd tour Chitose Japan (Kuma Station) and discharged in July 1969 as a SPC 5.

​ Comments Re-joined to go to flight school and then retired in 1991 after tours at Ft. Rucker (2 tours---one for a year and then one for 3 years with several trips back there for schools along the way), Wertheim Germany, (3 years), Wiesbaden and Mainz-Finthen Germany (3 years), Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD (5 years) a couple of months at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, 6 months at Ft Benning, GA....
Retired from my second career as a corporate pilot in 2007 and have lived in Reno, NV since 1999.


Frank L. Johnson - MOS = O224  Com Center Crypto Officer Stationed = 11th US ASA Field Station Baumholder, Germany
Location = Tampa, Florida Message = 1957 - 1960


Harold G. Johnson - MOS 05C40

Location Phoenix, AZ

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Nha Trang June 1967-Aug 1967, Chu Lai (TF Oregon) Aug 1967-Nov 1967, Duc Pho (415th RRD) Nov 1967-Dec 1968. Ft, Devens, Sergeant E-5 Instructor Dec 1968-May 1969, ( Sergeant NCO 415th RRD) Duc Pho June 1969-March 1970. Ft. Bliss, Texas, May 1970-Aug 1970 ET

Comments Served 2 years 4 plus months in South Vietnam, about 21 months at the 415th RRD, 11th LIB, Americal Div - 8 months as the Sergeant E-5 NCO


Jackie I. Johnson -  MOS 058
Duty Stations 12th USASA field Station
Current Location Bennet NE


John Johnson - MOS 98J20

Location Fishers, IN

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Tuslog Det 4 Sinop Turkey Project "LEFTOUT" Special Activities Detachment 3


John Johnson - MOS 95B

Location Coweta, OK

Years of Service 1970-1982


John Johnson -  MOS 98J20

Duty Stations NSA, TUSLOG Det 4 Sinop, Special Activities Detachment 3, Chitose Japan
Current Location Port St. Lucie, FL
Comments April 66 - April 70 “a good time was had by all” anyone else from SAD3, like to here from you


Richard E. Johnson - MOS 98J

Location Buzzards Bay, MA

Years of Service 13

Duty Stations Ft Devens, Chitose Japan, Sinop Turkey, Vint Hill Farms, Ft Carson, Co, Ft Bliss Tx, Valley Forge GH, Ascom City Korea.


Robert Johnson - MOS 05H20
City And State Lebanon, IN
Years of Service 1970-1973
Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, Ft. Devens, 7th RRFS Thailand, Vint Hill Farms Station
Comments Would love to find some old friends, 7th '71-'72, Vint Hill '73


Robin Johnson - MOS 058

Location Brooksville, FL

Years of Service 

Duty Stations 


Roger Johnson - MOS = 98C20
Stationed = Ft. Leonard Wood Ft. Devens
Sinop Turkey Bad Aibling Germany
Location = Bourbonnais Illinois
Like to hear from anyone I was stationed with at any duty station they all have special memories


Steve Johnson -  MOS 058-054-053
Duty Stations Korea-177-Sok jo ri-65-66 Vietnam-144- Na tran-66-67
Current Location Fairfield- Ohio


Steven Johnson - Years of Service 1966-1972
Duty Stations Devens
373 Ft Hood, 409th, 11th ACR Vietnam
265th, 101st Abn Vietnam Ft Bragg
USASA Det Alaska Ft Hood US Navy Hosp. San Diego
Current Location Alvarado, Tx.


Steven "Steve" E. Johnson - MOS 33B

Location Richardson, TX

Years of Service 1967-1970

Duty Stations Ft Leonard Wood, MO Ft Devens, MA USASA Field Station Berlin


Stuart Johnson - MOS 058

Location Mount Airy, NC

Years of Service 1956-1959

Duty Stations 10th USASA Field Station in Kyoto, Japan for 6 months then the base was shut down, I was sent to 12th USASA Field Station in Chitose, Japan until discharged in July 1959'


Timothy B. Johnson - MOS = SIT DF Operator 056?
Stationed = 12th USASA Field Station Chitose Japan, September 1959 - September 1961 Location = Lucas, Ohio Message = School in Devens 1958,59 in Company A directly across the road from Robbin's pond.


Jon M. Johnston - Years of Service 5
MOS 98G Duty Stations Torii Field Station 1972-73
Current location York, PA
Now CWO4 Ret US Army (33 yrs) Anyone served at Torii 1972-73?
Comments Any kindred spirits out there who loved the Royal Restaurant's beef-fried rice?​


Lang Johnston - MOS 05K

Location Pittsburgh, PA

Years of Service 1968-1971

Duty Stations Okinawa - Torii Station - 1969 to 1970, 7TH RRFS Udorn Thailand 1971

Comments I appreciate serving now more than ever before. Glad I served.


Mike Johnston - MOS = 98c
Duty stations = Saigon, Davis Station HQ 509th HQ. 1970-73
Arthur W. Jones - MOS 052 Hi-Speed Radio Operator, 054 DF Operator, 055/05G ComSec Monitor, 74F Computer Programmer
Duty Stations Ft Gordon, Ft Bragg, SHAPE Paris, Ft Devens, Ft Kobbe CZ, Ft Hood, SHAPE Paris/Belgium, AFSOUTH Naples, Davis Station RVN
Location Montgomery AL (AFRH Gulfport in Nov 15)
Comments Assigned to SHAPE Paris to 852d CRD in 56, unit was changed to 103d ASA Det, then integrated into ACE ComSec


Patricia Johnston - MOS 98G2LKP

Location Manassas, VA

Years of Service 1974-1978

Duty Stations USASAFSK, Camp Humphreys (company was 332)

Comments Attended DLI in Monterey, Ca, 1975 for Korean language training, then to Goodfellow AFB. Also stationed at Ft. Lewis, 335th ASA Co.


Donald Johnstone - MOS 74G20

Location Mineral, WA

Years of Service 1967-1968

Duty Stations Fort Ord, Ca Kagnew Station, Asmara, Ethiopia Madigan Army Hospital, Tacoma, Washington

Comments I was injured in training, went to Asmara on a physical profile, and was medevaced back to the states.


Bill Jones - MOS 965/988

Duty Stations HERZO Base 6th Field Station 318th ASA Battalion
Location  Southfield MI
Comments Ft Devens 1957 Presidio of Monterey 1957 Herzo Base 6th Fld Sta 1958
Gil Jones - MOS = 05H/71L
Stationed = 509th RRG Location = Greenville SC
Message = Just found out about you guys. Glad to see that we have a place to talk. Nobody really to remember with out here. Very few of us.


Carol (Fulton) Jones - MOS 05K20

Location Kennett, MO

Years of Service 1972-1974

Duty Stations Ft. McClellan Al. June-Sept72. Basic Ft. Devens Sept-72 to Apr 73 G. "Girl" Co. WAC. FS Augsburg 1973-1974. A1RP Straight Mids.

Comments  was among the first of the women allowed in ASA in 1972. Actually belonged to the Women's Army Corps then, this was before the Army integrated women into the mens Army. We didn't wear the MI brass, wore the "Amazon" and our rank insignia was smaller. There is an article in the "Hallmark" about us. I belonged when the Army still discharged us for getting pregnant. I married at Devens (and still am) to Kenneth Jones. We went to Augsburg together. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me and Fulton's husband.


Edward "Tate" Jones - MOS 235A

Location Sierra Vista, AZ

Years of Service 1964-1997

Duty Stations All over. Sinop, Turkey VN Okinawa Germany times 2 Korea Fiji Australia New Zealand Pakistan


Glen Jones - 058

Location Lady Lake, FL

Years of Service 1961-1964

Duty Stations Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan Camp Humphreys, S. Korea

Comments Proud of the time I spent with ASA and all the friends I had the privilege of meeting...would enjoy contacts from others who served........


Gregory Jones - MOS 05D/05H

Location Gardner, MA

Years of Service 23

Duty Stations 409th ASA Co Augsburg, FRG (1974-1975) / 3rd BN USAFS Augsburg, FRG (1975-1976) / Ft Huachuca (1977-1981) / FS Okinawa, Japan (1981-1984) / Ft Devens MA (1985-1987) / 1/10th SFG (A) Bad Tolz FRG (1988-1991) / 2/10th SFG (A) Ft Devens (1991-1992

Comments Nobody Believes my stories, not even my grand kids

Henry (Ken) Jones -  MOS 05D, 05H, 986A

Current Location Warsaw, Missouri

Duty Stations 1964 Fort Devens 1964-65 3rd RRU 1964-65 8th RRFS 1966 Fort Devens 1966 Homestead 1967-68 7th RRFS Udorn 1968-69 Fort Bragg, NC 370th ASA Company 1969-72 14th USASA Field Station, Hakata 1972 Fort Riley, KS 337th ASA Company 1973 7th RRFS, Udorn, Chiang Mai, Ubon 1974-76 Fort Bliss, TX 156th Aviation Company 1976-77 USASA FIELD STATION Korea 1978-80 Fort Devens 1980-83 Idar Oberstein, Germany 108th MI Battalion 1983-84 USASA Test, Evaluation Center, Fort Huachuca, AZ


Joe Jones - MOS = 058
Duty stations = Chitose


John Jones - MOS 723

Location Westfield, NY

Years of Service 1961-1964

Duty Stations ????


Kenneth Jones - MOS 05K3HU1-U9, 98C30, 33S20

Duty Stations Ft. Devens Ditty-Bop School (couldn't get past 15 gpm) FS Augsburg (2)/Torii Station(2)/332nd ASA Co (FWD) Korea/(Once was enough), and a couple others even I don't know about.
Current Location Sitting at my desk, facing east. Planet Earth. Kennett, Missouri
Spent long time in far east. Glad to see ASA is Alive and well. I was at Torii when they killed ASA. At least now I can say, yeah I was ASA. Instead of yeah, I was in the Army. Oh, The march to splinter city (1600 area). Always UPHILL. Look on Google maps at Devens now. Seems they built a golf course on the ol ammo dump. Those turkey herders ain't got no sense.


Leslie Jones - MOS 33B20, 33D20

Location Rhome, TX

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Augsburg


Mark Jones - MOS = 05H
Stationed = Vintage Hill Farms,
Vietnam Nam, Okinawa
Location = Denton, TX


​Ronald Jones - MOS 989
Counter measure search and analysis specialist
Fort Dix, NJ basic Training 1954 ; Fort Monmouth, NJ Counter Measure School; Vienna, Austria 9491st TU/SST changed to the 7224 DU ASA - 1955; Bad Aibling, Germany 1956; Berlin, Germany 22nd ASA Detachment at Rudow rotated for separation June 1957.
Non Active 80 yr old living in Altamonte Springs , FLorida
You can find me on the website Berliner Kamaraden for pictures but they are post Vienna.


William Jones - MOS = 05k
Stationed = Kagnew station also Korea
Location = Ridgely,Tn.
Message = still here all is well hope everything is fine with you



Larry Jordan - MOS 72B/72E

Location San Antonio, Texas

Years of Service 10


Charles Jorgenson - MOS 63B, 63H, 63C, 52B

Location O'Fallon, IL

Years of Service 1790-2007

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, 05H Training Sep 70 thru April 71 Kagnew Station 71- 73 373rd ASA Co Ft Hood 73-74 372nd ASA Co Helemano HI 74- 76 Active Army until retirement 2007


Virgil Jose -  MOS 981.1, 982.2

Duty Stations 177th USASA Det, 508th ASA, Yong Dong Po, Korea, 1961-61. TA Spec & COMINT writer/reporter. Anybody home or have you all gone to the Big PX in the sky?

Location  Apple Valley, CA


Rusty Josey - MOS 31J..71R

Location Bainbridge, GA

Years of Service 1972-1976

Duty Stations 7th RRFS , 504th ASA group


Ryan Jost -  MOS 05D20
Duty Stations 175 RR in Bien Hoa 1968 Nuidat Detachment 1969 Bad Aibling Germany 1970 Pocking Site 1970-1971
Current Location S. Range WI


Stephen D. Joy -  MOS 05H20
Duty Stations Phu Bai. Ft Hood. Sobe Okinawa Misawa japan
Current Location Indianapolis, Indiana


Mark Joyce - MOS 95B

Location Linthicum, MD

Years of Service 6 1/2

Duty Stations Augsburg, Idar-Oberstein, Ft. Meade

Comments just extending and reaching out to anyone from Idar 77-19

Jim Judge - MOS O5H
Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Ft. Carson, Shemya AFB, Hakata Admin Annex
Location Casper, Wyoming
Comments Hey y'all. Gotta be more than just me in the whole state of Wyoming!!! Enlisted 1965, served till 1969. Primary 05H20 although did a bit 05G20 at Ft Carson. Two weeks before going to jungle school in Panama, got orders for Shemya (no need for jungle school there). Volunteered for Nam, got sent to Japan (Hakata admin annex) they said I couldn't do two hardship tours in a row... hmmm. . Shemya and Hakata were tri-service bases with Army, Air Force, and Navy.


John Jumper - MOS 059.10

Location Highland Village, Texas

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Basic in Fort Leonard Wood, 1960. Fort Devens, 1960. Menwith Hill, UK 1960 to 1963.

Comments Married to Anne Connolly from Harrogate, UK.


Larry Jupin -  MOS 98C
Duty Stations 12th USASA FS Chitose, Japan 1967-1969
Current Location Still have a residence in Louisville Ky. Spending February thru April in Ormond Beach Florida, traveling in my motorcoach. ​


Rick Jurek - MOS = 05H20
Duty stations = Pleiku and Bangkok
Looking for old buddies from the 330th and 83rd


Ronald Jurgensen - MOS 31J and 95B

Location Yukon, ok

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations FSB

Comments Worked as a 95B


​Jimmy Jurls - MOS
Years of Service 1957-1960
Duty Stations Baumholder, Germany
Current Location Dallas, TX
Comments Spent 30 months in Germany with ASA.

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