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Tim Habert - MOS = 982/981
Duty stations = 13th USASAFS, Ft Devens, Ft Dix
Does anyone remember the band the "Beachnicks"???


Paul Habina - MOS 98G2LRU

Location Phelan, CA

Years of Service 1970-1973




Louis Wayne Hadjes - MOS = 98G
Stationed = Presidio of Monterey 1966 Goodfellow AFB 1967 Rothwesten 1967 Schoeningen (Wobeck) 1967-1969
Location = Perris, CA


Joseph Hadzima -  MOS EW/Intercept Systems Repairer 33S
Duty Stations Ft. Devens, MA
Current Location Rockville, Maryland
Comments/Questions: Arrived late, just prior to merger with MI, and the birth of INSCOM. After graduation, condemned to Devens in Maintenance Branch USAISD.


MIchael Hagan - MOS 05H

Location Washington, D.C.

Years of Service 1969-1972
Duty Stations  Bangkok, Udorn, Okinawa


Richard Hager - MOS 05H

Location Lynden, WA

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Torii Station-Okinawa

Comments I was there from around 1962-1963 18mo. Had a great time and met many GI's.


David Hagerty - MOS 98G2LRU

Location Denver, CO

Years of Service 1974-1978

Duty Stations Fort Carson


Charles (Chip) Haggett -  MOS 31S
Duty Stations 502nd ASA HQ GP Flak Kaserne Augsburg Germany 1971--73 Fort Monmouth--Training
Current Location Boothbay Harbor, Maine


Randall Hagler - MOS 05K20

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations  Asmara Co A USASAFS 68-69, Vint Hill Farms 69-April 1971. We married in 1970 and I was with him at Vint Hill. 


David Hale - Years of Service 3
MOS 982 Duty Stations Sinop Det 4, Bad Aibling 320th USASA Bn Current location Dandridge, TN Merhaba,long time since the "Swamp"


Gregory Hales -  MOS 05H20
Duty Stations Kassel-Rothwesten Detachment K-Gartow
Current Location Burke, VA
Comments/Questions: Not bad duty during the Vietnam Nam era ...


A. Brad Hall - MOS 98B20

Location Lake Station, IL

Years of Service 1973-1976

Duty Stations 303rd ASA Battalion, Ft. Hood, TX 7th RRFS Ramasun, Thailand


Edmund Hall - MOS 1799

Location East Brunswick, NJ

Years of Service 1948-1952

Duty Stations Johnson AB; HQ ASAPac Oji Japan; 8609 AAU Philippine Islands Clark Field PI


Hudson (Tom) Hall -  MOS 05H
Location Jacksonville, FL


Montague Hall - MOS 835.20

Location Madisonville, LA

Years of Service 1962-1964

Duty Stations Fort Devens, Mass, Torii Station Okinawa-51st USASA SOC

Comments Learned much about life from a very special group of people. Not a particularly "shaped up" bunch but loyal and hardworking to the core. They would be often found sleeping at their desks in the morning having had a thought in the middle of the night about something they were working on.

Robert Hall - MOS 34D20H7

Location La Verne, CA

Years of Service 1970-1973 early out in 73, reserves until 76

Duty Stations Ft Ord Basic
Ft Monmouth for for School
Ft Meade for School
Ampex Corp for School
USASA Shemya
USASA Vint Hill Farms


Robert Hall - MOS 411.1

City And State Windsor, California
Years of Service 1959-1963
Duty Stations Devens, TRRS, Sinope, Bad Aibling


Tim Hall -  MOS 05D
Duty Stations Ft Ord CA '74 - Ft Devens MA '74 - 7th RRFS Thailand '75 - Chiang Mai Det '76 - Ft Meade MD '77 - FS Augsburg '80 - Schleswig Det '81 - Vint Hill Farms '82 - FS Berlin '83
Current Location Treia Germany
Comments Retired and living 20 km from the old Schleswig Det site. Funny how things turn out.


Richard Hall - MOS 9649

Location Thermopolis, Wyoming

Years of Service 1957-1976

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Berlin, Two Rock Ranch, Korea (177th, Det B, 508th) ASAE Frankfurt, Comm Unit Europe, Ft. Meade

Comments Good luck with the site. Is "Charlie Two Star" a member??? Attended his retirement ceremony--quite possibly the funniest thing I ever saw on Active Duty.


Michael Hallenbeck -


Roger Hallmark - MOS 

Location Lakeland, FL

Years of Service 1970-1972

Duty Stations Ft Devens MA, Ft Bragg, NC, Sinop, Turkey, Ft Meade MD

Comments Looking for solders that served with me in Sinop, Turkey


James Halsey - MOS 989 983 982

Location Troy, MI

Years of Service 1963-1966

Duty Stations Fort Carson, CO


Ron Halvorson - MOS 982.10

Location Pagosa Springs, CO

Years of Service 1962-1964

Duty Stations 9th USASA OP CO - APO 74 USASA Clark Airbase, Philippines

Comments Thanks for the existence of this website. After years of no contact with this slice of my life, I hope to make contact with friends from the Clark Airbase Field station.


Dennis Ham - MOS 05K

Location Pandale Texas

Years of Service 1971-1974

Duty Stations Shemya, Alaska. 7th RRFS Thailand


Dave Hamill - MOS 98C4P

Location Albany, Ohio

Years of Service 11

Duty Stations Torii Station-Okinawa and Ramasun Station-Thailand


Kenneth Hamburg - MOS 98G

Location Newnan, GA

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Field Station Berlin


Alan Hamilton - MOS = 9620
Stationed = Ft. Benning, Ft. Devens Ft. Meade (NSA)
Location = Huntington WV


James Wesley Hamilton - reply email =
Stationed =
Location = North Alabama
Message = I am looking for anyone who may have served with my Dad, James Wesley Hamilton. He was in Vietnam I think 68-69 and was in some way involved with ASA. He is from Alabama.


Daniel Hamlin - MOS 96B20

Location Clarence, NY

Years of Service 1967-1970

Duty Stations 508 RRGP Whitebirch Saigon Davis Station


Carl Hamm - MOS 98C2LVN

Location Charlotte, NC

Years of Service 1970-1973

Duty Stations Ft Dix - basic Ft Devens - Crypto analysis Training Ft Meade - NSA - Vietnamese Language training and advance Cryptonalytic Training Nha Trang, Vietnam - 313th Radio Research Battalion Ft Bragg, NC -- CID Apprentice Investigator


Michael Hammar - MOS 93G30

Location Springvale, ME

Years of Service 4

Stationed - USAF SAC BAse, Thule, Greenland, U.S. Embassy, Tehran, Iran, Fort Devens


Steve Hammett - MOS 296

Location Chino Valley, AZ

Years of Service 6

Duty Stations 104th ASA Detachment, Okinawa, 1st ASA RR Co. (Avn), Cam Ranh Bay


Joseph Hammond - MOS 05H20

Location Belmont, VT

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations An Khe 1966-1968 Torii Station Okinawa 1968-1969


I would like to communicate with some of the folks that I served with in An Khe Jack Philips Hank Bell Al Johnson Pete Brown Paul Tremblay


Michael Hamon - MOS 33C20

Location Decatur, IL

Years of Service 1971-1974

Duty Stations Fort Devens, Vietnam - 173rd I. Bien HOA, Davis Station, 509th Saigon, 224th Can Tho,, DoD special representative working with ARVN STATIONS, 7th RRS Udorn Thailand, Vint Hill Farms

Comments Thanks for allowing me to join. Been thinking a lot of my past and the the bonds of true friendship that I didn't keep up with. Made a trip to Vint Hill Farms recently and visited the Cold War Museum.. The site has so changed.

Bynum Hancock - MOS 32D49
Duty Stations PCRS Saigon, South Vietnam, USASA FS Asmara, Ethiopia now Eritrea.

Location Kernersville, NC


Charles Hancock - MOS 982.2

Location Fairport, NY

Years of Service 1956-1959

Duty Stations Herzo Base, Germany


Dave Hancock - MOS = 055
Duty stations = 318th (Herzo Base
Ham call: KY2R. Never could get the sound of CW out of my head. Best 73, y'all.


Kenneth Jack Hancock -  MOS 05H, 67N
Duty Stations FS Augsburg 1972-1975 Wurzburg, Germany 1980-1982 NSA Ft Meade Jan 1982-Sept 1984 Was 67N (Huey/Cobra) crew chief/mechanic at Ft Lewis, WA from Sept 1975- June 1978
Current Location Castlewood, Va
Comments/Questions: Would love to see old pics & hear from anyone who I may have shared a duty station with. I'very been looking in particular for Jim Strickland who ran A1mm at FS Augsburg while I was there then went on to NSA as civilian.


Homer Guy Hand -  MOS 05H
Current Location CLIO , ALABAMA


John Handrich - MOS 98G2LRU

Location Surprise, AZ

Years of Service 1972-1977

Duty Stations FS San Antonio 1974-1977


Richard Handy - MOS 286.2/33C/33G

Location Florida

Years of Service 1964-1972

Duty Stations Ft. Devens 64-65 Student 5th RR/83rd RRSOU 65-66 Ft. Devens 66-67 Instructor 156th AVN Co. 67-68 14h USASAFS Hakata 69-71 156th AVN Co. 71-72 138th AVN Co. 72


David (D. Bruce) Hanes - MOS 04B2L76

Location Elkins Park, PA

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations DLIWC, FT. Meade


James Hankinson - MOS 98G2L20

Location Glen Gardner, NJ

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations DLIWC, Two Rock Ranch Stn, 76th USASA


Ernest Hansen - MOS 05H40

Location Oakland, CA

Years of Service 1968-1971

Duty Stations 8th RRFS(PhuBai) 224th Avn Bn 8th RRFS


Mike Hankins - MOS 33S/24R

Years of Service 1972 - 1994

Duty Stations Augsburg, Mt Meissner, Fort Hood
Current Location Belton TX
Comments Former 33c until 1976 then 24C &24R (NATO evaluator at Crete, Greece). Currently HAM radio operator. Retired from US ARMY and State of TX.


Bob Hanks -  MOS 01B20

Duty Stations Fort Huachuca, Arizona: 52nd ASA SOC Special Operations Command 1965-1967
Current Location
Mesa, Arizona
Comments Held Top Secret CRYPTO Clearance as Engineering Assistant. I was an Electrical Engineer working for Parker-Davis Project, Department of the Interior in 1964, served, and returned to Parker-Davis in 1967 for the next 15 years. Then Senior Electrical Engineer, SRP for 5.


James Hanks -  MOS

Duty Stations Berlin/Tempelhof
Current Location  Durango, CO
Comments/Questions: I see no references to the 280th???????


Robert Hanna - MOS 04B2LCA/FR; 98G

Location Gainesville, Florida

Years of Service 1969-1972

Duty Stations Ft. Dix, Ft. Hood, 7th RRFS


Wayne Hanners =- MOS 982.1

Location Dublin, OH

Years of Service 1959-1962

Duty Stations Heilbron, Baumholder, Kassel (Rothwesten)

Steve Hanover -  MOS 058

Duty Stations 17th USASA Field Station Kassel 1966, and Gartow

​Location California


Darrell Hansen - MOS 76Y

Location Dahlonega, GA

Years of Service 20+

Duty Stations 504TH ASA Group, Hunter Army Airfield GA. (Nov 75-Jan 77) 332nd ASA, Korea ( Jan 77- Jul 79) 2nd Ranger Company, Camp Frank D. Merrill, Dahlonega GA. ( Nov 80-Jul 85) B Battery 6/29th FA, Idar Oberstein Germany ( Jul 85- Jun 88) 3rd Engineer Battalion, 24th Infantry Div, Fort Stewart GA. ( Jul 88- Nov 96)

Comments The ASA units in both GA/Korea were the 2 best units I ever had the honor to serve with.


Ernest Hansen - MOS 05H40

Location Oakland, CA

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Phi Bait(8th RRFS) Long Ton(224 Avn.)

Comments It's getting late and I'd like to catch up


Scott Hanson - MOS 98C2LAE

Location Dickinson, ND

Years of Service 1974-1982

Duty Stations Bragg and Campbell

Comments Charlie School in 74-75, then DLI for Arabic. 313th at Bragg, then 265th at Campbell until 1977. Picked up a commission and spent three years at Bragg.


Don Harden - MOS 05K30

Location Cleveland, Tennessee

Years of Service 1977-1995

Duty Stations Torii; San Antonio, Torii, Ft Meade, Harrogate England, Pensacola


Gerald Hardesty - MOS = 058.2

Duty stations = Okinawa


David Hardgrave - MOS 058

Location Indio, CA

Years of Service 1956-1962

Duty Stations 9th U S A S A Field Station P. I.

Comments Just wondered if any of my old buddies are still around?

William "Pat" Hardin - MOS 05H20

Location Cape Cod, MA

Years of Service 1970-1973

Duty Stations USASAFS Hakata Japan, Torii Station

Comments Like most of you I enjoyed my time at these duty stations. Unfortunately I can't remember anyone's names!


Douglas Hardy - MOS 05H4P

Location Apollo Beach, FL

Years of Service 3.5

Duty Stations Devens, Okinawa, RVN

Comments Looking for old friend from the 400th


Bob Hare - MOS 04C

Duty Stations 3rd RRU
Current Location Racine, Wisconsin


Dave Harjala -  MOS 059
Duty Stations Ft. Devens 63 Ft Monmouth 63 Kang Wha Do 63-64 Sinop 64 Ft. Devens 64-65 Operated AA1KBO 65 at Devens.
Current Location Knoxville Tn
Comments/Questions: K8VOA CW and some SSB.


Robert Harkness - MOS 98G

Location Albany, CA

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Company A, 320th ASA Battalion, Bad Aibling (March-September 1969); Detachment L, Company A, 319th ASA Battalion, Gartow (October 1969-December 1970).

Comments Proud of very useful service providing tactical intelligence to 7th Army on Soviet and Warsaw Pact forces.


Thomas Harper - MOS 76Z

Location Corpus Christi, TX

Years of Service 1965-1967

Duty Stations HQ, ASAEUR

Comments I am attempting to locate James Van Luven who served with me in Frankfurt.


Sam Harrell - MOS 9610

Location Marietta, GA

Years of Service 1968-1970

Duty Stations Ft. Devens


Robert Harrigan - MOS 204.1; 993.1

Location Hicksville, NY

Years of Service 1959-1962

Duty Stations Hq USASAEUR, I. G. Farben Bldg (billeted Gutleut Kaserne), Frankfurt C Co., 319th USASA Bn (Corps), Rothwesten, Mt. Meissner, St, Andreasberg and Bad Sachsa


John Harrington - MOS = 35G and 35k
Duty stations = Sinop,  Turkey; Ft. Briggs, TX 156TH ASA Aviation from 1973 thru 1976


Paul Harrington - MOS 05H

Location Cutler Bay, FL

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Ft. Jackson, SC (basic) Ft. Devens, Ayer Mass (05H -ditty bop-training Two Rock Ranch Station, Petaluma, Ca (RVN area training) 8th RRFS, Phu Bai 68/69 156th Avn Co (RR) 69/70 (ARDF) Vint Hill Farms Station


Jim Harris - was in Germany  from 1959-1962


Tony Harris - MOS 74D

Location Port St. Lucie, FL

Years of Service 5

Duty Stations Pentagon Washington DC . Arlington Hall Station , Arlington Va. Patton Barracks Heidelberg Germany. Ft.Bragg ,Homestead AFB, Patrick AFB.


Gary Harrison - MOS 98C

Location San Antonio, TExas

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations 335th Radio Research Co, Can Tho, Vietnam, 70-71
Det K, Wobeck, FRG.

Comments Just attended a reunion with the 335th RRC in New Orleans, La. Nice turn out.


James Harrison - MOS 056

Location Dallas, Texas

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations Sinop, Turkey; Rothwesten, Germany; Bad Aibling, Germany; Lubeck; Germany


Ronald E. Harrison - Years of Service 1965-1969 MOS 98J-20
Duty Stations Fort Devens, Mass., Camp Alamo and Camp Casey, Korea and Ft. Hood
Current Location I now live in Latham, New York
Comments I was with the 372nd, and then was transferred to the 375th ASA co., and worked as an  EW operator


Ronald R. Harrison - MOS 058 and 056

Location Clayton, NC

Years of Service 3 Years

Duty Stations Fort Leonard Wood Fort Devens Kenai Alaska Shemya Alaska Vint Hill Farm Va

Comments I would like to connect with others that served between l958 and 1961 at Kenai and Shemya and Vint Hill Farms


Jim Hart - MOS 341

Location Knoxville, TN

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations 3rd RRU Davis Sta.


R. Ren Hart - MOS 1061

Location Pebble Beach, CA

Years of Service 1951-1982

Duty Stations West Point, NY Ft. Benning, GA Ft. Lewis, WA 1st Cav Div, Korea 1/12 Cav, Buedingen, Germany Presidio of San Francisco, CA Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas Ft. Ord, CA Ft. Polk, LA

Comments Assigned to 224th Aviation Battalion in June 1966 as an aviator and safety officer. Later transferred to the 509th RR Group Hq. Career details are available in my book, "Once A Soldier".


Carl E. Hartmann Jr - MOS 31K, 31S
Duty Stations 1968 Frankfurt 1968-1971 Herzo Base 16th ASAFS
Current Location Zionsville, IN


Tom Hartmann - MOS = 05H20
Stationed = Ft. Devens - AIT 8th RRFS Phu Bai, RVN 7th RRFS Udorn, Thailand 373rd ASA Bn. Ft. Hood TX TDY Ft. Huachuca, AZ
Location = Eagle, WI
I am looking for any 05H's that have experienced hearing losses, particularly in the high frequency range.


Howard Hartz - 72 Bravo operator Served proudly at Sinop, Turkey(Tuslog Det 4) 70/71
Communications Center/hippodrome Best time of my life, great learning experience,serving & protecting the USA.


Bob Harvey - MOS = 05H
Duty stations = Ft Devens 1967-68, 330th RRC, 68-69, Co B, 318 ASA Bn, Herzo Base


Doug Harvey -MOS = 951(MP)
Stationed = Dix, Devens, Arlington Hall, Bragg Chitose
Location = MA

Message = Still kicking!


Gerald "Pat" Hasty - MOS 72B40

Location Arlington, TX

Years of Service 1968-1971

Duty Stations USASA Sobe Okinawa / November 1968 - March 1970 USASA Korea / April 1970 - October 1971

Comments Communications Center Specialist


Charles Hatcher - MOS 1805

Duty Stations 1953-56...Ft. Devens, ASAPAC Tokyo, 8609 AAU Clark Field, Philippines.
Current Location Bella Vista, Arkansas


John Hatcher - MOS 98G2L80
Duty Stations Basic - Ft. Jackson 5 - 7/1966 Ft. Myer, VA (Vietnamese Language School 8/66 - 5/67 Goodfellow AFB, TX 6 - 8/67 265th ASA Ft. Campbell, KY 9/67 - 12/67. 265th RRC Bien Hoa, Camp Eagle (TDY to 8th RRFS and 1st RRC Avn) 12/67 - 11/68. Ft. Meade Md. - NSA 12/68 - 5/70.
Current Location Jonesboro, AR


David Hatfield -  MOS 05G
Duty Stations AIT, Ft Devens, MA // USASA SIGSEC Spt Det USARAL Ft Richardson, AK // FORSCOM SIGSEC Spt Det 7th Inf Div Ft Ord, CA // USASATC&S Ft Devens, MA // HQ AFCENT, Brunssum, the Netherlands // 164th MI Co, Ft Monmouth, NJ // DIRNSA, Ft. Meade, MD // CENTCOM Fwd HQ, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia // DIRNSA, Ft Meade, MD // SSA, 524th MI Bn, Yongsan, Seoul, Republic of Korea // MI Bn (CI)(Scty), 902nd MI Group, Ft Meade, MD Current Location Severn, MD
Comments 1973 - 1994 Retired as a CSM(D)


Tony Hatley - MOS 95B10

Location PLainfield, IL

Years of Service 1976-1979

Duty Station 376th ASA Co. Fort Meade Md. From 1976 to 1977 Hq. INSCOM AHS -as from 1977 to 1979


Charles Michael (Mike) Hatzell - MOS 951

Location Louisville, KY

Years of Service 1963-1966

Duty Stations Arlington Hall Station Jan 63 to Oct. 6


Bruce W. Haupt - MOS 058

Duty Stations Kagnew Station 1964, USMA Prep School Fort Belvoir 1964, Kuma Station, Chitose 1965-66


Myron Havis - MOS 988

Location Georgetown, TX

Years of Service 3 1/2

Duty Stations Frankfurt, Germany Luebeck, Germany Rothwesten, Germany


Larry Hawke - MOS 05H

Location Tucson, AZ

Years of Service 1969-1972

Duty Stations Fort Devens, Massachusetts Torii Station, Okinawa Phu Bai, Republic of Vietnam Udorn, Thailand


Stephen Hawkins - MOS 05D

City And State York, PA (originally from Roanoke, VA. Now living in PA)
Years of Service 1962-1965
Duty Stations Ft. Devens(1962-1963), Ft. Wolters, TX(1963), Camp Humphreys, ROK(1964-1965), And Sok Cho Ri, ROK during my assignment to the 177th at camp Humphreys.
Comments Many fond memories of good work, good friends, and good times with the ASA.
MOS Started as an 058, converted to 056, Amy changed it to 054 and then to 05D. So, a Duffie at heart.q


Everett Hawn - MOS 05H20

Location Wakarusa, IN

Years of Service 1972-1975

Duty Stations Site 4 Field Station Berlin


David Hay - MOS 98J30

Location Springfield, PA

Years of Service 1965-1971

Duty Stations Det. M 17th USASA Field Station

Comments I miss the fun


Mark Hay - MOS 98G2LGM

Location Gahanna, OH

Years of Service 1973-1977

Duty Stations 326th ASA at Flak as a 2L - 15 April 74 - Nov. 74, 328th ASA at Sheridan/FS Augsburg as a 3L - Nov. 74 to Nov. 75 and from Nov. 75 to Jan. 77 with 326th again

Comments Met my wife, Laura, of 45 years (come Sept) at DLIWC in 1973 and we were married at the Standesamt in Augsburg on 20 Sept., 1974. We remember Augsburg with great fondness. Duty wasn't great (i would have have preferred to have been more active, say like those assigned to FS Berlin), but made much of time in Germany, mostly as a member of basketball team TGVA (Viktoria). We lived on the economy, furthering our language skills hoping to present well as Americans, friends to the Germans, living abroad during trying times, during the Cold War, rather than being seen by the natives as an occupational force. Proud to have served during those difficult days being an American Soldier! I welcome correspondence..........


Al Hays -  MOS 98C and 95B
Duty Stations USASAFS Augsburg
Current Location Dallas, TX


Dale Hayes - MOS 984

Location Jefferson, OH

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Fort Devens Bad Aibling, Germany Verona, Italy

James B. Hayes - Years of Service 1974-1995

MOS 32F, 05C, 31Z, 00E
Duty Stations 7th RRFS, Thailand
Greeley Hall, Ft Huachuca, Az
Current Location El Paso/ Ft Bliss, Tx


Jerry Haywood - MOS 95B20

Location Candor NC

Years of Service 2

Duty Stations Fort Jackson, Fort Gordon, and Fort Devens.

Comments During my Military Police training at Fort Gordon Ga. in 1971, I was selected to as part of the ASA team in Fort Devens Ma. I enjoyed my assignment at Fort Devens and made a lot of friends.


Eve Hayworth - MOS 98G

Location Decatur, GA

Years of Service 1973-1977

Duty Stations Mt. Meissner and Augsburg Germany


John Hazleton - MOS 05C40 radio teletype, also did some radio direction finding work

Duty Stations Ft Ord, Ca. 335th Ft Riley Kansas Bear cat Viet Nam, then north Chu Lai, back to states Ft Hood Tx
Current Location Flagstaff AZ
Comments I don't remember the stations north Viet Nam and I think the one in Ft Hood was 373rd Viet Nam 1967


Don Hazlett - MOS 98Z5MCX, 96B5MCX

Location Wilmington, NC

Years of Service 20 (1970 - 1990)

Duty Stations Ft Dix (BCT), Ft Devens (AIT/ADV CRS), TRRS (TAOT), 509th RRGP (S3), NSA, DLI POM (Czech), 326 ASA Co, FS Augsburg (Project Tracer Round), NSA (MECCAP), FS Augsburg (PAR Tech, S3 98C), SMA (1SG Crs 6-85), 166th MI CO, VHFS (1SG), DIA (SEIP), SMA (Class XXXII), 110th MI BN (S3 OPSGT).


Donald Healy - MOS 05C40

Location Hydes, MD

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Fort Dix, NJ - Basic Training and Radio Operator Course (05B) 1967 Fort Gordon, GA - Radio Teletype Operator Course (05C) 1967-1968 Vietnam - 265th Radio Research Company (A) 101st Airborne Division May 68 - May 69 Fort Bragg, NC - 301st ASA Battalion, 18th Airborne Corps June 69 - Dec 69 Rothwesten, Germany - Company B 319th ASA Battalion Jan 70 - Aug 71

Comments Met and worked with some great people during my time with ASA and learned a lot along the way.


Robert Hecht - MOS 05H20

Location Levittown. PA.

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations 12th USASA Field Station Chitose, Japan. 12/1966 - 7/1967 8th USASA Field Station. Phu Bai, Vietnam. 8/1967- 8/1968 1st USASA Field Station. Vint Hill Farms, VA. 9/1968 - 1/1970


Thomas Hedly - MOS 982

Years of Service 1961-1964
Duty Stations 9th ASAFS 1962-1964
Comments Am a member of many ASA orgs from 1998.
MOS 982


Hilton Heflin Jr -  MOS 273
Duty Stations Ft.Jackson,1960...Ft.Gordon,1960....9th ASA Fld Sta ,Clark AFB ,PI..1960 - 1962
Current Location retired..Raleigh nc
Comments feel free to contact me


Martin Heflin - MOS = 05H
Duty stations = 856 RRD


Bud Heilmann - MOS 95B

Location Pittsburgh, PA

Years of Service 1978-1981

Duty Stations 415th ASA Co. Idar-Oberstein 


Richard Heilman - MOS 98J30J1K3

Location Hampstead, MD

Years of Service 1976-1998

Duty Stations USASATC&S Ft Devens, MA (4 times) 337th ASA Co, Ft Riley, KS Tuslog Det 4, Sinop INSCOM CONUS MI GP, Ft Meade, MD 99th ASA Co, Ft Meade, MD (Reserve) 323rd MI BN, Ft Meade, MD (Reserve)


Kenneth Heim - MOS 72B40

Location Collierville, TN

Years of Service 3+

Duty Stations USASA Comm Unit Europe

Comments Sept. 1969 - Apr. 1972. Frankfurt


Timothy Heimel - MOS 058 / 05H

Location Industry, Pennsylvania

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations 5th RRU, Bangkok, Thailand, Homestead Air Force Base, Florida, Vint Hill Farms, Virginia, 177th ASA - Camp Humphreys Korea

Comments Thanks for your efforts in maintaining this site - I have photos of both Thailand activities at Seri Court as well as Camp Humphreys in Korea


Richard Helble - MOS 058

Location Saint Augustine, FL

Years of Service 1961-1964

Duty Stations Devins; Ft. Clayton, CZ; Kuma Station, Chitose, Japan

Comments Got educated; have two daughters and four grandchildren, helping to raise two of them; try to stay clear of hurricanes but they keep finding me!


Gary Helderman - MOS = 05k40
Duty stations = Fort Devens, Shemya, Homestead
Served from 1971-1974 Hard to believe both field stations I served at are decommissioned. So goes life I guess. We were not respected then and forgotten now.


George Helfrick - MOS 31J

Location Gettysburg, PA

Years of Service 1967-1997 (?)

Duty Stations 177th ASA


Tom Hellman - MOS
Location Methuen, MA


Robert Helm - MOS 058
Duty Stations 8603DU Sobe Camp Later called Torii Station Okinawa
Current location Colorado
Comments 1954 Basic Ft. Leonard Wood, 1955 Ft. Devens, and then on to Okinawa until Sept 1957.


Thomas Helms - 1970-1973 MOS 98C
Duty Stations Frankfurt/Augsburg, Germany
Current location Indian Trail, NC
I worked in the "vault" between floors in the IG Farben building from 9/70 until 9/71 and then was transferred to the office of the IG for USASAEUR in Augsburg. When the officers rotated out I ran the IG's office along until LTC Ernest Costanzo was brought in from Herzo to be the new IG. Great guy and I wish I could locate him.


Don Helton - MOS 058.6

Duty Stations Kagnew Station
Location Birmingham, AL
Comments Served: July 1957 -July 1960 At Kagnew: July 1958 - July 1960


Albert Henderson - MOS 76Y

Location Silver City, NM

Years of Service 1970-1971

Duty Stations Na Trang RVN 144th Avn RR


Edward Henderson - MOS = 33C20

Duty Stations Ft. Devens 1968-1969- 7th RRFS Thailand Oct 1969-July 1970 Phanom Sarakham, Thailand July 1970 Oct 1970 Ft. Devens Nov. 1970 - December 1971
Current Location Rochester Hills, MI
Comments I am retired from Chrysler Corporation. Have been married to my wife since I was at Ft. Devens in 1969. Have 2 children and 6 grandchildren.


Michael Henderson - Years of Service 1970-1974 MOS 98G and 04B
Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood
Ft. Devens Presidio of Monterey
Goodfellow AFB FT. Hood
Current Location Arlington, TX


Steve Henderson -  MOS 05H2FF3
Duty Stations Di An Lai Khe Tan Son Nhut Long Thanh North
Current Location Columbus, Ohio


Lee Hendley - MOS 285A
Duty Stations 138th Avn. Co. (RR) Phu Bai RVN '70 - '71. 326th ASA Co.  (Opns Fwd) Flak Kaserne, Augsburg, FRG - '71 - '74 ASATC&S, Ft. Devens, MA, Ops Officer, 33 Maintenance Courses. - '74 -'76 and retirement.
Current Location Lakewood, WA
Comments/Questions: Great looking site. Thanks to all who have worked on putting it together. Please insert me into the Germany group, if you would.

CW2. After transferring from the U.S. Air Force Security Service to ASA, I went to Vietnam to the 138th Avn. Co. (RR) in 1970.  I did my year there as the Avionics Officer (CW2), and then went to the 326th Ops Co. (Fwd.) under the 502nd ASA Group in Augsburg. From there I went to Fort Devens to be the Operations Officer for the 33 courses. I retired from the Army on 30 June 1976.


William Hendley -  MOS 31J20 Teletype Maint. Secondary Mos 32D20 Fixed Station Tech Control (Crypto)
Duty Stations Ft.Jackson,S.C.64, Ft. Gordon,Ga. 32wks TTY School, 319th ASA Rothwesten Germany 65, 8th RRFS,Phu Bai,RVN 66-67, Ft.Devens,Ma. USASATCS 68.
Current Location West Melbourne,Fl. 32904
Comments \"PhuBai is all Right\" \"A salute to those who didn't make it home\"


Ralph Edward Hendricks - MOS 05H

Duty Stations Korea/Thailand
Current Location Texas


Delvan Hendrix - MOS 98C

Location Hallsville, Texas


Richard Hendrix - MOS 05G/97G

Location Colorado Springs, CO

Years of Service 1981-1991

Duty Stations Hohenfels Training Area (201st ASA; Det R) 1982-1985 (Later became part of 525 MI) Ft Bragg, NC 1985 -1987 (519th MI Bn) Albrook AFS, Panama 1987-1989 (470th MI Bge) Ft Riley, KS 1989 - 1991

Comments Most people who knew me while I was in the military would know me as "Jimi", my nick name.


Lawrence C. Hendy - Years of Service 53 months
MOS 05H Duty Stations Ft Leonardwood-basic
Ft Devens-05H Okinawa, Torii Station Fort Hood
Current Location Temple, Texas
Looking for anyone assigned to Torii Station from 1966 to 1968


Daniel Hennessy - MOS 056

Location Pt Pleasant Beach, NJ

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations Fort Dix, NJ, Fort Devens, Mass, 5th RRU, Bangkok,  Chang Mai
Ft Wolters, TX


Curtis Henson - MOS 05C20

Location Pisgah Forest, NC

Years of Service 1968-1973

Duty Stations 371 RRC 69-70


Richard "Dick" Henson - MOS 11F, 05G, 97G

Location Woodbridge, VA

Years of Service 1965-1987

Duty Stations USASATC&S, Ft Devens; 7th RRU Saigon; 2Plt, 101st RRC, Pleiku; USASA DET USARAL, Anchorage & Fairbanks; USASATC&S, Ft Devens; HQ, 201st ASA Co, Augsburg; USASATC&S, Ft Devens; USAIC&S, Ft Huachuca; HHC, 527th MI Bn, Kaiserslautern.


Walter (Bud) Herbert - MOS 058

Location Estero, Florida

Years of Service 12960-1963

Duty Stations Formosa(now Taiwan), Vietnam, Chitose Japan, TDY to Two Rock Ranch, California.


Thomas Hernandez - MOS 31E,71H

Location Kissimmee, FL

Years of Service 1970-1973

Duty Stations 

Kang-Wha-Do, Korea, Camp Humphreys K-6, Korea 1971 - May 1972. 313th USASA BN, Ftt. Bragg NC May 1972 - June 1973

Comments Those were the Days...........Duffy's Tavern....Soo-Ju wine


Bob Herring - MOS = 31E20, 33B20

Location Sedona, AZ

Years of Service 1967-1971
Duty stations = 319th Rothwesten, 371st RRU, Augsburg here ever you are, you are there.
I am here!


David Hershey -  MOS 05K20S2
Location - Jacksonville, FL


Ron Heruth - MOS 722.10

Location Hoyt Lakes, MN

Years of Service 1956-1959

Duty Stations Ft Chaffee Ark Ft Gordon Ga Wildwood Station Ak

Comments I will never forget that place.


James Hess - MOS = intercept morse
Stationed = Eritrea Africa Location = Melbourne Fla. Message = ASA Africa 1948-1952 looking for James  Howell Texas I was stationed at Eritrea Africa from 1948-1952 would like to locate any buds from that experience.


Terry Hester - MOS = 72B40
Stationed = 508th USASA Gp. Korea Bad Aibling FS, Germany 8th RRFS, Phu Bai, VN
Location = Ocala, FL
Really enjoyed my time in the ASA. Met some really great people.


Alan Heywood -  MOS 058.2
Fort Devens-59 ; Torii Station 3rd ASA Field Station -59-61; Two Rock Ranch 2nd ASA Fld Station- 61; TDY 83rd Special Operations Unit, Helemano Oahu - Midway Island, Johnston Island 61-62.
Salem Oregon
Had the great opportunity to serve with some of the greatest guys in the world. Will always be proud of the effort and contributions that we made in both the Cold War and Vietnam. The \"Top-10\" doesn't really describe the chosen members of the ASA. I often think of all my buddies and some of the wacky and outrageous things we did to entertain ourselves. Miss those days and will cherish them forever.


Henry Hickey - MOS = 05C40/76Y30
Duty stations = 8th RRFS/326th ASA Co/ 329th ASA Co
ASA 1970-1976 great times and good friends ASA is still going in our minds


Eugene Hickman - MOS = 98G LGM
Duty stations = 7RRFS/FSB Berlin/331 ASA/165 MI BN/103 MI BN


Lloyd Hicks - MOS 058.20

Location Fort Wayne, IN

Years of Service 6 Jan 53 to 14 Oct 55

Duty Stations Fort Riley, Ks Fort Devens, Ma Korea-The 329th Comm Recon Co


Derrell Hiett - MOS 058

Location El Paso, TX

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations FT. Devens: Bad Aibling

Comments My brother is Ed Hiett.


Jim Higgins - MOS 32G20

Location Chesapeake City, MD

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Asmara, Frankfurt


Doug Higley - MOS 993

Location Encinitas, CA

Years of Service 1960-1963

Duty Stations Helemano, Oahu, Hawaii

Comments Still kickin'


Claude Hill - Years of Service 1964-1968 MOS 282.2, 33D40 33Z?
Duty Stations Ft. Devens. Ft. Meade, 51st SOC Torii Station Okinawa, Vint Hill Farms Station
Current location Winchester TN
After four years of active duty I left the ASA in January 1968 to work for the Mincom Division of 3M Company. I later became a Music Recording Engineer in Nashville TN and then designed and built many major Recording Studios and the Audio Mixing Consoles and Recording Systems for them, Film, Music, Live Sound and Broadcasting. I also worked for AT&T during the Internet revolution of 1995 and retired in July 2013 after helping design and deliver 5.1 Surround Sound to Network Television Broadcasting. My ASA Training and Systems experience enabled me throughout my 45 year career.


Dave Hill - MOS PMOS 98J30 SMOS 67B

Location Crestview, FL

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations 156 Aviation Co, Can Tho, Vietnam, Ft.Bragg, Tuslog Det 4, Sinop, Turkey


Edwin Hill - MOS 056, 723

Locations La Crosse, WI

Years of Service 1958-1962

Duty Stations stationed at Bremerhaven West Germany, worked in a hut in a potato field for over two years.

Comments Ft. Devens.Frankfurt, Bad Aibling, Bremerhaven


Reginald Hill - MOS 33B20

Location Oakboro, NC

Years of Service 1968-1971

Duty Stations Chitose


Robert Hill - MOS 05D20

Location Virginia Beach, VA

Years of Service 1965-1969

 Duty Stations Ft Devens, Mass 175th RRC Davis Station, Saigon, VN 509th Bien Hoa, VN 509th Tay Ninh, VN 509th Nui Dat, VN Ft Devens, Mass


Ron "Doc" Hills - Years of Service 1966-1970
Duty Stations Kuma Station, Chitose, Japan
Current Location  Benbrook, Tx 76132


Leon Hiltner - MOS = 766
Stationed = Ft Richardson AK
Location = Maple Grove MN
Message = Looking for anyone who served at Ft Richardson around 1955.


Harold "Hal" Hinchcliffe -  MOS 83F20

Duty Stations HQ USASA EUR 1966-1969
Current Location Fridley, MN


Ralph Hines - MOS 05H

Location Rayore, MO

Years of Service 1958-1970

Duty Stations Dad served at Shemya, Two Rock Ranch, Ft Monmouth (here I was born - son Michael), West Berlin, Arlington Hall, Ft Huachuca, Helemano, various short tours into SE Asia, and back to Ft Huachuca.

Comments Dad passed away 20 Dec 2018 - I know so little of who his Army buddies were, but wanted you to know. Burying him at Camp Nelson National cemetery outside of Nicholasville, KY on 21 Dec 2018.Come if you can. Thanks.


Paul Hinkle - MOS 993.1

Location Westborough, MA

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Heidewinkel Gr


James "Jim" Hinnant - Greets!
Former 05H here.  Finished AIT at Devens in early '74.  Went from there to Vint Hill Farms and on to Thailand (Ramasan Station) in July '74 - got booted out of the agency when I decided to marry a lovely Thai lady.  We have been married for 40 years - come 3 Mar 2015.
Did a lot of stuff after leaving ASA. Great to see the website!
Jim Hinnant
Chief, Communication Team
FORSCOM Public Affairs


Bruce Hinton - MOS 98J20

Location Fernandina Beach, FL

Years of Service 1969-1972

Duty Stations TUSLOG Det 4, Bad Aibling Station SRU-22


David Hirsch - MOS 05H

Location Palatine, IL

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Augsburg


Robert Hoag -  MOS 982.10
Duty Stations Fort Devens November 1959 to June 1960 (Training) Bad Aibling Germany June 1960 to September 1962
Current Location Concord, California
Comments Some of the best days of my life. Being at a small base in Bavaria halfway between Munich and Salzburg with some great people made life very enjoyable. Was back there in September 2014 - couldn't even recognize the place BUT the Maxlrain Brewery and Gasthaus still looks the same.


Phillip N. Hobby - MOS = 33D20
Stationed = 101st RRC Vietnam Vint Hill Farms Station Location = Mabelvale, AR


Bruce Hodgkins - MOS 32G

Location Black Forest, CO

Years of Service 12969-1977

Duty Stations Okinawa Japan and Camp Humphreys Korea


Randy Hodson - MOS 72B20 72B40

Location Mesquite, NV

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations 8th RRFS ASA Vietnam 265 RRU 101st Airborne ASA Vietnam Two Rock Ranch ASA Petaluma, Calif Ft. Richardson Signal Corp Anchorage, Alaska

Comments Hoping to locate Douglas Smith 265th RRU 101st Airborne 1st patloon 1969-70


John Hoffman - MOS 33D20

Location Littleton, Colorado

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Augsburg 1973
Wobeck 1973-1974


Joseph Hogan - MOS 058, 059
Years of Service 1962-1965
Duty Stations Shemya and Fort Wolters
Current Location Harker Heights

Michael Hogan - MOS = 058
Stationed = Baumholder, Germany
Kassel, Germany Location = Houston, Texas


Toney L. Hogan - MOS 723.1

City And State Lawrenceville, GA
Years of Service 1963-1966
Duty Stations Frankfurt, Germany
Comments Tape relay center near the I.G. Farben building


William Hoke MOS 054

Location Paris, Ohio

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Lecce/San Vito dei Nomine, Ravenna, Italy


Harry Holden - MOS = Computer specialist
Duty stations = Korea, Panama


Dan Holdredge - MOS = 72E40
Duty stations = Augsburg/Wobeck


Ron Holfield - MOS 05F4P

Location San Diego, CA

Years of Service 7 years (3.5 active duty, 2.5 active reserve, 1 year Cal Army Nat'l Guard)

Duty Stations HHC 303rd Radio Research Bn / 509th Radio Research Group (07/1969 - 07/1970) RVN USASA Operations Co, Kanghwa-Do / 508th Army Security Agency Group (07/1970 - 06/1971) ROK 175th Radio Research Field Station / 509th Radio Research Group (06/1971 - 03/1972) RVN 406th USASA Ops Co (Sep Abn Brigade) / Patton USAR, Bell, CA (05/1974 - 09/1977)


John Holland -  MOS 05H
Duty Stations Ft. Devens Field Station Gablingen Field Station Augsburg
Current Location Dallas, TX
Comments/Questions: 74-77


Stephen Holland - MOS 72B20D1

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations United States Army Security Agency, 4th Field Station, Kagnew Station, Asmara, Ethiopia (Eritrea)
United States Army Security Operations Company, Pyeongtaek, Korea


Roger Holliday - MOS 31J, 35H Teletype Repair and cross trained for Facility Tech Control at Vint Hill Farms

​Duty Stations Vint Hill Farms, Va,

Current Location Littleton Colorado
Comments I recently retired, and a couple of the folks I knew back in those days have contacted me and I would like to see who all else is still kicking around. I re-enlisted in 1978 to become a 35H (calibration). Got out of the Army in 1981 and worked for DOD as a civilian responsible for acquisition oversight on several intel programs, Aerial Common Sensor ACS, All Source Analysis System ASAS, Air Force U2..for 33 years. Thanks, it will be great to reconnect with the folks and catch up. Thanks, Roger​


Ed Hollo - MOS 05H

Location Simpsonville, SC

Years of Service 1963-1967

Duty Stations 3rd RRU Tan San Nhut, Saigon, Viet Nam 18th ASA Field Station, Bad Aibling, Germany

Comments Searching for old buddies. Found some and have shared memorable times with them. The ASA experience has been one of the most rewarding experience of my young life. Why? Because of the varied and wonderful your men, I had the opportunity to meet and serve with. Thanks.


Gordon Holmes - MOS = 059
Duty stations = Chitose


Jack Holt  - MOS = 0584H & 05594H
Stationed = Ft. Devens Mass. & Ankara Turkey Location = Hesperia, CA


Ron Holt -  MOS 98C20, Traffic Analyst
Duty Stations 3rd RRU, Saigon VN, 64-65 8th RRU, Phu Bai VN, 66 Det 3, 3rd RRU, Dak To VN, 66 406th RRD, Tuy Hoa VN, 66 406th RRD, Phan Rang VN, 66-67
Current Location West Palm Beach, FL


Vince Holt - MOS = post signal
Message = US ARMY 60 - 63


Doug Hone - MOS 31J

Location Mill Creek, WA

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations Kang-Wha-Do, Korea, Ft. Devens, Nha Trang VN, Chu Lai, VN


Frank Hones - MOS = 98G2LVN
Duty stations = 8th RRFS:  Phu Bai later Da Nang


Randall Hooton - MOS = 72b commo
Stationed = Camp Eagle May 68 to about Nov 68, then to L.Z. Sally til May 69 Location = Boonville Mo.
Message = I later served with Mac Mcdaniel in Thailand!! We have since hooked up in conus and had dinner last year 2014. Hope to see him again!


Chuck Hopkins -  MOS
Location Cleveland, Ohio


George Hopkins - MOS 059

Location Jacksonville, FL

Years of Service 1958-1960

Duty Stations Ft. Devens 11th USASA Field Station


Jean Hopkins - MOS 981.1620

Location Upland, CA

Years of Service 3




Michael Hopkins - MOS 33C20

Location Bristol, TN

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Berlin, Rudow Site 1


James Hormann - MOS 05D20K3

Location Dayton, Ohio

Years of Service 1975-1980

Duty Stations 1st ASA Avn Co. - Ft Bliss, Tx 1976-1977 USASAFS - Okinawa (Torii Sta) 1977-1979 Co C 15 MI BN (Aviation) Co, Ft. Bliss, Tx 1979-1980


Jay Horn - MOS 33D, 35B

Location Cedarburg, WI

Years of Service 1972-1976

Duty Stations Cedarburg, WI


Ronald Horn - MOS 05H20

Location Mesquite, TExas

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Ft. Jackson SC, Ft Devens MA, Petaluma CA, Phu Bai Vietnam, Homestead AFB Fla.


Steve Hornberger - MOS
Location Madison, AL


Bruce Horne - MOS = 98C
Duty stations = Torri, Vint Hill, 509th RR GP


Charles J. Horne - MOS 1801

Location Bgay Cut Cut, Angeles City, Philippines

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Camp Oji, Japan 9th ASA Field Station Philippines


Ken Horton - MOS = 04B2L
Stationed = Korea
Location = Richmond, VA.


Marlin Hostvet - MOS = 05K
Stationed = 502nd ASA Group, 326th ASA Company, Augsburg Germany and Mt. Meissner Detachment. 1974, 1975.
Location = Madison, Wisconsin
Message = I lost track of all of my ASA friends in Augsburg and Mt. Meissner. I am sure there are some still around.


Joe Houdek - MOS 366C20

Location Little Falls, MN

Years of Service 1967-1970

Duty Stations 4Th. Asmara. Udon Thailand Ethiopia


John Hourihan - MOS = 98G2L80
Duty stations = Pleiku, Phu Bai, Nha Trang
looking for any of my friends from 330th, 8th, Torii Station


Ralph E. Householder - MOS 1717

Duty Stations Fort Devens 1951-1952 Mannheim Germany 1952-1954
Location Brunswick, OH

Jan Ed. Housley -  MOS 98C4H

​Years of Service 20.5
Duty Stations Devens(3)FS Japan(Hakata) RVN(Phu Bai) Thailand(Udorn) Bad Aibling(Retired here)
Location Aurora, Co


Bill Houston - MOS = 98C2P
Duty stations = Ft. Devens, Ft. Bragg, Ft. Benning, Ft. Bragg, Davis Station, RVN, 7th RRFS Udorn, Thailand, VHFS
Looking for Steve Harold, Dale Anderson, Daniel (Mac) McCreary, Kenneth Farmer, Ric Roden, all the guys from Davis Station and the 7th.


Michael Houston - MOS 33S30

Location Lunenburg, MA

Years of Service 1974-1984

Duty Stations Fort Dix, Basic Training - 1974 Fort Devens, USASATC&S - 1974-75 MOS School Fort Devens, USASATC&S - 1975-1979 Maintenance Branch 332nd ASA Opns Co (FWD), South Korea - 1979-1981 Fort Devens, USASAISD, 1981-1984, Training Development Branch ETS'd 3/16/1984


Joseph (Joe) Howard - MOS = 993 / 93J20
Duty stations = Det 4, Sinop, Turkey Merhaba


William J. Howard - MOS 71H, 93G
Duty Stations 75th MAC Houston, TX 1965-67 (Reserves) Ft. Polk, LA 1965 Basic Ft. Devens, MA 1967-1968 4th USASAFS (Kagnew Station) Asmara Ethiopia 1968-69 2rd USASAFS Two Rock Ranch, Petaluma, CA 1969-71 75th MAC, Houston, TX 1971-80 (Reserves)
Location Stagecoach, TX
Comments Served with Signal Research Unit No. 9 as a 93G at Kagnew Station. Served as 71H in the S-1 and driver for Command Staff at Two Rock Ranch. Rank: SP-5


​Charlie Howell - MOS 05K
Duty Stations Ft.Deven's 72-73 Augsburg 73-76
Current Location Cleveland, Oklahoma
Comments I am going to the ASA reunion in Oct. 2017... Hope to see my brothers and sister's there..

Charles Howlett - MOS = 76y30 and o5c
Stationed = Co. B USASA Group Korea 13 months. 138th Aviation Co. RR Da Nang 12 months, Phu Bai 6 months Location = Florida


Stephen Howser - MOS Primary...058 Secondary...056 (OJT)

Location Bellbrook, OH

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations Ft. Devens Ayer, MA Camp Humphreys S. Korea (PCS Det.Bravo (Sok Jo Ri,  S. Korea (TDY) 177th USASA OpCo (A) Vint Hill Farms Sta. Warrenton, VA (PCS) 1st USASA (Op Co) Ft. McNair Washington, D.C. Arlington Hall Sta. (TDY) Arlington, VA (TDY) Ft. Meyer Arlington, VA HHC USAG

Comments Awaiting questions/comments.


Ben Thomas Hoyt - MOS 9630

Location - Houston, TX

Years of Service

Duty Stations Fort Benning, Fort Devens, 103 USASA Detachment, Orleans, France


Tom Hritz - MOS 05H

Location Lula, GA

Years of Service 1970-1974

Duty Stations SanVito NATO, Italy, 1971-72; 7th RRFS, Thailand 1972-74.

Comments I was a Zoomie, SSGT, at Ramasun Station, 7th RRFS....Many great ASA folks while there. Col. McFadden was one of the best COs ever. Great memories.


Robert Huber - MOS 058, 058.1

Location Cape Coral, FL

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations 177th USASA Camp Humphreys 1961-1962 Vint Hill Farms, Warrenton, Va "The Farm"

Comments I really enjoyed my job and my time with the ASA. Great bunch of guys. Korea hardship tour was anything but a hardship!!


William Huber - MOS =05D20

Duty stations = Taiwan


Roy Huckabee - MOS

Duty Stations

Location Smithville, TX


Augustas (Gus) Huckleberry - MOS 05K20

Location Plainview, MN

Years of Service 6

Duty Stations Field Station Augsburg Gross Gusborn 70's


Ross E. Hudgins - MOS = 05K20
Stationed = Ft. Devens for training.
Rothwesten Mt. Meissner Ramasun Station, Thailand Vent Hill Farms


Curt Hudson - MOS 72B20

Duty Stations 83rd RRSOU Bangkok Thailand 1967-1968 NSA Fort Meade, Md. 1968-1970
Current Location  Milford, DE
Comments I'm really excited to have the opportunity To reconnect with friends and comrades During an exciting growth period in my Life!!

Rick Hudson - ASA 64 - 68, 98J30
Dix, Devens, Gordon, Tuslog Det 4 Sinop Turkey, SOU23 Peshawar Pakistan


Carl H. Huffman - Years of Service 3 yrs, 3 mos, 26 days MOS 98J20/30 Duty Stations
Ft. Jackson, Ft. Devens, USASAEUR (IG Farben, Frankfurt), FS Berlin
Current location Aiken, SC
Some of the best times in my life were spent in ASA. Enjoyed the guys I worked with in Berlin and still talk to some of them to this day on a frequent basis. I'm a happily retired school teacher now.


Richard Huffman - MOS 98J

Location Tallahassee, FL

Years of Service 1969-1973

Duty Stations Trained at Ft. Devens, MA 1969 to 1970. April 1970 to April 1971 in Sinop, Turkey. April 1971 to January 1972 at Ft. Bragg. ETS from Ft. Bragg.

Comments After college returned as MI officer, Counter-Intelligence MOS: 9666 - attached to DIA at various locations and with NSA, Ft. Meade. Conducted many background and surveillance investigations among other duties at dozens of locations in CONUS and HI. Would enjoy hearing from old ASA guys who were on The Hill (Sinop) in 1970-1971. I was the manager of the two lane bowling alley for many months on The Hill. Does anyone know Mike Bosta from The Hill back then? He was a roommate and good friend.


Robert Hughbank - MOS 058, 96B

Location Pantego, Texas

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Fort Ord (Basic training), Fort Devens (058 school), 5th RRU (Bangkok), 3rd RRU Det. 1 (Phu Bai).

Comments Just wondering why 3rd RRU Det. 1 is neglected by the Army and this website.


Dale Hughes - MOS 98J40 (993)

Location Winston Salem, NC

Years of Service 1963-1970

Duty Stations Ft Leonard Wood; Ft Devens; Co A (Queen Bloc), Korea, Kang-Wa-Do, Korea; Ft Hood; Germany @ Herzo, Schneeberg and other TDY sites. Then back to Ft Hood for ETS

Comments My wife and I were the only Americans living in the village of Bischofsgrun before our move to Bayreuth.


Eldon Hughes - MOS = 98Z5MRU/AP/VN
Duty stations = 8th RRFS, 265th RRC, USASATC&S Goodfellow Detachment


Frederick Hugi - MOS 1099

Location Port St. Lucie, FL

Years of Service 3


Comments HAD A GREAT TIME IN BERLIN 1952-1953


Roger Huhman - MOS = 71L
Duty stations = HQ, 509th RR Group, Saigon


Evan Hume - MOS 6100

Location Tallahassee, FL

Years of Service 1970-1971

Duty Stations Arlington Hall Station, VA HQ CFA


H Humphrey - MOS 95B

Location Durham, NC

Years of Service 2

Duty Stations Fort Bragg, NC Fort Gordon, GA Udorn Thailand 70-71


Rick Hunter - MOS = 05G
Stationed = ASA Gp Korea ASA Ops Co, Kang wa Do Det R, ASA Gp Korea 313 USASA Bn, Ft. Bragg, NC
Location = Charlottesville, VA


Bruce Hurd -  MOS 05H
Location Lawrence, KS


​David M. Hurley - MOS 75B20, 71F20, 71L20
Years of Service 2 yrs
Duty Stations ASA Vint Hill Farms, Warrenton, VA
Comments I just found out about this site from a co-worker, and am curious if I can contact any former personnel I knew while serving on the base. I was a Company A unit clerk, MOS 75B20, a mail clerk MOS 71F20, and had one other additional MOS 71L20. I was transferred to the headquarters company before I was discharged in November 1974. I served about 16 months on the installation.


Lowell Husbands - MOS 73D40

Location Athens, TX

Years of Service 1966-19

Duty Stations Tuslog Det 4 Sinop, Turkey Arlington Hall Station


Jim Huskey - MOS 72B40D1

Location Farmville, VA

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations = Sobe, Okinawa, Fort Meade

Comments Was a special projects operator Spo worked with kl 7 and keyhole satellites. Anyone stationed in Okinawa 67-68.


Floyd Huston - MOS 76Z

Location Brewer, Maine

Years of Service 21

Duty Stations Vint Hill (VHFS) Warrenton Va. 1963-1969-1971-1975
Helemano Hawaii 1965- 1968
224th Avn Long Thanh North RVN 1970
502nd ASA /Group Augsburg 1972 -1975

Comments 1956 thru 1958 Signal Research Unit Ft Monmouth NJ With duty station at Evans Labs
1958 thru 1960 Unit 10 Tehran Iran


James Hutchens -  MOS 993.1
Duty Stations Offenbach 64 C Co, 319th Det M 64-67
Current Location PA


Sherwin (Butch) Hutchens - MOS 05K20

Location Winston-Salem, NC

Years of Service 16-966-1969

Duty Stations Fort Devens March thru Oct. 1966, Vent Hill Farms Oct. thru April ‘67, Torii Station April 67 thru Dec 69 , Trick 3

Comments Man the good times we had, memories for a lifetime, the bowling league, trips to the “ville”, Orion beer, wouldn’t you like one now?my ‘55 Chevy, the good life we had. Miss you guys! Love to hear from you


Phil Hutson -  MOS 05-H

Duty Stations devens 67-68 Nam 68-69 (358th RRD/405th RRC) 82nd ABN Two Rock (69-70) Kagnew Sta. (70-71)

Current Location Asheboro, N.C.
Comments/Questions: hello boppers, wherever you are!


Edward Huttenlocher - MOS = 31J   &.  26D
Stationed = Camp Humphreys Korea 7th RR Udorn Thailand Location = Virginia
Message = Looking for Boston Bob Hall  and Nickname was Charlie Brown. Can't remember his real name..


Elwyn M. Hux - MOS 058.6

Location Port HUron, MI

Years of Service 1956-1959

Duty Stations 8 miles north of seoul little town called meria 177th


Norwood (Woody) Hux -  MOS 76Y

Location Harrisville, MI


Bill Hyder - MOS 05H20
Duty Stations Torii Station (51st SOC)
Current Location Lancaster Calif.
Comments/Questions: Ditty bopper between 1966 and 1968


Bruce Hyman - MOS 1967.1680

Location Portland, Oregon

Years of Service 1958-1962

Duty Stations Army Language School. Monterey CA, 1958-59; Ft. Meade MD, Aug-Sep 1959;
9th ASA Field Station Sept 1959- Mar 1961.
325th ASA Battalion, Ft Devens MA, Oct 1961- Aug 1962.

Comments Looking for others who served in the Philippines, and for the next reunion.


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