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Clifton D. Eames Jr - MOS = 722.10
Stationed = Sept '59 thru Aug '62
Ft Jackson SC,  Ft Devens MA,  Ft Gordon GA 

Frankfurt Germany Gutleut Kaserne IG Farben Bldg

Location = Fort Smith, Ar
Message = best three years of my life. enjoyed the work I did and got to see a lot of Europe. made a lot of friends but lost track of them. would do it again in a heartbeat.


Jim East - MOS 983

Location Ballwin, MO

Years of Service 1955-1958

Duty Stations Tokyo Oji Chitose


Phillip Eaton -  MOS 058.2 (morse intercept)
Duty Stations Two Rock Ranch 1958-59 177th ASA Co., Miari, Korea 1959 Clark AFB Philippines 1959 Bangkok 1959-1960 Current Location Punta Gorda, Florida
Comments/Questions: 177th was by itself, along the MSR in Mia-ri Po; 5th RRU was in early stages, and we were living in "the palace" at 63 Soi Prom Pong; sent to Clark from 177th when we started to move equipment and personnel in to build 5th RRU.


Dennis Echols -  MOS 31j20
Duty Stations 509 RRCUV Davis Station Vietnam
Current Location Venice, FL

Comments Davis Station 1969 - 1970


Bill (Sparky) Eckenrode - MOS = 841/843
Duty stations = Camp Hakata(14th field station) Japan I was at the 14th from 1963-1965 HQ Co. i was the army photographer/lab tech. Played football,softball and refed basketball. Would liked to hear from anybody from that time frame


Ed Eckman - MOS = 0799
Duty stations = Herzo base
Pals. Respond - Bob Mcginnes.


Bill Edinger - MOS = 98G
Duty stations = FSB, FSA


Bruce Edmondson -  MOS 72B

Location Brandon, FL


Bruce Edwards- MOS = 72b
Stationed = 14th ASA Field Station Sept 1963  -  March 1964
5th RRU  April 1964 - May 1965
3rd RRU  June 1965 Feb 1966
Location = Brandon FL
Message = Trying to prove I was in Viet Nam for Vet Benefits - so far no luck with Army -- any ideas


Landon Edwards - MOS 98G2LRU

Location Midlothian, VA 

Years of Service 1974-1977

Duty Stations DLIWC, Monterey, CA GAFB, San Angelo, TX Ft. Devens, Ayer, MA USFS Augsburg, Germany

Comments A5RT, Trick 2 (if memory serves). Others with me were Burkett (Butch and Charlotte), Bergeron (John and Marcia Culbertson). Dennis Greiner, Jerry Lineberry, and the Polish and Czech lingies whose names I don't recall. Probably others I'm missing, too. Gary Bode was NCOIC of A5 during most of my time.


Ray Edwards - MOS 05G

Location Colorado Springs, CO

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Ft. Devens Training Center and School 303rd RR Bn (509th RRGp) & 856th RRD (Supporting 199th LIB) Det. R, USASA Security Company Augsburg

Penny (Howard) Efaw - MOS 05G

Location Sistersville, WV

Years of Service 1972-974

Duty Stations 201st. ASA CO. Augsburg, Germany and then to Det. P in Vicenza, Italy

Comments I loved my job and had a lot of respect for the men and women I worked with. Would love to hear from others in my unit.


William (Bill) Egan - MOS = 058/059
Stationed = Det 27, Ankara, Turkey.  10/1960-10/1962 Location = Allentown, PA


Gerald Eger - MOS 05H

Location Lyons, KS

Years of Service 1973-1976

Duty Stations Vint Hill Farms, Augsburg


Arthur Ehrenberg - MOS 98C20

Location Las Vegas, NV

Years of Service 1967-1970

Duty Stations Bad Aibling 67-69 409th RRD 69-70


Robert (Bob) Eickhorst - MOS = 31S30
Stationed = Ramasun Station Thailand and Camp Humphreys Korea.

Location = Iowa City Iowa

Message = Glad I found this web site.  Sure would like to contact the guys I served with.


Michael Eilerman - MOS 31J20

Location Lima, Ohio

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Torii Station Okinawa, Japan


Eller Elbert - MOS 67G20

Location Albertville, AL

Years of Service 1970-1974

Duty Stations Ft. Jackson- Basic Fr. Devens -Basic morse Ft. Rucker -Acft Maint 156th Avn Co (RR) Can Tho RVN 146th Avn Co (RR) Long Than North RVN 138th Avn Co (RR) Phu Bai RVN 156th USASA Avn Co (FW) Biggs Field Ft. Bliss Tx.


Joe Eldridge - MOS 72B20

Location Rossville, GA

Years of Service 4



Milton Eldridge - MOS 95B20, 94D20

City And State Somersworth, New Hampshire
Years of Service 12.5
Duty Stations AHS, 1973-1974, Mt. Meissner 1974-1978
Comments I served proudly behind the lines! ?


James Elliott - MOS 982

Location Las Vegas, NV

Years of Service 1962-1982



Frederick R. Ellis -  MOS
Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Ma Two Rock Ranch, Petaluma, CA 330 CRC, Yangon, Korea Vint Hill Farms, Warrenton, VA
Current Location Blanco, TX
Comments/Questions: Not much info about 330 CRC


Bert Elliott - Camp Zama, Japan & Helemano, Hawaii


Danny Elmore - The patch for the 375th AVN in the 303rd battalion, (LongHorns).  Quick fix moved from my generation's beloved Hueys (we were in UH-1H with a J prefix to show that they were experimental birds (I may not have supposed to have said that, but it's long since been retired)) in about 1980 to the Sikorsky EH - 60 A platform.  It was retired sometime in the late 90's as I understand it.
Also while many of the crew served in VN, the system itself was stationed in the US while I was with it and I started with it almost from its delivery to Ft. Hood.  I don't want to misrepresent it or insult anyone.
I have lots of stuff including the Army Research Institute study of it, but the study I have is from the crews after me and unfortunately I do not have our study from the very beginning.  It appears the study that they did on us was declassified decades back but now lost to history.  By study, you may know what I mean, endurance of crew and hardware for time, altitude, temperature, for fatigue with sleep deprivation, can you function with nomex gloves on, how fast can you install the AN/ARQ 33 systems & TLQ/17 systems in the bird and stuff like that.  Over and over and over.  Tested and tested and tested. Who's in the right seat and who's in the left.  Our pilots had it easy, they just flew. Well maybe I am underestimating their contribution since they had to set our vor points from which we duffies started as we triangulated a target.
And then we get word everybody has to be trained as a door gunner.  That was a blast, literally!


Dan Elsen -  MOS 05D

Duty Stations Devens, VN,Vint Hill among others

Current Location Minneapolis, Mn


Paul B. Elwell - MOS  05K, 71L

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Det 27, Ankara 62 Two Rock Ranch,2nd USASAFS Ft. Hood, 303rd. 8th RRFS, Phu Bai & DaNang, RVN Vint Hill Farms Station, 1st USASAFS Ft. Sam Houston.
Location Vancouver, WA.
Comments I really miss the ASA, Had great tours, with great comrades. Comments Got your e-mail today, just wanted to let you know I was at Phu Bai in 72, then when it shut down, the site was moved to Danang until I came home at the end of Jan 73.


Steve Emmett - MOS 9640, 1691

Location Windermere, FL

Years of Service 1968-1971

Duty Stations OIC Hippodrome, Sinop CO, 202/373 ASA Company, Fort Hood


LeRoy (Lee) Engle - MOS 04B2LJN 98B2LRU 98G4HRUC8 352C

Location Round Rock, TX

Years of Service 1970-1991

Duty Stations 303rd ASA Bn Fort Hood with duty at NSA 337ASA Fort Riley KS 1st Ops Bn Field Station Augsburg Instructor Duty Goodfellow 502nd ASA Bn Detachment Wobeck 307th MI Bn 207th MI Bde, VII Corps Instructor Duty Fort Huachuca


Steve Englehardt
Location Phoenix, AZ

Steve Englehardt -  MOS 26K40


John Epifanio - MOS 986

Location Bridgeport, CT

Years of Service 1959-1962

Duty Stations Chitose, Japan


Don Erickson - MOS = 058
Duty stations = Bad Aibling (Southgate)
Anyone still alive from Bad Aibling in early sixties?


Katherine Ross-Ashcroft-Ernest - MOS 33F20

Location Roseburg, OR

Years of Service 1974-1978

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, MO Ft. Devens, MA Augsburg FRG (Germany)

Comments Only Female 33F20.


Timothy Eslick - MOS 72B20

Location Anacortes, WA

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations Frankfurt, Germany


Ruben Espada - MOS = 31M20 Stationed = SETAF....Vicenza,italy Location = Cayey P.R Message = anyone who served in SETAF ,by a radio operator and carrier glad to hear about you...thanks Ruben..KP4 BP..


Tom Espy - MOS 054D

Location Fort Worth, TX

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Ft Devens 8th RRU-Phu Bai Homestead AFB 76th ASA SOU


Alden Estep Jr - MOS 05H20

Location Mechanicsville, MD

Years of Service 3 1/2

Duty Stations Ft Jackson, Ft Devens, Two Rock Ranch, 330th Viet Nam, Ft Bragg, Vint Hill Farm.......and out

Comments Unit 10 considered, poo pooded.


Robin Estes - MOS 98C

Years of Service 3 years
Duty Stations Ft Devens Ft Hood
Current Location Jameson Missouri
Comments Looking


Daniel Estrada - MOS 05C

Location San Diego, CA

Years of Service 1980-1983

Duty Stations Fort Gordon Leighton Barracks Würzburg, Fort Carson


Jenaro (Tito) Estrada - MOS 9620

Location Conroe, TX

Years of Service 2

Duty Stations Ft. Devens Arlington Hall Station


Panfilo Estrada - MOS 05K2L68

Location Sand Springs, OK

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, MO basic Ft. Devens, MA mos school Bad Aibling, Germany 1965-1968

Comments TDY to Ft. Campbell for Dominican Republic Crisis 1965 TDY to Herzo Base 1967 Great times. Great memories!!!!!


Charles Etheridge - MOS 102F10

Location Parksley, VA

Years of Service 1972-1976

Duty Stations Fort Devens Ma. Vint Hill Farms Station

Comments I was Proud to Serve.


Charley Evans - MOS 058

Location Weatherford, TX

Years of Service 1953-1956

Duty Stations Torii Station 8603rd DU

Comments Would like to make contact with anyone that was at that station at the same time I was there


Larry Euler -  MOS 058
Duty Stations Homestead AFB 1962-64
Current Location Madison, WI


Joseph Evans - MOS 98B20

Location Portsmouth, VA

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations USASATC&S Fort Devens....4th USASAFS Asmara, Ethiopia.....177th USASA OC Pyeongtaek, Korea

Lawrence (Larry) Evans - MOS 72B20, 72F20D1, 97G30 63N30H, 63E30H

Years of Service 1971-1998 with a 7 year break between 74 and 81

Duty Stations Torii Station Okinawa, NSA Ft. Meade, Camp Novi Korea, Ft. Campbell KY, Ft. Knox, Bamberg Germany
Current location Kentucky
Torii Station '72-73 then off to NSA. Got an early out due to Vietnam winding down. Apparently had brain damage from all the electronics because after 7 years of drinking myself stupid and chasing skirts, I decided to quit drinking and joined back up and stayed to retirement. Was a CI analyst when I retired out of the 101st in 1998.


Lawrence Evans - MOS 72F

Location Elizabethtown, KY

Years of Service 1971-1974

Duty Stations Torii Station, NSA


Peter D. (Pete) Evans -  MOS 982.17
Duty Stations Ft Dix 1961 Basic Training Ft Devens 1961 1962 Ft Bragg NC 1962 -1964 313th Hq Co
Current Location Salisbury Maryland
Comments/Questions: Looking for reunions


Robert Evans - MOS 76Z50, 92Z50

Location Cocoa, FL

Years of Service 26

Duty Stations Basis @ Ft Knox KY (61) , Ft Lee Va (AIT) (61-64), Pusan Korea (64-65),Arlington Hall Station VA (65-67), Ipswich Queensland (67-70), Vint Hill Farms Station VA (70-70), 8th RRFS Phu Bai Vietnam (70-71), Arlington Hall Sta VA (71-72), Field Station Berlin W Germany (72-76) , ASA Support Group Ft Geo G. Meade, MD (76-79), Det 4 Sinop Turkey, (79-79), IMDSO Ft Geo G Meade, MD (80-83), 68th Medical Group Ziegenberg % Wiesbaden Air Base Germany (83-86), Fort Lee VA (86-87) Retirement 1987 - Present (2019)

Comments I was a regular Army Soldier Quartermaster Corps (MOS: 76Z / 92Z)until I came back from Busan Korea and then was drafted into the Army Security Agency (65-83) last four years of my career was back to regular Army. I was not a ASA / MI soldier.


Steve Evans - MOS 33B, 33C, 33S

Location Ooltewah, TN

Years of Service 1967-1977

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Herzo, Schneeberg, Long Binh, Tan An, Phouc Vinh, Berlin


William N. Evans - Years of Service 1956 - 1964  MOS 283.10 Electronic Warfare Equipment Repairman
Duty Stations Schneeberg, Germany; WSMR, New Mexico; Ft Wolters, TX; Rothwesten, Germany; Dahme, Germany; Offenbach, Germany Current Location Denver, Colorado


Robert "Steve" Everly - MOS 31S20
Duty Stations Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. Basic Jul '67-Oct '67. FT Monmouth NJ Oct '67-Aug '68. Sp-5 HQ 508th ASA Seoul, YeongDeungPo Sep '68-Aug '69. HQ 507th FS Augsburg Germany Sep '69-Jul '71. 4yr Reserves. Then HQ 1st Bn 144 Field Artillery Reg. Santa Barbara Ca. Jul '75-Jul '79 Communications (SFC E-6)
Current Location Overland Park, Kansas
Comments I enjoyed the service very much and the tours of duty were for me great duty stations. Was on duty the night the North Koreans shot down one of our EC spy planes in the North Sea of Japan. Spent almost the whole year in my off duty hours teaching English in a Korean Grade School. Left Korea fairly fluent in the Korean Language. Had a great time with the people of Korea and gained a lot of great friendships. Germany was also a great experience too as I spoke some German before I went. Those two countries experiences for me almost fills a book which I am writing about my 10 years in the service. It set the stage for a lifetime full of experiences, travels and accomplishments.


Donald L Evilsizor - MOS = 058 059 98J 98Z
Stationed = Fort Devens Rothwesten Fort Meade NSA
14th FLD STN Japan Pensacola Corry Field
330th RRC Pleiku Herzo HQ USASAE Frankfurt
Augsburg Fld Stn Fort Knox
Location = Columbia City Indiana
Message = Started out as a ditty bopper then to numerous other areas of the 05K intercept and research options.
My ham radio call is KA9QWC & my wife is also into amateur radio. Enjoy communicating with all my ASA folks along with AFSS & Navy Sec Grp friends too.


Charles Ewen - MOS 98G2LRU

Location Scarsdale, NY

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations 1968-1970. DLIWC 1970-1972. Field Station Berlin

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