Find a Friend – D

Gary Dabakey - MOS 52B30

Location Wyoming MI

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Camp Humphreys Korea


Gerald Dado - MOS 058

Location Elizabeth, PA

Years of Service 1961-1964

Duty Stations Bad Aibling, Germany

Comments looking for Ken and Kirk Minor and Gary W.Mack,and Richard Warren


Debra Daggett

Location Missoula, Montana


Patrick Dalager - MOS 31E

Location Corpus Christi, TX

Years of Service 1974-1979

Duty Stations Leonard Wood, Devens, Casey/Hovey

Comments Most fun, least paid time of my life. Long live all my old brother and sisters. We Won The Cold War.


Lee Dale - MOS 98C20

Location McKinney, Texas

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Fort Leonard Wood, Fort Devens, 16th USASA Field Station at Herzo Base, 337th ASA Company at Fort Riley


John M Daley - MOS = 05H
Stationed = Torii Station, Okinawa
Location = Oakwood, Ga
Message = ASA Det Wobeck Ft. Carson, COASA - Best of the Best


Dan Dalton - 98G2LRU

Location Anchorage, AK

Years of Service 1973-1979

Duty Station DLI-1973-1974 FS Misawa 1974-1976 374th ASA DSC Ft. Carson 1976-1977


Richard Daly - MOS 98BH20, 98C

Location Stamford, CT

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Ft. Deven's MA for 998C school 8th RRFS Phu Bai RVN Ft. Deven's for 98B school Stayed on at Deven's as a 98B instructor


Richard Dalzell - MOS 98G

Location Tucson, AZ

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Monterey, CA, Miari, SKorea, Washington, DC


Vic D'Amore - MOS 982

Duty Stations Ft Devens Ayer, MA Kagnew Station 4th USASA Field Station Asmara Ethiopia
Location Hauppauge, NY


Allen A. Daniels - MOS = 05D

Stationed = 5th RRU
Location = Montgomery, Al
Message = Looking for 05D's assigned to 5th RRU in March 1966


Charles H. Daniels - MOS 05H, 05D 98Z
Duty Stations School Ft. Devens ASA SODs (ABN) Ft Bragg Panama Vietnam Ft. Devens Det A. Kaohsiung FS Taiwan 7 FS Tailand FS Augsburg Germany
Current Location Jacksonville Florida
Comments/Questions: Like the site keep up the good work


David Daniels - MOS 98G

Location Greenville, Mississippi

Years of service - 1977 - 2000

Duty Stations DLI, Field Station Berlin, 104th MI, 375 ASA/C Co 163rd MI


Gerri N. Daniels - MOS 33B20
Duty Stations Ft Leonard Wood, MO Ft Devens, MA Ft Wolters, TX Engineer Hill, Pleiku, Viet Nam Herzo Base, Herzogenaurach, Germany Flak Kaserne, Augsburg, Germany
Current Location Bloomington, IN
Comments/Questions: Was one of the 330th ASA / RRC "Boat People" on the Gaffey. Member SigMaint Platoon. Ran many convoys down Hwy 19. Left on emergency leave May 66. Former name: John N Tracy


Ed Dapper - MOS 982.10

Location Round Rock, Texas

Years of Service 1956 and 1957

Duty Stations ASA Headquarters Ft. Kobbe, C.Z.


Sam Darby - I was at the 14th FLD STA, FROM '65 TO '68, Trick 1, MOS-058, and would enjoy any information from a veteran that knew Satozaki!  Had a band at the NCO Club, called the Spiderman! Look forward to reading your life story! I'm looking for anyone who was at the base from 1965 thru 1968, and remembers Kyushu, APO 96502


Daniel H. Darling - MOS 26K & 33C

Location New Berlin, IL

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations Unit 1: Devens (66) Unit 2: TUSLOG DET 4 Bankhead III (67-68) Unit 3: VHFS-MSC (68-69)


Robert Darnley - MOS 05H40
Duty Stations 175th, 146th Avn, 144th Avn, 199th 2
Current Location Las Vegas, NV
Comments Many memories from 1967 to 1970. Actually did time in the field with 199th Infantry in 1970 after the ASA.


Bram Darrow - MOS 98J

Location Woodstock, GA

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations Fort Devens Helemano 12th USASAFS, Chitose, Japan Fort Devens (Project Leftout)

Comments Joined the USAR in 1979. the ASA was gone but the mission continues. 98J20-98J40, 98Z50

Jack Dasef - MOS = 058

Location = Eugene, OR, USA

Stationed = 9th USASAFS Clark Air Base Philippines


Glenn Date - MOS 75Z5H

Location Cumberland, RI

Years of Service 23

Duty Stations USA Signal Research Unit #2, Zweibrucken, Germany; USASAFS Bad Aibling, Germany; HQ USASA PAC, Helemano, HI; USA Signal Research Unit #11, Don Muang, Thailand; 83D RRSOU, Bangkok, Thailand, 7th RRFS, Udorn, Thailand (with dy sta 509th RR GP); Det B, 7th RRFS, Ubon, Thailand; USASAFS Misawa Japan, USASAFS San Antonio, TX; Joint Electronic Warfare Center (JEWC), San Antonio, TX; USASMA El Paso, TX; HQ USACENTCOM (FWD), Maastrict, Netherlands; USATC, Fort Devens, MA.


Douglas Daugherty - MOS = 05G
Duty stations = Ft. Dix, Ft Devens, Long Bien RVN, Ft Hood


Michael David - MOS 286

Location Highlands PArk, CO

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations 321st in Korea


Bill Davidson - MOS = 33C20 Duty stations = Shemya 71-72


Phil Davidson - 05H
3rd RRU, Saigon, Vietnam, 1966 -67, 175th RRC, Bien Hoa, Vietnam, 67 - 68, FS Hakata, 68 -72, FS Misawa, 72 -74, 156th ASA Avn Co, Ft Bliss, TX, FS Augsburg, Germany, 80 - 83, FS Okinawa, 83 - 85 (closure), 109th MI Bn, Ft Lewis, WA, 86 - 88, 1st MI Co, Honduras, Central America, 88 - 89. RETIRED
Lakewood, WA, from May - Sept, Mesa, AZ from Oct - May


Bill Davis - MOS 95B20

Location Port St. Lucie, FL

Years of Service 4



Bob Davis - MOS 05F20

Location Mercer, WI

Years of Service 1975-1978

Duty Stations 329TH ASA KOREA 337TH ASA FT. RILEY KS


Cathy Davis - MOS 98C

Location Milton, FL

Years of Service 1973-1976

Duty Stations Augsburg, Germany Ft Devens


Jack Davis - MOS 286.2

Location Sarasota, FL

Years of Service 1960-1963

Duty Stations Ft. Jackson, SC (Basic) Ft. Devens, MA (Intercept Equipment Repair training) 12th USASA Field Station, Chitose, Japan

Comments Three of the most informative, enjoyable, memorable, maturing, educational and formative years of my life.


Jack Davis - MOS 98J2

Location Arvada, Colorado

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Jun 1964 to Dec 1964 251st USASA Processing Company Frankfurt, West Germany
Jul 1965 to Oct 1965 Headquarters Company, 318th USASA Battalion Herzo Base, Herzogenaurach, West Germany
Oct 1965 to Aug 1967 US EUCOM Electronic Intelligence Center Lindsey Air Station, Wiesbaden, West Germany


Charles Davis - Years of Service 62-65
MOS 716.20 Duty Stations USASAPC Ft Monmouth, 12th FS Chitose, 14th FS Hakata, 8th RRU Phu Bai
Current Location Pearland Tx


Chuck Davis - MOS = 965.????
Duty Stations = Coburg, Germany, Det. K-1, 302nd ASA Bn Later became 318th ASA Bn.
Location = Hoopeston, IL
Message = Served 3/56 - 3/69


George M. (Mike) Davis - MOS

Location Montgomery, TX

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations Tuslog Det.4 (Turkey) 1966-1967, Herzogenaurach (Germany) 1967-1969


James (Jim) Davis - MOS 98J4H

Location Sterling, VA

Years of Service 74, 75, 76, 77

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. Ft. Devens, MA.

Comments Military Instructor at the ASA School, Ft. Devens, MA. HQ Co. 1st Bn. USASATC&S


Joseph H. Davis -  MOS 98Z20 (MSG Ret)

Duty Stations  ASA 403rd  SOD (Abn) 7th Special Forces Group @Ft.Bragg,NC., 400th ASA OD (Abn)  1st SPG Okinawa,Japan.--Jan.1966-July 1966, TDY to RVN,support 3rd RRU (403rd ASA SOD (Abn) Pleiku, CONUS 313th ASA Ft.Bragg,1967, 1968 Korea for special assignment for the NSA, 401st ASA SOD (Abn) 8th SFG Panama Canal Zone-1969-1972, 1972-1973 RVN Field Station,Phu Bai,& Can Tho,326 AVN Co. --301st ASA,Ft.Bragg,NC 1973-1974, 1974-1976 Recruiter Ft.Bliss,El Paso,Texas. 1976-1977 Recruiter Albuquerque, NM.


Joseph H. Davis -  MOS 05H40, 90Z40

Duty Stations Ft.Bragg,NC. Pleiku, Phu -Bai, Can To,Vietnam. Canal Zone,Panama.
Current Location Austin,TX.
Comments Just found this site.


Richard Davis - MOS = supply-medical
Duty  stations = Sinop Turkey and Vint Hill Farms I have been looking for friends but have not had much luck


Robert Davis - MOS 05C20

Location Springfield, Ohio

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations 175th RR Co. 1968-69 Arlington HAll Station 1969-1971


Robert Davis - Years of Service 20
MOS 98G/98Z
Duty Stations Fort Leonard Wood, DLISW, GAFB, Phu Bai, Da Nang, Udorn, DLIFLC, GAFB, Augsburg, GAFB,Augsburg,DLIFLC,Fort Hood, Katterbach/Ansbach, Fort Huachuca
Current Location Kempner, TX

Comments  Flew as mission crew on Left Jab with the 138th and with the Aviation Section of the 7th FS in Thailand. Seconded from the 326th ASA Company to 1st Ops at FSA. Instructor at GAFB. Ended career with Intelligence and Security Test Board at Huachuca


Steve Davis -  MOS O5H
Duty Stations Ft.Ord, Ft. Devens, Can Tho 335th RRC 71-72, Ft. Meade
Current Location Seattle, Washington


Steve Davis MOS 98C20

Location Houston, TX

Years of Service 1976-1979

Duty Stations USASA Field Station Augsburg


​Wade Davis - MOS 05K20
Duty Stations Ft. Devens, MA (68-69), Sinop Turkey (69-70), Vint Hill Farms, VA(1970), Udorn Thailand (70-71)
Current Location Alexandria, VA ( in the Washington DC metro area)
Comments I now work for the Blinded Veterans Association


Walter Davis - MOS = 74E20
Stationed = Bad Aibling and Frankfurt Germany

Location = Pensacola, FL.

Comment Would like to contact anyone from the VO's group in Bad Aibling 66-67


​John Davison - MOS 71L30
Duty Stations Arlington Hall Station CDSA
Current Location Carlsbad, CA
Comments 1971-1975


William Davison - MOS 72B

Location Tampa, Florida

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Helemano Military Reservation


Leslie Tony Dawley - MOS 98B

Location Livingston, TX

Years of Service 1970-1973

Duty Stations Basic: Ft. Ord, CA
AIT: Ft. Devens, MA, 1st Plt., Co G (CA) '70 - '71
335th RRC Can Tho, RVN '71 - '72
8th RRFS Phu Bai, RVN APR '72 - Jun '72
313th ASA BN, Ft. Bragg, NC Jul '72- Jul '73


Jeff Dawson - MOS 51L

Location Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Years of Service 1973-1979

Duty Stations 330th ASA Co. (AVN) Germany


Jimmy Dawson - MOS 05H

Location Edgewood, WA

Years of Service 1969-1972/1975-1992

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, MA Ft. Gulick, Panama Ft Benning, GA Ft Sill, OK Germany Ft Lewis, WA

Comments I spend twenty years on active duty. I retired in December 1992. I was stationed with Michael Brown in Panama (401st ASA SOD, 8th SFG) from 1971-1972. I would dearly like to make contact with him again.


Richard Dawson - MOS 059

City And State Jonesboro, Arkansas
Years of Service 1960 - 1963
Duty Stations Ft Jackson, Ft Devens, Shemya, Vint Hill
Comments Would like to contact anyone stationed in locations between 1960 and 1963. Doesn't seem to many of us left during this time frame.


James Day - MOS 33S20

Location Moncks Corner, SC

Years of Service 1974-1978

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, TUSLOG Det 4, Ft. Bliss, TX


L.B. Day - MOS = ATSCO
Duty stations = Arlington Hall  Station, 7th RRFS
The older I get the more I revere my service in the ASA.
Any friends out there who served with me around 1968 at the 7th RRFS and 1970 at Arlington Hall Station?


Marion Day - MOS 986

Location Manila, Philippines

Years of Service 1963-1967

Duty Stations Kuma Station


John DiCesare - MOS

Location Lanoka Harbor, NJ

Years of Service 1958-1961

Duty Stations Fort Devens Mass. 3rd Field Station Okinawa 176 sp opns unit Taiwan ROC 1959 Devins 1959 Okinawa 1959 1961 Taiwan(Formosa) Taipei/Taichung


Tim de Fontes -  MOS 05H20
City And State York pa
Years of Service 1965-1969
Duty Stations 7th RRFS Udorn 66-67 14th ASAFS hakata 67-69
Comments Tent city was a trip. I left a week after they opened the new barracks.


Tom Deaton - Years of Service 1964-1968 MOS 98J20

Duty Stations 319th USASA Bn, Rothwesten, Germany Gartow, Germany Outstation, USASATEC, Ft. Huachuca, Az.Current Location Donna, Tx. 78537

Comments Enjoyed my 4 years very much.


Paul DeChamplain - MOS 32G

Location New Cumberland, PA

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations Torii Station 330th Pleiku 330th Nha Trang AHS


Grant Deem - MOS 05D20

Location North Lima, OH

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Camp Humphreys, Det B Bahamas Ft Bragg Vint Hill Farms Back to Korea


Dennis DeFries - MOS 05H

Duty Stations Ft Devens 8th RRU - Phu Bai RVN 14th USASA Fld Sta - Hakata
Location Olympia, WA


David C. Deger - MOS 98C
Duty Stations Started May 1968. Devens for Crypto School after Basic Training a Ft Jackson. Two Rock Ranch for pre-mission training, 330 R & R Company then out to Det 4, held at 313 Bat. after De Lat closed for 30 days awaiting a flight home. NSA for 1 1/2 years. Finished Jan 1972.
Current Location Annapolis, Maryland
Comments Any 330th R & R Co, Detachment 4 De Lat Alumni out there?


William Deland -  MOS 81E20

Location Holiday, FL


James Delaney - MOS 05H

Location Seattle, Washington

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Fort Ord, Fort Devens, Rothwesten, Germany

Comments If I thought my job was important, I would have paid more attention.


Porfirio De La Garza - MOS 05H20

Location San Antonio, TX

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations 602nd ASA Detachment-Helemano 175th RRFS-Bien Hoa

Gregory Dubay - MOS 98J

Eddie (Ponce) De Leon - MOS = 05H20
Stationed = Ft Leonard Wood, MO,Ft Devens, Vietnam,Heidelberg. Germany Ft Huachuca AZ from Stockdale Texas, live in Gainesville MO.
Location = Gainesville Mo.
Message = Developed prostate cancer from agent orange.  I would like to talk to all  that I was around.


Louis Del Frate - MOS 98C20

Location Green Bay, Wisconsin

Years of Service 1971-1979

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, 175th RRFS Viet Nam, Ft. Hood, TX, Ft. Richardson, AK

Comments I had a chance to go to Tasmania following Viet Nam. I thought it was a joke. I turned it down and went to Alaska. What an idiot kid!


Vidal Delgado - MOS 05H40/98Z50

Location San Antonio, TX

Years of Service 24.5

Duty Stations Fort Leonard Wood, MO Fort Devens, MA Two Rock Ranch, CA Vietnam Kagnew Station, Ethiopia Vint Hill Farms, VA Torii Station, Okinawa Galeta Island, Panama Fort Hood, TX

Comments Entered the Army in May 1965 and was assigned to the Army Security Agency after basic training. Was a member of ASA until it was decommissioned in 1976. I continued my service in INSCOM until my retirement in 1989. Have lived in San Antonio, Texas since my retirement.


Donnie DeLoney - Vietnam in 1962-Philippines-Japan-  Ft. Sam Houston


David Delp - MOS = 056
Stationed = Korea....177.//..Det.  C....58 / 59 Hakata.........14th....59/ 60 Japan
Location = Reading, PA
Hey guys.....get a card game


James Delver - MOS 05K

Location Tipp City Ohio

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Fort Hood Texas


Edward Demetrion -  MOS 71B
Current Location Wilbraham, Massachusetts


Steve Demore - MOS = 33S, 33T
Stationed = 326th ASA, Ft. Huachuca (EPG), 102 MI Location = Pasadena, MD


Howard Dennard - MOS 05K
Duty Stations Herzo Base Two Rock Ranch
Current Location Auburndale, Florida


Michael Deptula - MOA 72B

Location Lancaster, PA

Years of Service 1969-1990

Duty Stations USASACUPI Clark AB Philippines 70-71, Vint Hill Farms Warrenton, Va., 71-72, WHCA 72-90

Comments Would like to locate any PI, or VHFS Comm center pukes I was with in the day.


John DeRan - 93G

Location Delta, PA

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations Thule Air Base, Greenland, Nadi, Fiji


Al Derenberger - MOS = 05H20
Duty stations = Misawa Japan

Location  Marion, Ohio


Donald Descoteaux - MOS 05K

Location Murrieta, CA

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Ft.Devens Mass. School Torii Station Okinawa Ft.Devens Instructor Sinop Turkey


Richard Deso - MOS = electronic repair
Stationed = 8605th AU, Oahu, Hawaii
1954-1956 Location = Spring Hill, Florida 34608
Message = Our unit has reunions, annually, and is shrinking because of age. I served ASA proudly, and hope to continue with our reunions


Robert J. Destatte - MOS 058
Duty Stations Ft Devens, 5/59-12/59 Shemya Island, 1/60-12/60 Vint Hill Farms, 1/61-5/61 3rd RRU (Saigon, DaNang, Pleiku) 5/61-7/63
Location Temecula, CA


Rocco DeTeso  - MOS 98C30

Location Hubbard LAke, MI

Years f Service 4

Duty Stations Fort Devens, Massachusetts USASATC&S Sept 67- March 68 Fort Meade, Maryland Specific training April 68 Phu Bai RVN 8th FS May 68-May 69 Asmara, Ethiopia (Eritrea) KAGNEW Station 4th FS June 69-Dec 70 Fort Meade Maryland, Duty at NSA January - May 1971 til ETS.... Highly aware civilian since then...Take nothing at face value, find the truth, "facts" lie.....

one should have figured it out but it didn't happen.....the info was there right in front of them....Same as Pearl Harbor....the entire situation smells very bad...and still does today....!!! Not an Intel failure but a morality failure... Comments Wish the ASA was still around just before 9-11-2001......Some one should have figured it out but it didn't happen.....the info was there right in front of them....Same as Pearl Harbor....the entire situation smells very bad...and still does today....!!! Not an Intel failure but a morality failure...


Jeffrey DeTurk - MOS 05H30

Location Kutztown, PA

Years of Service 1967-1970

Duty Stations 1st Radio Research Co. (Avn.) at Cam Ranh Bay from January 1968 - October, 1970

Comments  I was an O5H30 and flew over 200 missions as a dittybopper, communicator, and controller. Is there anyone out there that remembers me?


John Devenish - MOS = 1807
Stationed = Seoul Korea Location = Carson City, NV
I was a member of the 501st in Seoul in 1954-55. I left Korea in June '55 being assigned to ASAPAC in Japan. If you have any members from the 501st during those dates I'd like to know.
Thanks, John Devenish Carson City


Brigitte Devenir - MOS 71B

Location Los Angeles, CA

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations USA ASA FS Augsburg S2
USA ASA FS Gablingen


Richard Devine - MOS = 05H
Stationed = Flak kaserne attached to 3rd ops bn Location = San Diego, California Message = I've seen a video where several of the buddies I made over there have passed. 76-78, flak, anyone left out there.


Colin Devlin - MOS 51L20

Location Statesville, NC

Years of Service 1

Duty Station 329th ASA


Robert De Walt - MOS = 05K
Duty stations = Bad Aibling and Augsburg


Zenon Dewicki - MOS 980

Years of Service 1

Location Peoria, Arizona

Duty Stations Ft Devens, Ft Sill

Comments Started In 324th ASA bn, Co C. Sent home in 314th ASA Bn Co C


Robert Dibble - MOS 33S20 Electronic Warfare Systems Analyst

Location Jacksonville, FL

Years of Service 1974-1978

Duty Stations 329th Army Security Agency Camp Page Korea Vint Hill Farms Virginia Army Security Agency Depo maintenance shop


John DiCesare MOS 056

Location  Lanoka Harbor NJ

Years of Service 1958-1961

Duty Stations Fort Devens Mass. 3rd Field Station Okinawa 176th sp opns unit Taiwan ROC 1959 Devins 1959 Okinawa 1959 1961 Taiwan(Formosa) Taipei/Taichung


Red Dickhens - MOS 05H & 98Z

Location Florissant, MO

Years of Service 1974-1994

Duty Stations Duty stations: 7th Radio Research Field Station, Ramasun Thailand - 1975-1976; Ft. Meade, MD - 1976-1977; Field Station Korea - 1977-1979; Field Station San Antonio, TX - 1979-1980; 329th ASA 2nd ID Korea - 1980-1981; 303rd MI BN, Ft. Hood, TX - 1981-1982; Field Station Korea - 1982-1983; Intelligence School, Ft. Devens, MA - 1983-1985; Field Station Kunia, Hawaii - 1985-1988; Total Army Personnel Command, Alexandria, VA - 1988-1994 (Assignments Branch); Retired US Army - 1994.

Comments I am the admin for Facebook Page for 7th Radio Research Field Station, Ramasun Thailand.


Gary Dickson - MOS 98C

Location Brunswick, GA

Years of Service 1973-1976

Duty Stations USASAFS Berlin


Tom Diehl - MOS 05H

Duty Stations Viet Nam, BAd Aibling, Ubon, Fort Devens, Augsburg, Fort Dix

Location Manila, Philippines

Comments Twelve years active, 15 Reserve/National Guard.  Retired as CSM of 45th Inf. Bde in 95.  Married Army Nurse, now also retired.  Both SCUBA divers, so retired to PI to do some traveling and diving.


Edward Dietrich - MOS 05K2H

Location Beverly Hills, FL

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Ft. Dix Ft. Devens Sinop Turkey Ft. Devens


Jack Dietz - MOS 72B, 05F
City And State Las Vegas, NV
Years of Service 1972-1980
Duty Stations 7TH RRFS, 337th ASA, Reforgers, 408th ASA, American Embassy. Bangkok


Vaughn Dietze - MOS 

Location Chicago, IL

Years of Service 1963-1967

Duty Stations Herzo Base Germany | 1964 - 1967


Leonard Diggs - Years of Service 1968-1972
MOS 72B40
Duty Stations Company-A USASA-GP Korea. AUG-69 TO DEC-70.
7th RRFS Thailand and DET-J UBON. Jan 1971 to MAR-1972.
Current Location Buda,TEXAS
Korea was tuff duty but exciting. Thailand was good duty. Only complaint was that I was supposed to go to Germany.


Gino DiGiulio - MOS

Location Las Vegas, Nevada

Years of Service 3 yrs 7 mo

Duty Stations Ft Devens 8th Ft Devens, Ma 8th RRFS Phu Bai, RVN 407th RRD Quang Tri, RVN 508th RRFS Camp Humphreys, Korea RRFS Phu Bai, RVN



Neil Dill -  MOS 72B20
Duty Stations Phu Bai 69-70, Asmara 70-71, Hakata 71-72
Current Location Iron Mountain, MI


George Dillard - MOS 058
Duty Stations Okinawa (Sobe) 1956-1958
Current Location Florence, South Carolina
Comments Just wondering if any other old timers are around ?

Richard Dillon - MOS = 981.10 (Cryptanalysis specialist
Duty stations = Bamberg, Germany (1954-56)  We never had patches or any outside insignia to identify us as ASA. The Army gave us soldier patches (Big Red One and VII Corps) that was it other then rank.
Belonged to 332nd CRC and later 502nd CR battalion. Same outfit, just changed nomenclature. I wound up as a Traffic Analyst.

Arrived in Coburg December 12, 1953, and found out the 332nd CRC was moving to Bamberg by years end. Eight of us became the advanced guard at the new field. Left on Christmas Eve for the 26 kilometer drive. Sometime in 1955 (springtime, I think) we became part of the 502nd CR BN. Lt Col Bates was the commander. Left Germany, January 2,1956 for the plane trip back home. Nowhere is the 332nd CRC mentioned in any info sheet, directive, etc. I was alive the entire time there, Col Bates was a real person; I have pictures of Bamberg, ,Doug Long is a real person (we talk by phone, and we also talk about Jim Ludwig who served with us. Nice guys all of us). Anyone out there that can help us? Anyone that can get the 332nd CRC mentioned? We are real and we lived a great three years in the ASA.? Email address is; phone number is: 703-858-1983. Thank you!t


Stan Dillon - MOS 98G, 04B

Location Makawao, Maui, HI

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations An Khe, Pleiku, Saigon


George Dion - MOS 05K

Location Brewster, MA

Years of Service 1968-1971

Duty Stations Devens 1968-69 Kagnew Station 69-70 NSA-Ft Meade 70-71


Nelson Dionne - 


Dave Ditmars - MOS 98G 04B

Location Columbus, Ohio

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations West Berlin Field Station, Teufelsberg, IG Farben, Andrews Kaserne 507th Special Airborne Detachment, Rhein-Main AFB Bad Aibling Field Station, Bad Aibling, Bavaria San Angelo AFB, TX DLI-WC, Presidio, Monterey, CA Fort Dix, NJ


Ray Dix - MOS 34B2T

Location Orange Beach, Alabama

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Ft Dix, basic, Nov 66 - Jan 67
Ft. Monmouth NJ, Jan 67 - Oct 67
Vint Hill Farms Station, Warranton VA Oct 67 - March 68
177th ASA Pyong Taek, April 68 - May 69
Ft. Monmouth NJ, May 69 - Oct 1970


Harry Dixon -  MOS 05k primary
Duty Stations Asmara, Eritrea Udon, Thailand
Current Location Georgia N.E., USA
Comments Basic Training - Fort Jackson Basic Schools - Fort Devens , Fort Meade \'65 - \'72


Marion Dixon -  MOS 722 Crypto
Duty Stations Asmara, Eritrea
Current Location Evansville, IN


David Doctor -  MOS 05c & 63c
Duty Stations Ft. Devens 66-67, Vint Hill Farms 370th ASA 67-68, Ft. Bragg 370th ASA 67-68, Rothwessen (Kassel) Germany 319th ASA 68-70
Current Location St. Louis, Mo


Jerry Dodge - MOS 05D

Location Tulsa, OK

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations 600th ASA Vicenza, Italy Sets A and B 66-68 18th USA Field Station Bad Aibling, Germany 68-69


Rob Dodson - MOS 98C/352C

Location San Antonio, Texas

Years of Service 1968-1972, 1984-2004

Duty Stations Ft. Devens Rothwesten Two Rock Ranch Phu Bai Seminole Station


Kenneth (Bob) Doehrman - OS 9620,9640,37D

Location Huntsville, AL

Years of Service 21

Duty Stations Herzo Base; Fort Gordon, GA twice.; AHS; USARV HQ

Comments Great organization and great people!


Bill Dollar - MOS 72B20

Location Muskogee, OK

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Herzo

Comments If there are any survivors out there, contact me. I was at Herzo from 1/65-5/68, I have run across a couple of ole buddies. I (and a couple of others} am looking for an old buddy name of Lopshire, Jerry(Lucky) W. LeGare if you see this contact me.


Tim Donahue - MOS 74D20

Location Virginia Beach, VA

Years of Service 1969-1972

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, MA; Frankfurt GE (I. G. Farben bldg., HQ Co.)


Brian Donnelly - MOS 33S20

Location Nashua, NH

Years of Service 1972-1975

Duty Stations Berlin


Robert Donovan - MOS 05H20

Location Allenspark, CO

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Korea, Japan and California


John Doody - MOS = 98.8 (?).
Stationed = Presidio of Monterey, Calif.
Location = Canandaigua, NY
Message = Class of R12-72 Russian  6/1958 to 6/1959.


Robert Dooman -  MOS 058

Ft. Devens (school) 1959 Bad Aibling 1960 TUSLOG Det 26 1960-1962
Location Chicago, IL

Comments I ended up giving up my P2 to run the post library full time Didn't know you guys were out there - are there still reunions?


William Dopp - MOS 981.1

Location Cincinnati, Ohio

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Ft.Devens and 14th Field Station Japan


Lawrence (Larry) Doran - MOS 72B4D1 Comm Center Specialist Served 1966-1971 (E1-E6)
Stationed = North Camp Drake, Tokyo Japan,  USASA CUJ Major Relay Station Location = Houston Texas


Eugene R. Doto - MOS 799

Location Del Ray Beach, Florida

Years of Service 1945-1947

Duty Stations Vint Hill Farms Station Va
Two Rock Ranch, Calif
Los Pinas. Philippines

Comments Wonder if any of my friends are sill around. I am now 90 yrs old. 


Glen Dotson - MOS 05D

Location Colorado Springs, CO

Years of Service 1967-1970

Duty Stations Chitose, Japan

Comments I would like to get involved with ASA Chitose Japan Assoc.


Richard Doty - Years of Service 3 years
MOS 71H Duty Stations ASA Headquarters, Arlington Hall
Current Location Carrollton, TX
Comments Served:  1966-1969


Richard "Lee" Doty -MOS 98C

City And State Shenandoah Junction, WV
Years of Service 1970 - 1991
Duty Stations With ASA, Devens 70-71, Hakata 71-72, Torii Station, 72, Homestead AFB, 73-74, Kelly AFB, 74-75


Tim "Spyder" Douget -  MOS 05H30

​Years of Service 9
Duty Stations USAFS Sobe, San Antonio, TX
Comments Replay in San Antonio
Location Iowa, LA


Richard Douglas - MOS 760, 765

Location Roanoke, VA

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations FT Gordon 9/62-11/62. FT Polk 11/62-1/63 FT Gordon 1/63-9/63 Davis station 3rd RRU 9/64. FT Bragg 313th ASA Bn 10/64-5/65. Dominican Republic (crisis) 5/65-9/65


Ron Douglas - MOS 98B & 98C
Duty Stations Hakata Japan, Ft. Devens Mass
Location Fremont, CA
Comments 98B in Japan Taught 98C mission training for Augsburg


Willie H. Douglas - MOS = 72 Eco
Duty Stations = Fort Gordon
Message = I wish I would have remain in the Army.I see the need now.Thank every one for the time in The U.S Army Army Strong.


Charles R. Dover - MOS = 33B
Duty stations = Ft. Devans, MA
I was stationed at Ft. Devans, MA in 1967 for my AIT and then to Chitose, Japan. I took my Basic at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO and am looking for anyone who was in my unit at that time.


Thomas Dowell - MOS 98G2LRU

Location Tucson, AZ

Years of Service 1971-79; 1983-2004

Duty Stations DLIWC, Monterey, CA; Goodfellow AFB; Field Station Berlin, 304th ASA/CEWI Battalion, Pasadena. TX, 90th ARCOM; NSG, Houston, TX (Reserve). Life as a Medic/Preventive Medicine Specialist at Grafenwöhr, Germany; Fort Knox, KY; Nürnberg, Germany; Desert Storm in Turkey/Iraq, Fort Hood, TX; Fort Bragg, NC; Fort Bliss, TX; Fort Lewis, WA; Operation Iraqi Freedom, Kuwait/Iraq

Comments Russian Linguist/Transcriber thru 70´s, then returned to active duty after several years in inactive reserve as 91S in Army Medical Department. Retired in 2004 as E-9 Sergeant Major after returning from OIF ( CSM of 47th Combat Support Hospital).


Jackie Doyle - MOS 05K

Years of Service Three
Duty Stations Fort Leonard Wood, Fort Devens, Kagnew Station, Fort Wolters
Current Location Denton Texas
Comments Glad I could serve with such a great group.


Jim Doyle - 05H
Years of Service 3 years - 1970-1973
Duty Stations AIT at Ft. Devens. Rothwestern, Gartow
Current Location Spring, TX (just north of Houston)
Comments 4 year enlistment. In 1972 when they announced that the war was ending they knocked my enlistment down to 3 yrs. - I was a happy camper!!


Lewis Drake Sr - I was stationed at the 9th USASAFS on Clark AB, PI during 1959-Feb 1961 - then was sent on TDY to the 5th RRU(P) in Bangkok, Thailand during Feb 61-Sep 61 - a 3 year enlistment end 28 Sep 61 - final rank was Sp5


Kenneth Drescher - MOS 05K20

Location Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Years of Service 2+

Duty Stations TUSLOG- Det 4


Barry Drey - MOS 98C

Location Birdsboro, Pa

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Fort Dix....Basic March 67 AIT Fort Devens JUNE 67 - NOV. 67 175th RRC, Bien Hoa, RVN , Nov. 67 - N0V. 68 Torii Station, OKI. DEC. 68 - MAY 69 175th RRC (FS) June 69 - Jan. 71

Comments 30 months with the 175th Radio Research, Bien Hoa, RVN


Gregory Drozda - MOS 05H

Location Pueblo, CO

Years of Service 1968-1971

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood - Basic 4/68-6/68 Ft. Devens - 05H AIT 5/68 - 12/68 Ft. Devens - TTC 1/69 - 2/69 Two Rock Ranch Station - pre deployment 2/69 175th RRFS, Bien HOA RVN 3/69 - 3/70 Two Rock Ranch Station 5/70 - 9/70 Vint Hill Farms Station 10/70 - 12/71 Honorable Discharge 12/71.


John F. Duback - MOS

Location Ottawa, IL

Duty Stations Basic: Ft. Leonard Wood, Jan-April '71. DLIWC, Presidio of Monterey, CA, May-Dec '71; German. TDY Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo, TX, Jan-May '72. Berlin, 6/72-3/74


Location Tallassee, AL

Years of Service 1970-1973

Duty Stations Ft Devens Ft Riley ASAFS Shemya Ft Bragg


John Duff - MOS = 33D

Duty stations = Bad Aibling Germany

Comments I would like to contact Charles Webb, who was stationed with me at Bad Aibling in the mid sixties.


Bernard Dugan

Location New Cumberland, PA


Stephen Dugan - MOS 71L20

Location Hedgesville, WV

Years of Service 6

Duty Stations 307th ASA Bn, Ludwigsburg Germany 1976-1979 USASSG Pentagon, Washington, DC 1979-1982


Albert Dumas - MOS 286.1

Location Holden, MA

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Fort Devens-Fort Meade-Kagnew Station


Floyd H. Duncan Jr -  MOS 100C
Duty Stations 138th Avn Co. Vietnam 71-72 156th Avn Co. El Paso, TX 72-75 146th Avn Co. Tague, Korea 75-76
Current Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Comments/Questions: Would like to hear from all that were in any one in the 138th, 156th. and 146th if possible?


William Duncan - MOS = O5G20
Duty stations = Long Binh / Bien Hoa Air Base
Great web-site. I have lost touch with all members of the 509th RR Group, 313th RR Battalion, C Company, 3rd Platoon. Wondering how many are still
with us.


Michael Dunham - MOS 33Q

Location Moorpark, CA

Years of Service 1986-1990 (Active) 1990-1994 (Reserve)

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Ma. and U.S. Army Field Station Berlin (USAFSB)

Comments I'm not ASA but INSCOM. Served with a lot of former ASA still active at that time. Lightning Fast Chicken Pluckers!


Paul Dunlap - Years of Service 1967-1971 MOS 04B2LVS (linguist), 98G2LVS (voice intercept)
Duty Stations DLISC, Biggs Field, Ft. Bliss, TX; Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo, TX; 335th RRC, 3rd Bd, 9th Inf. Div., Tan An (Long An Province); 14th USASA Field Station, Hakata, Japan
Current location Ann Arbor, Michigan
I work at the University of Michigan, as a professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I would enjoy hearing from any of you from DLISC, Goodfellow, the 335th, or the 14 USASAFS, and from any of you from ASA who would like to make contact. My DLISC class group has been having reunions, the next of which will be in October, 2015; it's a great way to re-establish contact and make sense of what we went through together


Larry K. Dunn -  MOS 05H
Duty Stations Ft. Ord Ft. Devens Hakata Japan Vint Hill Farms Virginia
Current Location Reno Nevada


Richard Dunn - MOS 345, 32G20

Location Hoover, AL

Years of Service 1964-1968




William Dunnington - MOS 72B/74F/71L/33F/1331

Duty Stations Ft. Jackson, SC Ft. Gordon, GA Sinop, Turkey 1st USASAFS, Vint Hill Farms Station, Warrenton, VA 303rd RR BN, Long Binh, RVN RRCUV 509th RRGP, Saigon, RVN Ft. Devens Ft. Knox Augsburg,, Germany
Location Loveland, Ohio


Joe Dunow - MOS 05K

Location Freedom, Wisconsin

Years of Service 71-74

Duty Stations Field Station Berlin....Site 4

Comments Training as 05K but worked as 98
It was fun while it lasted.


Rindall (Randal) Dunston -  MOS 059
Duty Stations Herzo base Germany 7-63 till 7-65
Current Location Americus, GA


Michelle Durham - MOS 05K, 05H

Location Ashford, AL

Years of Service 20

Duty Stations Ft Devens, Misawa FS, Ft Lewis, Corry Station, FS Augsburg, VHFS, FS Kunia, Amman, Jordan


Leonard Durnell - MOS 052/201

Location Burlington, Kentucky

Years of Service 3



Edward Dyer

Location Texas


John Dyer - MOS 98J30

Location Dracut, MA

Years of Service 3.5

Duty Stations Fort Devens Fort Meade Sinop Fort Devens Asmara Fort Devens


George Dykeman - 33D20

Location Stoughton, MA

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Thailand Udorn. 1969/70. Berlin Germany 1970/72


Peter Dzubay - 98C

Location Sylvania, Ohio

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Fort Devens, Two Rock Ranch Udorn Homestead AFB

Comments Feb 7, 2018 Talking today hitting golf ball and Thailand came up. Met a guy stationed there in 1968, I was there 1970. Loved the Thai people. All the best.


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