Composite MOS Chart

1945-1949 1950-1959 1960-1964 1965-1976 1977-Present Description
01B 01B Engineering Assistant
03C 03C Physical Activities Specialist
267 967 04B 09L Translator/Interpreter
320 320 04C 98G Linquist
776 707 51 05B20 25C Radio Operator, Low Speed
237 4247 53 05C20 05C Radio TTY Operator
807 4784 56 05D20 05D Radio Direction Finding Operator
54 05D30 05D Radio Direction Finding Analyst
05E 05E Voice Radio Operator
05F20 05F Radio Teletype Operator
649 807 55 05G 05G Communication Security Monitor
766 1717 58 05H20 98H High Speed Morse Intercept Operator
677 1799 59 05K20 98K Non Morse/TTY Intercept Operator
791 15O 15O Aviation Officer
16D Hawk Missile Supervisor
19E 19E Armor Crewman
9612 25A 25A Comm/Signal Ifficer
740 1648 25C 25C Radio Operator Operator/Maintainer
25U 25U Signal Supply Repair
542/674 25W 25W Telecomm Operations Chief
26D 26D Ground Control Radar Maintenance
3952 282 26F 94M Radar Repair
1419 26I 26V Microwave Radio Repair
8503 26K 39E Electronic Warfare Repair
281 26Y 26Y SATCOM Ground Station Repair
637 1868 29E 29E Radio Repairman
174 296 31E 31E Field Radio Repair
750 31D 31D Artillery Radio Mechanic
239 3250 341 31J 31J TTY Repair
581 31S 31S 94E Communication Security Repair
1186 31B 31Y Communication Equipment Maintenance
9240 32Z 31Z 25W Telecom Operations Chief
270 32A 32D Fixed Station Attendant
799 32B 32B Fixed Station Intercept Operator
338 296 22B 32D 35F Electronic Equipment Repair
3649 271 32E 32H Fixed Station Repair
32F 32F Fixed Ciphony Repair
1808 32G 32G Cryptographic Repair
32H 32H Fixed Station Repair
286 33B 33B Intercept Equipment Repair
33D 33D Intercept Recording Maintenance
294 33E Microbarograph Repair
33F 33F 33F Multiplex Repair
292 33G 33G 33G Electronic Counter Measures/ Direction Finding Repair
33R 33R EW/Intercept Aviation Systems Repair
283 283 33S 33S Electronic Warfare Systems Repair
285 285 33T 33T Electronic Warfare Maintenance
9311 33B 33Z 33Z Intercept Maintenance
34B 34B 34B Punch Card Repair
34D 34D Automatic Data Processing Equipment Repair
6403 35A 35A Intelligence Officer
35B 35B Electronic Instrument Repair
3523 35C 35C Electronic Repair
782 782 35D 93E Weather Equipmemt Techician
1636 35F 35F Intelligence Analyst
3717 35G 35G Imagery Analyst
35K 35K UAV Operator
801 1805 726 35Q 35Q Crypto Material Specialist
35S 35S Signal Analyst
35T 35T M.I. Systems Maintainer
261 36C 36C Wire Systems Installer
302 36D 31L Antena Installer
36K 36K Tactical Wire Specialist
37F 37F Psychological Operations
282 41J 41J 36G Office Machine Repair
55 4055 42A 42A 71L General Clerk
51A 51A Construction and Utilities Worker
4624 51G 51G Analutic Equipment Operator
51P 51P Terrain Analyst
166 3166 351 52B 52B Power Generation Operator
63C 63H Tracked Vehicle Mechanic
63E 63E 63S Heavy Equipment Repair
63F 63F Recovery Specialist
63Z 63Z Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor
345 345 64A 64A 64A Light Vehicle Driver
863/869 3250 64B 64B Heavy Vehicle Driver
1014 64C 64C 88M Motor Transport Operator
292 67E 67E Pharmacy Speialist
67G 67G Utility Airplane Repair
67N 27D Helicopter Repair
68F 15F Army Aircraft Electrician
405 71B 71C Clerk/Typist
71D 71D 71F Legal Specialist
71F 71H Postal Clerk
869 1290 71H 42A Personnel Specialist
502 1279 714 71L 72B Administrative Specialist
71Q 71Q Army Journalist
71R 71R Broadcast Journalist
368 977 723 72B 250A Comm Center Specialist
850 72C 72C Telephone Switchboard Operator
237 72E 72E 72E Telecom Operator
309 72F 73D Data Comm Specialist
73C 36B Finance Specialist
73D 73D 74A Accounting Specialist
740 74A 94H Data Processing Specialiast
501 74E 74F Analytic Equipmemt Operator
74F 74Z Computor Programmer
74Z 74C Information Systems Specialist
716 75B 42A Personnel Specialist
75C 76D Word Frequecy Analyst
778 76D 76J Material Supply Clerk
75H 420A Personnel Services Specialist
76J 68J Medical Supply Clerk
835 321 76K 92Y General Supply Clerlk
76L Film Librarian
3581 76U 25S Signal Supply Repairman
76Y 81A SATCOM Transmitter
76Z 920B Supply Services Manager
3070 81A 81B Drafstman
2296 81E 84B Illustrator
152/931 3152 84B 41E Still Photography Specialist
84C 25V Motion Picture Cameraman
287 84B 84B Audio Specialist
703 84F 84D Audio Tv Specialist
3945 84G 92G Photo Lab Specialist
14 631 91B 91B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic
98 3321 91C 91C Equipmemt Repair
91D 91D Power Generation Repairman
43 92G 92G Food Service Specialist
324 92Y 92Y Stock Clerk
93G 93G Microbarograph Specialist
93H 93H 93J Air Traffic Control Specialist
60 93J 15Q ATC GCA Operator
94B 94B Line Operations Stock Clerk
94M 94M Radar Repair
950/951 677 95B 96B Military Police
1636 96B 35F Intelligence Analyst
225 96D 96D Imagery Analyst
97G 97G Counter Intelligence
808/945 1808 722 98B 808 Cryptoanalysis Technician
709 709 98C 98D Traffic/SIGINT Intelligence Analyst
98D 352P Comm Security Analyst
538/2601 2538 57 98G 98J Voice Intercept Operator
204 98J 98Y Counter Measures/Signal Analyst
98K 35N Signal Collection Analyst
1674 98Z 35V Signal Intelligence Chief
100C 153A Helicopter Pilot
273 101D 155A Fixed Wing Pilot
150 155A Pilot
255Z 9624 W.O. Traffic Analyst
224 7601/7611 285A Electronic Engineer
766 766 766 766 766 High Speed Radio Operator
9600 Crypto Analysis Officer
1807 9612 Cryptographic Security Officer
9620 Classified Material Security Officer
9640 35G Electronic Warfare Crypto Officer

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