ASA Korea Dets

Kanghwa-Do  1967

226th USASA Company

Photos - Greg Thames

Entrance to the Compound

Greg Thames

The first bridge, 1969



3/4 Courier Truck

Kanghwa-Do, Recently


Photos - Bob Swanson, Fred Reiber, Bob Baldwin

Det B

Bob Swanson and Stinger

Moody, Van Dike, Nunnely

Gary Lovelace

Det B Party

Freddie Reiber 1963

Beach Party

Det B Pool

ROK Tanks, just south of the DMZ



Det A

Photos - Rocky Campagna, Bob Baldwin


View of P-Y-Do from L-23 Spotter Plane, 1957

L-23 Plane on the Beach at P-Y-Do, 1957

Photos - Rocky Campagna

Drinking Green Beanies

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