ASA Korea 1950-1960

Yong-Dong-Po, 1956


Photos - Bob Baldwin

255th ASA Detachment 1956-1957

February 1957

Entrance to the compound

View from Operations

Views of North Korea From the Mountain

Captain Baldwin on the K-14 Highway

Orderly Room

Mess Hall and Orderly Room

Water Shed and BOQ


Thanksgiving 1956, Yong-Dong-Po

326th CRC 1951-1952

Photos - Duane Shamburg

The Asahi beer was part of a boatload shipment that was ordered by the 1st Cav. Div, but when it arrived at the port, the CG would not let them have it, so we bought the whole thing and sold some of it to other units and kept some forĀ our own consumption.



326th CRC 1952

Photos - George Miller

177th ASA



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