Arlington Hall

Photos - Bob Baldwin

Main Gate



General Eisenhower visiting Arlington Hall



SIS Operations


Women's Army Corps of the Signal Security Agency


Analyst Section B2B


Intercepting Messages During World War II


The Crypto Underwood Typewriter


Defense Intelligence Agency

Arlington Hall (Building B);  ASA Headquarters was in the original Brown's School red brick building. Behind the Headquarters' building were a pair of identical 3-story WWII style structures. Early 1960's ASA transferred the two building to the Defense Intelligence Agency

Photos - James Boyce, Bob Baldwin

Closing Ceremonies

Fort Devens

Photos - George F. Miller, Bob Baldwin

Main Gate


Vicksburg Square



Denny Mintzer: "Remember the soot"?


Mockup of VC Village with rice paddies and a hill ridge with tunnels

Used by the fort's Tactical Training Course. ASA Training Command made sure every ASA student spent time supporting TTC

Photo James Boyce


Col Lewis Melette (Medal of Honor)

ASA School Brigade Commander

Photo James Boyce

Col Melette with his trade mark handle bar mustache inspired many ASA students to excel as Signal Intel professionals.


PX and Snack Bar

Vicksburg Square, 1943


Security Guards - Courtesy of Richard Reynolds


Fort Devens Now

Photos - Robert Niquette

Dining Hall

Parade Ground

Orderly Room

Base Theater

Antenna Field


Two Rock Ranch

Two Rock Ranch Station's main gate (2nd USASA FS )    TRR's closest town was Petaluma, CA., approximately 8 miles away. Few town's people were aware of TRR and of these folks fewer know the station's real mission.  TRR's main gate was set back from the main road and well hidden by stands of trees

Photos - James Boyce, Bob Baldwin

Main Gate


Vint Hill Farms


Photos - Bob Baldwin


Main Gate




Intercept training During World War II


Courtesy of Roger Hershey:


Fort Huachuca

Photos - Bob Swanson

Test site



281st USASA

Photos - Mac McDaniel, Edward Thomas

Mac McDaniel 1965


View of the Pacific from the Barracks

Shemya Landing

Sunrise on Shemya


Camp Wolters

Fort Wolters

303rd ASA Bn

(Thanks to Tom Walker)


Fort Meade - NSA

Photos - Bob Baldwin

NSA 1957

NSA's Utah Data Center

NSA Building - San Antonio

NSA/CSS Facility in Georgia


Homestead AFB

Photos - Bob Baldwin


Goodfellow AFB




The Pentagon

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