321st ASA Battalion

Company B, 321st ASA Battalion

Camp Casey, Tongduchon-ni

7th Infantry Division

Photos - David Powers

David Powers, 82

Company B Compound, Vehicles lined up for an alert

Company B Motor Pool to the right

Message Center on the left

Modern looking building is the officers quarters

Kim, our hut house boy

Center: David Powers, Left: Gale Speers

Hut Leader SP5 Cherette showing off his promotion

D.Powers on his bunk. Korean market made cabinet on the right. Note the zippered
combat boots that were modified in our local market. Our bunks were always kept inspection ready ( outdoor bed roll was usually unrolled for night time use).

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Nolen shaking up a cocktail

Lt. Carter playing Scrabble with some of the boys

7th Infantry Division in the field

Erecting Camouflage nets

Company B Jeep flying umpire double white flags, in the field with the 7th ID

A tent partially camo netted

A 7th ID deuce and a half being netted

Company B Jeep & trailer in the field

Typical Korean Farmer with wooden Y back carrier

President and Mrs Rhee enroute to a visit

D. Powers, Company B, 321st M1 liner and a collection of insignia memorabilia

7th Division Referees

Entrance to Turkish Brigade Camp

Turkish Compound

Farmers with A Frames


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