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What was ASA

The United States Army Security Agency (ASA) was, From 1945 through 1976, the United States Army's electronic intelligence branch. It's motto was Vigilant Always". The Agency was the successor to a number of Army signals intelligence operations dating back to World War I. As well as intelligence gathering, it also had responsibility for the security of Army communications and for electronic countermeasures operations. In 1976, the USASA was merged with the US Army Intelligence component in a process which formed the United States Army and Intelligence Security Command (INSCOM).
Composed primarily of soldiers with the very highest scores on Army Intelligence tests, the ASA was tasked with monitoring and interpreting military communications of the Soviet Union, the People's Republic of China, and their allies and client states around the world. ASA was directly subordinate to the National Security Agency and all field stations had NSA tech reps on site.

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